Saturday, October 30, 2010

All of Halloween...

My Spectrum Spooks!

Garrett, Isaac, Virginia, and Maggie waiting for their turn in the pumpkin patch!


More WEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!!!!

Virginia  about to over come the SLIDE!!!

Some Awesome Spectrum 5th graders!  Zack P, Eric Z, Melanie K, Hyrum P, Isaac, Maggie, Jake T, and Wayde S!

Love it!  We went through the haunted pumpkin patch!

both 5th grades.  We loved it!

What about those beautiful Blue eyes!

Look what we picked....PUMPKINS!

Garrett:  April! YOU must take a picture!!!  April:  of what?  Garrett:  The sign!!!!!!! April: scheesss

We came home with the cutest pumpkin of all...Happy first Halloween!


Two headed Ghost, Skeleton fighter, Santa, Gandelf, Black cat, and a Princess. 

Santa and her Kindergartener.

Little Letta!  She saw me and all she could say was....ho, ho, ho, ho, funny!

backrow: Jaxon E, Dylan C, Jeremy H, Parker W (as you know), Eric Z, Dayton P, Ezra W, Front row: Matthew K, Wayde S, Sarah O, Melanie K, Malina D, and Tyler C 

All of Admiral's Spooky Kids!  Lt. Anni is our cute witch!

Me (santa) and Harry Potter! (Dylan C)

Maggie had her birthday party at Spectrum: cake walks, root beer floats, and...a Pillow Pet!!!  This kitty cat loved it!  Happy Birthday!

Kitty cats, Two-headed Ghost, and Pillow Pets...Happy school day Birthday guys!  M is 7 on Sunday and G is 11 today--sat October 30.

Happy Birthday!

Mom scored with this Birthday!

Boo at the Zoo!  Garrett's b-day we went to the zoo:  the kids got to trick o treat, take tons of pictures and Maggie, and Virginia dressed up in another costume...a record 3 different costumes in one Halloween season:  1) fairy's, 2) cat and bug, 3) trick or treating they went as Dracula's....I'm glad I had enough stuff.  whew!

Marianne was a spotted mouse.  I took this near the Tiger house. 

I'm loving it mama!  I love the Zoo!  I love my warm suit!  And I love the tigers!

Pink bug, and kitty cat.  Fun!

Minutes before we went Trick or treating!  Again, the third costume.  Watch out!

Smile!  Love my little Spooks!
So, to wrap up all of Halloween: Pumpkin patch, Two Trunk or Treats, School birthday parties, Boo at the Zoo, Pizza at the Park, and Trick or Treating....what a season!  With Halloween on Sunday this year, we decided to do all that we could on Friday and Sat.  Maggie will have a little something tomorrow, but I just want to get it all taken care of so that we can enjoy the holiday and still have a safe and holy Sabboth.  Have fun everyone!  Love it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Garrett's Baptism

The family for the baptism...this is the only shot we got where we can at least see everyone...

I'm so proud of Garrett.  He knew when the time was right.  He know when he needed to be baptized.  My heart is full.

Babies!  These two cute-ies are too much!  Looks like Marianne is after him.  Eli looks terrified.  Too cute.

Garrett:  Ah, Miss Jessica, can he hear?  Jessica: Yes.  He can hear.  Garrett: Ah good!

Garrett loves the little ones.

Scott Dad, Mommy, and Garrett

Here are the Becks, The Giauque's and the Tribes.  We all love you Garrett.
We knew that Garrett needed to get baptized, but every time we would approach the subject, it just wasn't the right timing. We started this process about two years ago, but nothing was really working.  Then as this year of 2010 progressed, we thought that we would ask Garrett who he would like to baptize him.  Without hesitation he said, Dallin.  Scott and I just looked at each other and knew...we knew that that was right.  We knew that he would be the right person.  Last night during the baptism, we all felt that witness.  Scott's testimony was very sweet and powerful concerning this witness.  Many people testified last night that Jesus loves us, that the Church is true, and that Baptism is the way back towards heaven--that it is the gate.  Now Garrett has passed through this gate.  I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Arches, Four Corners, Deadhorse...

up high on the wall

There was this cool little place in between the fins at the Devils Kitchen and Isaac ran, tumbled, and could not get enough of it.

Mama and the baby.  She traveled really well.  She had her place in the car and just enjoyed being with all of us!

The family walking to Landscape Arch.  The love of a family!

Extra cool tree!  Thought we'd have all the munkey's in it!

Landscape Arch!  This is the arch that in 1991 lost a 20 foot chunk off of it.  It was amazing!

Fins in the Devil's Kitchen.  Arches is our kind of can climbe EVERYHING except for the arches...very kid friendly!

Daddy and baby!

The family at Landscape Arch...oh yeah, baby is spittin up!

Ginny-bear!  Super cute!

The coolest kids on the block.  Garrett has his own camera...he took 1345 pictures on the trip.  He rules!

Delicate Arch from the Viewpoint.  In two days we came back and climbed up to it.

Monticello Temple.  Beautiful...calm...the fall colors were amazing...just peace!

Kellis onto of another Fin...can I call him the billy-goat?

Hey look!  Two more Billy-goats!! (Kellis and Isaac on the way to Delicate Arch)

Kellis and Dad got out of the car (I made sandwiches) and they went to Balance Rock.  Nice!

Here it is!  Delicate arch!  3 mile hike in the sun, 6 kids (I carried baby in my arms the whole way), tons of tourist, and was worth it!

The girls!  We just took it one step at a time and wow...we made it. (it only took about 8 candy bribs--swirly mints---to make it)

Mama, Kellis, Marianne, and My Maggie-Sue

Look up!  Hurry!  Yeah for Maggie-Sue, Kellis, Virginia, opps on baby and Isaac, yeah Garrett and Dad!

1300AD...that is just a long time to get your message across.

This is us at a cool place called the Windows.  We were just blown away.  Garrett was ready to run out another 2 miles to take more pictures, but we just didn't have the time...or the leg energy anymore.  But, it gives us an excuse to come back!

My awesome man at the Windows.  Love this kid!

The big arch at the Windows

Gotta have this picture!

Dead-horse Point...4000ft drops...yep those horses are dead.

Mesa Verde!  WOW, WOW, and WOW!

Isaac: Look at that Maggie--that's is the biggest lego building I've ever seen!

We wanted to stay a little longe, but the rangers and us didn't seem to see eye to eye.  "Parents!  Parents!  your child is touching something!"  So we got as many pictures as we could and then just enjoyed the hikes.

More of dead horse!  This is where the Green and Colorado rivers is mind-blowing!

More of dead horse.  You'll see we are missing a few people.  Rule # 1: no one is to get on the wall, or throw ANYTHING off of it...guess who couldn't follow the rule...sad, but true...

Back to Mesa Verda...this is Kellis going down a Kiva...It is sweet!!

Hands that hold to the Iron rod...or in this case the wooden ladder...pretty cool!

oh yes, every place we went had its own story.  4 corners was no exception.  Pull up, that will be $15.  Hand the debit way...CASH only!  WHAT??  WE drove all this way for what?  Isaac is a mess.  He said, "Dang** stinking people**.  They ruin everything! (you can replace the **words with what a ticked off 9 year old would really say).  In desperation Scott got on the i-phone and found a town 5 miles away.  Long story short...they had an ATM...yeah!  We actually did get in...

I think this means in Navajo...the ATM is here

Look Dad!  We are in 4 states at once!

This tearful cumple display is how we were all feeling by this was time to cry and just go home.

Fly Maggie-Sue!  She loved telling us all 4 states: Colorado, Alaska, Mexico, and Arizona...okay, she is only in first grade, but we need to make sure that she knows here geography a little better.  Close babe, close!

Dad, DAD...take another Picture!! 
So, that is the short version of the trip...Long and short of it, it was a trip of memories: laughing, telling and retelling family stories, family histories, laughing, sleeping in one room--all eight of us just to get the better deal, eating tons of sandwiches--love the horseradish sauce, two DVD's, listening to sciptures, talking, sleeping, trying to entertain a 7 month old, driving 1067miles in three days, running and running, taking tons of pictures, eating out, watching Marianne turn her head to a lous noise, swimming in the motel pool, seeing all the fall colors, watching the acres and acres of sunflower fields...ya know...making was worth every penny.  This investment allows us to talk about it for decades to come.  I love this family!