Monday, May 31, 2010

Family...past, present and future...

Yesterday we went to visit the graves of my Grandparents: Jack and Erma Bell, and Howard and Annis Tribe. We gathered as a family, talked about them, showed their picture to make sure that the great granchildren understand where they come from. History is important, connections are critical, and love is vital. The hearts of the children are is wonderful!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Garrett loves Grandma Ann's blocks. He builds tons of stuff with them. Here is his latest: a sphinx!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Up tonight. Nursing...just loving this little girl and wanting to give all that I have to her. She has a lot to do in her life time:
-be a strong example to others
-Have a strong testimony
-link generations together through her love, work, and example
-Serve others when the choice comes to serving a mission
-Find someone worthy of her to be sealed to in the temple
-Temple service will be a part of her service to others

Marianne Ellen has a lot to do. So, I'l going to hold onto her as long as possible and teach her all that I can to let her know that she is loved.

Love your little ones...Children are ours to hold, teach, and love for only a little bit. Enjoy them. There love comes from God, from Heaven. Please hold your little ones tonight. Children are a gift!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Babies are a Blessing

Babies are a blessing, and Marianne's was today. What a way to celebrate Mother's day. It was just wonderful to be with family and friends. My mommy helped me by cleaning and cleaning and talking and talking and was therapy! I loved preparing for the day by going to the temple and feeling the spirit of so many of our anscestors. I just was humbled that so many are here for us and love us because of their sacrafice. Happy baby's blessing Marianne Ellen Giauque! You are so precious to us...your blessing will always be in my heart. Love you!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Last night at the adult session of our Stake Conference we were challenged to read the Book of Mormon by November. That's an average of 2 1/2 pages per day. I was stopped. In order to explain, I have to give some back ground.

As a church we were challenged in 2005 by our Prophet, Gordon B Hinckley, to read the Book of Mormon. At that time in my life I had gone through a separation, gotten back together, had my 5th baby and was praying and pleading for a way to keep the family together. I felt that this was a direct answer to prayer. We (my former husband and I) talked about it. We decided to do it. We would read to the kids at night for hours. We traded turns. I felt the truth of the book, I felt the Spirit confirm many things. It was powerful and wonderful. I felt the changing power come over our family. It was a miracle. It lasted up until December of 2005. But soon after that (about 3 weeks) the power of strength and love started to was gone. Things in the marriage went back to the way it was before the challenge--sigh .

I remember thinking about that. Pondering over that, wondering why didn't it help to heal our family. I honestly felt slapped in the face. I felt hurt. I felt that the promise was not granted to our family. My heart was broken, I was sad...the year of 2006 went from bad to worse...

So from that experience it has been a challenge for me to read any of the scriptures. I felt betrayed, hurt, I couldn't feel the full power of God through the written word. This has been very hard for me, something that I allowed to dam my path. Well, like anything else, I just plug along reading mostly out of duty. There were days of spiritual highlights, but not constant.

So, back to the challenge...I will read the Book of Mormon by November 2010. I will make up the days if I miss any and I will read it. I need a kick in the pants and this will do it. I'm in a new situation, a new stake, and new ward, and well, sometimes a change is good. If Anyone wants to take part of this challenge let me know...I'd love to hear about your progress. So, I'll check in and monitor my progress through out the next 6 months. Excited? YES, Nervous? YES! WEll, here we go!