Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!!

The new SLEDS!!!!


She loves her pink suit!

Run Isaac, Run!

April and April Rose!
Merry Christmas!  Our Christmas of 2013 was filled with many, many blessings.  
Kellis and April Rose

We wish to share our gratitude with all of you...Thank you.  They are two very simple words that deliver the huge impact of my heart.  Thank you for simply thinking of others.  Thank you for thinking of a family in need, but would never desire to have that known.  Your gifts during this Christmas season have been selfless and have provided our family with opportunities to play together as a family in the cold weather—which is something that we love to do.   
It has provided my sons with the opportunity to create more art and help them to build their portfolios as artists.  This could be a huge support for my son Garrett in his pursuit to work at the George S Eccles’s Dinosaur Park in repainting and refurbishing the dinosaur displays.  He can show off his work and his portfolio and his work is what will speak for him, since he struggles to do so with his Autism.  Again, the simple two little words, thank you.
Thank you for giving clothing to my family as well.  These are so cute and they filled my girls with a sense of pride and ability to put their best foot forward when interacting with others. .  As simple as a few pieces of clothing are, they can make the difference in looking like the family is or isn’t cared for.  So thank you!
Waiting to enter the room of wonder....

Still waiting!

She can't believe it!!

Where should we go first??

Showing, comparing, and giggling!

YUM!!!  Breakfast!

Thank you for the blankets of love.  My daughter, April Rose was able to nap and stay warm through the long winter night…that blessing of her sleeping well is powerful and a blessing for me as well.  Rhetten’s love of his blanket was so cute.  He sat and wrapped up and just enjoyed his new blanket.  All of his prior blankets have been well used from three older brothers.

I can see you!
The Toys?  Wow…they were just the magic of Christmas.  As a mom, to have the family open gifts that were meaningful, playful, and full of surprises was a wonderful gift!  That magic of Christmas was amazing.  
What should I eat first?
Thank you so much for providing this for our family.   My husband and I love our family and we tried our best to save money to be able to provide for these needs, and when the gifts we purchased were stolen, our hearts were broken.  However, after a few days of prayers, we felt that those who took them must have needed them more than we did, so we let it go. We were just going to move ahead and readjust to a simple Christmas, but what you were able to do for our family, has helped us for years.  
So excited!!

Again, the phrase “Thank you” is really just two simple words, but when you merge them together, the impact is powerful.  From our family to yours we say Merry Christmas…may all that you do for others return and is paid forward to blessed in your everyday lives and the lives of those who you help.  Thank you…Merry Christmas and have a blessed, happy, and hopeful New Year!

WOW!!!!  So much to open!

Meryy Christmas~


So much to open....
A Sully Monster!

YEP, I got the phone!  YES!!! (mom and dad had held onto this for 7 weeks.....)

The SLEDS!!!!!

Our Sweet Rosie...

She's getting a new dog!  She will train it to be a service dog.

Grandma and Grandpa....loves!

Warm in my new blanket!

Happy mom and dad.  Thank you all.
Have a Merry Hut-Mas....Cold winter fun!

Love to Dance!

Mom and Rosie at Grandmas

Sweet boy

The beauty queen


Garrett and Isaac

Growing up

April Rose and Garrett

Maggie-Sue and Elyse

The girls


Christmas joy? Or Christmas stress?

The program for Grandma....We spelled the word Merry Christmas.  Each letter stood for a symbol of Christmas...