Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brother and sister

Sometimes sleep is the only escape...Marianne loves to be tucked into our bed.  She will only do this for daddy....

Rhetten Playing "Peek a Boo"

Rhetten was one month old when I took this picture.  He is just amazed by this...and so am I.

She is completely relaxed...
Sister and Brother time.  Ahh the love of family.  I'm thankful for the time I had of being together during this early time of their life.  My heart is full.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Giauque Family Pictures 2011

The Giauques 2011

Here are the boys...I think it is the "we are so cool" picture.  It makes me laugh what happens when you put boys together and what comes out in the camera lens

Now it is the Girls turn...sweetness, laughter, "strike a pose", and just love...

Kellis: 7th grade.  13 years old.  Just too cool for words.

Garrett: 6th grade  11 (almost 12).  He is the artist!

Now we have the three oldest boys: Kellis, Garrett, and Isaac.  Isaac is 10, in 5th grade, and is either preparing to be a policeman, or a stunt guy.

Margaret Susanna: 2nd grade,  7 (almost 8)  ...what is there to say?  Passion.  This gal is full of life!  And it displays itself in energy, singing, dancing, with a large dose of Passion!

Virginia Grace: 1st grade, 6 years old.  She is sweet, kind, what a helper, and I call her "Ginny Chop-Chop!"  She cuts all potatoes, onions, green peppers, and anything else I give her.  She is fab!

Marianne being expressive...this is her, "I want it, mixed with what is that expression!"  Just fun.  She knows over 43 words...and uses 24 of them in conversational use.  Nick-name: Smarty-bug!

The final chapter: Rhetten Scott...peaceful.  He is a joy, a blessing, and a saving grace for his mother.  Scooter, I love you!

Try to gather 9 very independent, wiggly, energetic, and one deaf--can't capture her attention--people together for less then 4 seconds for a picture...this is the result.  Priceless!  I love how we are all encircled about by family ties...

Did I mention...Peaceful?  Love this little bug!

Marianne: 18 months, no school, home with Mommy, and loving and living life to the fullest.  I just love how she laughs, is our comedian, and is soooo loving.  Love you Potato Bug

Kellis...the Big Brother.  He and his that's an armful of brotherhood.

The Mama and the Dada...well we know family.  'Nuf said.

Da Boyz........

Sweet I know what you are thinking...where is Marianne?  She was more interested in the bugs then just one more picture...ok.

I wish this picture would show how Kellis really feels about Isaac, sometimes...

Mommy and her Rhetten.  Only a face a mommy can love.  Sweet boy!

Mommy and her Pochontas hair.  I'm loving the length, the color, and how different I feel with it.  Ahhhhh.  Beautiful.
It has become a family tradition to listen to Conference while going on a drive and taking the family photo...Here is 2011 captured...Let them all stay little...but alas, time wins again.  The Giauques 2011...