Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy one day early Birthday to You!

Stike a pose!
Light the candles

say cheese!!


Clown Cake? That's what she wanted, that's what she got!

Happy Birthday Virginia! It was a great day! Chruch, dinner,!! YEAH for you! You got a purse, a tinkerbell, and lots of love. Enjoy the pictures! Happy Happy baby girl!

Friday, June 26, 2009


This picture represents the beauty and the hummm...clueless/low perspective taking abilities of the following article:

Who would have known that so many of you have had the same Pillow experience. I think it is just another thing to talk about:

  • tube of toothpaste--how to roll it up, squeeze it or in our case...can we find it (with 7 in the house--it gets placed in interesting places)

  • Toilet paper--forward or backward, or in our case on the shelf, or on the stand

  • socks--the dyer ate them, or in our case the lawnmower ate them

  • Clothing--on the floor and missed the hamper, or in our case, children wearing them in general

  • papers/bills/permission slips--stacked by the phone, or in our case, taken and made into art work (I'm cheep--I need to get Garrett some more art paper).

  • Tin foil and twist ties (blink?) Again in our case Garrett has created some creature, diorama, and then they are found every where--he'll even take them off the bread sack to create something.

  • Kitchen table: the place to stack it all but in our case the place to stack it all and then some

  • Finally, the FLOOR!! the place for walking or in our case the trash can. Kellis will still drop something on the floor and walk away....sigh!

Do tell your secrets!...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jokes on me!

The Tower of Pillows
This is my man in decorating land...foreign huh!

Scott: "What are all the pillows about?"

April: "It's called decorating."

Scott: "Can't you just have like, two?"

April: "well, I guess...but this makes it pretty."

Scott: --Blink--sigh--

April: "the colors pick up the paint colors, that pick up the bedspread color, and..."

Scott: "so, where do you want them?"

April: "on the bed."

Remember to be careful what you ask for...cute honey. Love the pillow tower.

How does a Garden Grow??

Kellis's October Red Maple and the patuniea's and merrigolds
Isaac's Granny Smith Apple tree and patunieas!

BEANS! This is my first seems to be going great.

one out of 3 grape plants

my Zuch's verses, cucumbers...hummm I think I got some bad seeds

My green Bell Peppers! YUMMY Chilie Sauce

Pumkins! Just for out of 4 plants

Here are the red potatoes...half of them. Butter, salt, and pepper, anyone?

The beef steak tomatoes...they are big! Yummy Chilie Sauce, Chile, and Spag! I'll post the canning in late Aug and Sep...can't wait to eat the fruit of these labors.

Flower gaden right in the front. Love my flowers...this is/was my Mother's day present.

Here is the Garden...just for you Shannan. (my awesome cousin in Salem---she has the Martha Stweard Garden. I just have the steady eddy, 1950's garden----just my style---well, that is what my green thumb can handle).

I am super duper...Amazingly excited. I have finally read all the books in 7 weeks just to prepare for this movie...I am caught in the HP club. It only took me 10 years to catch up in 7 weeks. Love it. It is fun!


George E. Dinosaur Park! We did it!

Long day?
After 4 hours...we are finished


The group! How fun!

Garrett: "April, when will we go to the George Eccele's Dinosaur park?"
April: "Soon Garrett."
Garrett: "When June?"
April: "Yes. In June..."

Garrett: "Okay, when? Like June 9th?"
April: "No, how about June 12?"

Garrett: "No, No, No--June 9th!"

April: "Yes, yes, yes...June 12th!"
Garrett: "You are mean a step- mother."

April: "Not a step mother...your mother."

Garrett: "I am not a baby! I am a dinosaur...not from your tummy, with the doctors and the blood!"
April: --BLINK--
Garrett: "So you listen to me. I am a going to George Ecceles Dinosaur PARK!"

April: "Yes, on June 12th."

Garrett: "Ok! Now that's better... and I can use your camera?"
April: "Yes, but you need to hold the strap."
Garrett: "Ok, ok, ok! I know the rule..don't be a mean step-mother."
April--sigh-- (thoughts---there are those days when being a mean step-mother pays off--but not today. This convesation happened over 13 times within the last two weeks...can you figure out the math?) Love the kid, but gimme a break.

So, here is the adventure at George Ecceles Dinosaur park. Side note: Garrett took over 100 pictures so that he can get all the points of view on the dinosaurs. Love it! oh yeah, by the end of the 4 1/2 hours (we even played hide and go seek, a rousing game of Harry Potter--Expleiarmis---then a 40 minute grocery shopping trip, the kids were pooped out. We got our $28 dollars worth). Asio---Dinosaur Park!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spectrum's Field day!

Garrett meets the Giraffe! His expression is priceless!
Fun times and friends!

Splash!--Isaac dunked me twice! What an arm!

You can't hit me!

Last Friday we had a field day at school. The students got to play games, throw water balloons, eat and eat otter pops, dance, have a bounce house, and so forth. Best part of the day? The dunk tank and the Giraffe! Enjoy the pictrues! Super fun.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer is almost here

Is there anyone out there within the sound of my voice that says---YEAH for SUmmer besides me? Children---need to out and play. Mom's need to be out and thing of last night??? The best Thunderstorm of the season! Great be to the Lord for providing such a show. Welcome to summer...all the BBQ, Storms, heat, sprinkler fights, swimming, birthdays, lazy days, weeding the garden, camping, confreneces, sleepovers, star watching, cousins, river trip, long nights, DVD parties, long walks, hikes, fireworks, ice cream, otter pops...can you just feel it all?
Loves! It should be a great summer!