Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just keep swimming until you find is the puzzle I work with everyday

Please enjoy...if you feel something--cry, smile, or are in shock...just know that so many parents feel this way, so many of the children are in this world...but keep swimming--we'll find them somehow.  Many of the children I work with are not at this level of Autism...but I still have 6 hours with them everyday to help them, teach them, and not to give up on them.  Loves!  because we are all in this together.  It is a world that is tough, but it is so important to crack.  The children I work with are all in there somewhere...just keep swimming!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Marianne is One

Fun!  I love to see how much a child can grow in a year.  She is doing just that and is doing great.  It was a happy birthday: grandparents came, aunts and uncles, cousins...the works!  We missed some family members, but I can happen.  Anyway she got a dolly and the cutest bunny you have ever seen.  She just fell in love.  She also fell head over heals for Dallin.  He just made a spark in her life.  It was great to see her so interactive with everyone.  It was just a great day with talking, eating, laughing, and calmness...that can be a little strange when you get a house full, but really it was just nice.  Everyone learned how to sign the Happy Birthday song...that was special (I think it is great that family is taking the time to learn how to talk and communicate with her.  That really means a lot.  :))

Happy number 1!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just a Thought

I had a moment that made me pause and think.  I was a bit emotional, a bit tired, and a bit worn out with just doing the everyday of life.  So, I sought the most private room in the house the downstairs bathroom with the lights off and began a prayer.  This was an interesting prayer...I prayed about things that I was really concerned with and yet they were things that I could not do much about.  Nevertheless, I pushed on and allowed the tears and things to flow and wow did they, then they would suddenly turn off, and then on and then off and then on...It was a long one. 

But I finally got to the truth of what I was feeling and from my perspective how I was understanding my life.  Afterwards, I felt so calm and peaceful.  I thought, "good, I'm feeling the love of the Lord", but I'm still not sure how to start anything, or where to begin."  Well, even with those thoughts, I just pushed forward and within minutes of me leaving the bathroom, the answers to prayers were becoming evident everywhere.  I felt so humbled and so loved by my Heavenly Father that I was filled with gratitude and quietly whispered a prayer of "thanks for listening and sharing your mercy so quickly."

It is just a thought, but more than that...The Lord really knows our needs no matter how big or small.  He really does love us.  He really does know us.  I am humbled by it every time...thoughts...prayers...they are powerful...simple...but powerful.