Saturday, March 17, 2012

We had a Birthday, shout hooray!

 I am now two years old...I can sign, I can play, I jump, jump, jump all day!  I smile, I cry, and sometimes I am just shy...I love my family, especially my daddy!  My lucky day is here to stay...Happy Birthday on the St. Patty's Day!  I'm a lucky one...

Marianne loves to knock down the cups!  Here is the play by play.

 All smiles...she had a great birthday; cup stacking, park playing, ice cream, gifts, and of course...her family.

 Isaac and I are singing to her "happy birthday" in sign.  Big breath and ready... BLOW!

 Grandma gave me a bow!  I will wear it for .2 seconds......
 Distractions!  Book Distractions...I've left my bow in my hair for about  4 seconds!  World Bow wearing record!

 She picked it our all herself.  SMILE!  Now you don't have to push the neighbor girl off of hers...nice!
 SMILES!!!  We love this kid...he is just super drooly fun.  Grandma thinks so too.

 This is the best picture of the day...It helps me to smile!
 Smile ramit, smile!  let's just say that it's in the genes...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Everyday life!

 With the amazing weather we are having, Sunday has turned into the park day.  It is wonderful family time!  Even Marianne thinks it's # 1!!
 So...funny story.  See the cute white shoes in the picture above? Well, I've lost one of them!  Now I have another pair of shoes...a black pair...and well wouldn't you know it?  I've lost one of them as well.  so now what to do??  Yep!  Church with one white and one black.  Sigh!
 Can you see the position of the two boys swinging?  YEP!  Up-side-down!  Kellis taught Isaac how to do a back flip off the swings.  I was a little nervous at first, but they did it!
 I can FLY!!!!!!
 This is your captain speaking!  "Scotty, Beam me UP!"
 Out the shoot!  She loves climbing up, up, up, and sliding down, down, down...
 Here is another look at the position...
 YEAH, YEAH!!  I get to eat cereal today!  I tried it and yep!  Nummy nummy in my tummy!
 Mom and her wide open mouth...the bigger the better.  Reminds me of a movie, "mom...your making funny faces again!"

 Hey, look at me!  Look at me!!  I'm in the swing for the first time.  I'm kind of freaked out about it, but I'm going to make it...I think.  HELP!
Hello!!  Hello!!  Is there anyone behind that camera there?  Hello!  I said I need to get out.  I'm not happy.  Oh well...that is how I spent my 6month a swing that I did not like! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Margaret's Baptism

 Margaret's big day.  She woke up and was happy, delightful, and said, "Today, I want to make good baptismal choices..." My heart was filled!
 Cousin Dallin baptized Margaret, Scott confirmed, and both grandparents witnessed. Maggie-Sue was so happy.
 Just the Girls...we are soooo cute!
 Now we are complete with Grandma Sue.  Here are the girls...we needed Grandma Ann as well.
 We love grandma in blue.  Look at how it brings out all the grand-kids' eyes.
 The family...awe!  Everyone is growing up.
Here are the Becks, Tribes, Memmotts, and the Giauques.

BIG HAIR DAY! and bits of the EVERYDAY

 Marianne has changed her look a little bit...she is thinning down a bit.
 CRAZY eyes to match with her crazy hair...
 Margaret's high-lights....GREEN??  It is a crazy hair day.
 Isaac wants to say hi...He is very sweet...most of the time :)
 Yes!  It is tradition to go ALL out and BIG BIG, BIG!!  If you are is a 1 liter bottle with my hair wrapped over it...then flowers and ribbon to boot!
Me and the CRAZY girls...We love Dr. Seuss.