Sunday, June 29, 2008

Voiceless Virginia

Sad NEWS. Virginia has always had a rough sounding voice. She had tubes places in her ears Friday June 27, and while they were operating I had them check out the vocal chords. Bad news...they are the size of a 12 month old. They are not growing.

I asked what causes it. There are two things: the cartilage at the top of the trachea is not fully formed and the chords aren't stretching, or they'll have long term damage and if they don't grow with her, she will loose her voice eventually....

It is heart breaking. She needs a follow-up scope in July to determine what is going on. My only one that can have normal everyday conversation might not be able to speak at all. Just a little Ironic.

The latest family picture. Happy Birthday.

Virginia couldn't blow out the candels...silly Asthma.


The big 3 years old. She is sporting her new hair cut...thanks to Margaret. I did my best to fix the scalped spots and so forth. We made her a Kitty Kake!

Here is most of the crazy Master's group I spent 20 months with. They are all great people and I learned a lot. Say hi everyone...I miss the Tuesday nights. Truly I do.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Here is my Bathroom. It's all Americana! It is the bathroom most used, and I thought that I'd give it some character. I love it!

Here is another shot of the kid's bathroom

New Bathrooms

I went a little crazy on Sat and made over the two bathrooms. I am offically a Utah Mormon: I have vinyl lettering on my walls, and I blog. What else can you say?