Friday, April 24, 2009

Spectrum Academy Extravaganza

WOW!! WE had a great night! Spectrum Academy had their fund raiser last night. We gathered, had items donated, and even made our own items to sell for the funding of the new high school for 2010-11. It was a great success. WE sold everything that we had. The program's went well, and so many were so involved and they did a great job. Many teachers spent many hours outside of class creating, framing, typing, and assembling all of the great baskets. The were all sold and it was a great night.

I do want to share with all of you that it Spectrum Academy is not just a school or employment for the Giauques. But it is the community in which so many children have the opportunity to share, express themselves, and grow. It is a place where so many have their lives changed for the good. We have so many here that have been given up on in so many other schools. It is common to hear stories about children who were cast aside, asked to leave, sat in hallways, or sat in the office for the most part of the day instead of learning. It is difficult sometimes to help these students to find control, but they do it and then the learning begins. It is like magic.

Now please look at how your children learn. Look at how they pay attention, observe, and then apply. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders first have to learn how to fight through and control the sensory overload (the smells, sounds, textures, or lights) before they can hear the voice of the teacher. Some students just blurt out, some have difficulty with getting started, and some have 6-8 second processing what I've just talked about takes 6-8 seconds to process................................................................................................................................................ there, now I can go on..................................................................................................................... Are we getting this?

Anyway, schools like ours are very unique. Hummm there are only 3 in the nation (charters schools with this population). Well, we are working to make many more.

I thank you for the support that you give to all of us. I pray that next year many of you will take the invitation to come to Spectrum and support us during this fundraising activity for the following year. Next year, Garrett will be selling his own art work. Some will be printed on t-shirts, made into pins or buttons, and some will be framed artwork.

I hope that you will join me for next year with this great cause. We have one more event on May 2--next sat..we help Autism Speaks raise money with our walk. If there is anyone that can join us, please let me know. Come and join team Giraffe and help to raise funds and awareness for Autism.


Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, there is nothing like a good old fashion Saturday to remind everyone about reality. Kids are playing, mom is doing bills, dad is with Kellis picking out a guitar...stay tuned for details...and everyone happy. Suddenly I get a sick feeling in my stomach! I ignore it and keep on doing bills. Then again...sick stomach! I head downstairs. Everyone is watching a movie. Hummmm, so I start cleaning up the ketchup bottle, the syrup, and then I grab the night vitamins (melatonin) and AHHH! EMPTY! Why the panic? It was a new bottle 120 vitamins, we've used it for about 4 days. That's about 20 out of the 90 + are now missing.

My first thought is Margaret-Susanna! She loves candy. I start to ask her. NO! is the answer. Sick stomach feeling is now NOT going away! I'm back to mega questioning. "Maggie-Sue you will have to have shots at the hospital. Please tell me, did you eat all of these?" Then the alligator tears start to swell and fall! "yes!" I hold her tight while she is sobbing. I contact poison control. With the time frame, and how much she ingested, then put me on hold to calculate it. She is now getting sleepy in my arms and turning a pale color of ash.

Poison control is back. The report is to watch her breathing patterns, let her sleep it off, and to take her in if she is not doing well. Through my prayer I am prompted to feed her a lot of protein to help absorb the mass. I tell Maggie-Sue that she is going to need to eat eggs and then what ever else I put in front of her. She is so nervous, but she is doing it.

I've left a message on Scott's phone. He comes home and he with a friend of ours administer to her immediately. She has fallen asleep and is shallow breathing, is pale, and is ashen in color! During the blessing my sick stomach fades and the Spirit fills the room. The blessing said for her to sleep, "sleep will be the healing factor with you, Maggie". I was beautiful Scott's worthiness to hold the Priesthood is what saved her. No shots, no hospitals--they terrify her--she literally thinks that she will not leave the hospital alive! I watched her breath in and out as her shallow breath deepens and she becomes more relaxed.

She slept hard for about 2 hours. The color and her coolness did not return until about 3 hours later. She then started perking up and became little Maggie-Sue again. It was a lesson--again go the first feeling and not the second (sometimes hard to tell when you are menstruating). Anyhow, Scott's willingness to live the commandments and to live worthy of Heavenly Father's Priesthood is the blessing of the day for our family. Miracles are witnessed everyday--Count your blessings one by one, and remember to Be Still, and know that HE is God.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Eternal Family!

Scott and April at the temple...the smile says it all
The Family! No real smiles from Virginia or Garrett...are we surprized?

The Kiss!

WOW! Who is that sweet couple? Oh yah! Its the Giauques!

More smiles now...Maggie is Beuatiful!

I found my eternal family once again. To enter into the temple and to be two sperate single people and then to step forth out through the sacred building into the light of the day as an eternal family is the miracle of this family's eternal life. The love that was felt in the Sealing room was so powerful. Prior to entering in the Sealer reminded us of some of the procedures and then he just stopped...he was quiet. His eyes were wet and he said, "Heanvenly Father is very aware of this union today." WE were all quiet and just were overwhelmed with a feeling of Love. I felt the love of my Grandpa Howard...WOWIE. Thank you gandpa! Your prayers have been felt. And, I felt the love of my grandma Erma. She has a saying for me, "oh are so sweet." That is what I could feel that day.

I felt the love of hundreds of others both on this side of the veil and on the other. Heavenly Father's tender mercies where showered upon Scott and I in such abundance that it healed my heart, it strengthened my love for my children, and everytime I look at Scott I see a worthy Priesthood holder who loves his Heavenly Father enough to sacrafice and obey His commandments to be there with me.
I am no longer alone. My family is whole. It is eternal. So, "Come what May and Love it."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thanks to ALL

Thank you all so very much for all of your help with the wedding. Thanks to everyone who helped cook, provided the cake, decorated--thanks borther-in-laws, sewing the table cloths, making the flowers, pictures, flying out for the event, prayers in our behalf, and for things borrowed.

This was a beautiful wedding...thanks!! I will post the pictures when I get them.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Adventure # 4

Hummm...on Friday it was starting to rain so we went to the USS Midway...Scott was in heaven...the kids were interested, and I was overwhelmed with Patriotism! GO
USA!!! The kids got a kick out of the Brig...Garrett did not want to stay in the jail...I admite that there were times that it would be great...okay, I didn't really say that...just kidding.

Scott loved the planes, and the whole day. I was warmed in my heart to have him love it. I noticed the whole time that we were there...that everyone was praising America. No one was hateful, or fact, I heard more people say Happy Easter than in any other time!!

Beach/Pier Moments

All Smiles!! This is actually part of the whale watching tour....but I had to put it in.
Again, more whale watching...Garrett loved it.

Look at my future Priesthood! They were mezmorized!

YEAH!! The Oceanside pier! I did a lot of Missionary Work here 13 years it is a blast to have my family here...they were all here once...a tender story for another day...

Well, it never got above 65 dgrees. So, it was too cold to really swim, but the kids had a ball splashing around. I have a lot of video... I'll post it, but I thought that you'd enjoy some of the pier pictures. Isaac and Kellis thought that the surfers were awesome! They liked to look out at everything...Isaac even spotted a whale, and a loch ness monster! I think that he needs to work for National Geographic...he can "spot" anything...he wants.
Adventure # 3


WOW!! I have a RollerCoaster family! We went on 5 rollercoasters that day...the whole family could ride and it was a ball! When we entered Legoland, we were all so excited! the boys road an aqua ride and then we all piled into the teacups... FUN!!
All in all, very successful. Beautiful day... mid 60's and one got one got hurt...just wet, sorry garrett I'll post his tantrum later...too intense. Here are the Girls in the playland...they loved to play in all the mini houses.

We hit all the other lands...but one thing that was bad...the Pirate ride...Garrett got soaked! hummm...lets just say that the tamtrum that followee had mothers pushing their children out of his way. He almost wailed on the attendant...too funny, but okay we got him under control after we Isaac (the hero) took off his shirt and gave it to Garrett.

The mini land...the driving (Kellis was the best. It was as if he'd been driving for years. This Girls...too funny! Virginia kept crashing into the curbs!) Slides, trians, and more coasters. Hummm Garrett loved the Bettle bounce! Isaac did not like the Knight! (It tipped him upside down...he had too many tears...sad, but he recovered!)

We then went into adventure land and the main ride there was closed...sad! So we headed to the castle land...and the DRAGON roller coaster/ We eneded coming back to this ride and rode it at the end of the day for 3 straight times in a row! Even Virginia did great!

So that wrapped up adventure # 2.


Family Vacation

WOW! Where do we start? WE packed and got everyone in the car and took off to California at 11:00am. After the 4 potty stops we finally made it to Scipio--another bathroom break...when coming to a stop....the BRAKES did not work!! Just a slight problem. We said a prayer and then limped it over to the Scipio garage and told the mechanic what the noise was. We sighed and looked that we had a Toyota...that means finding a part that is metric. I was praying...we took off the wheel and found out the problem...the bolt that holds down the brake shoe was hummm how do I put it? GONE! Luckily he found a part in his garage and we were on our way. Drive, Drive, fight, movie, play a game, sing a song, fight, then announce that we are in Las Vegas...Pizza! Yum for everyone. Off again and into a head wind that took 100 miles off our gas milage...yuck.
Sleep in Barstow, up and drive, drive, fight, scream---are we there yet--and finally the best cry of the day "you are a lier April! There is no Ocean! you just trick us!" Funny...then it appears out of the blue...the ocean....screams of delight! We made it!!
Unpack and pile back into the car. Drive up to Dana Point and go on a whale watching tour. Again on the drive...I hate to see whales! This is so stupid! I hate everything...when suddenly we are there. WOW!! All aboard the Dana Pride! Off we sail into the wide blue Ocean. it was rocky...but it was beautiful.
Instantly the cries of hatred turned into love spells! I love this! "Parents, you are the best!" Ahhhh, music to our ears. Then we saw them!! No whales...but 7 bottle nose dolphins! Under the boat, in front of the boat, teasing the boat! Screams of laughter, shouts of joy! And one cry of "dolphin-ics". Then off we moter out to sea...we see the sealions...super cute! Then we run into a feeding frenzy!!! over 1000 common dolpins jumped into sight!!! they jumped and jumped and teased, and in front of the boat, under the boat...babies (Super cute!!), mamas, dadas, comment "They are hyper...just like us!"

My little Ariel!

All the boys looking at the SeaLions...they were super cute!

Garrett was rolling around on the deck in dinosaur delight!! Virginia stopped crying (did not like the wind), Isaac said it was the best, Margaret was a mermaid and took to the ocean like Ariel...Kellis said he had the "best sea legs". We all agreed. No whales, but we had a ball! oh yah, on the way back to port a 6 foot wave/spray hit our boat and DAD got soaked! I thought Isaac was going to fall off the boat laughing. So that is adventure # 1...stay tuned!!

Scott and April

Fun pictures! just enjoy!


Now I going to post all the honeymoon pictures? I'll just post a few...I'm still downloading all the others. I just want to thank everyone for your prayers! Look at what the faith of many has done! We are an eternal family!! Thanks!