Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm 7 months old!

 I'm 7 months old!  I can sit up, I have two teeth, and I'm rocking back and forth ready to crawl!
I'm kicking!

Me and my bro...

I'm  happy boy!

Tracy Aviary

 We went to Tracy Aviary on Spring break.  Every time I tried to take a group picture, this is what happened.  Oh well...it was a beautiful day to see the birds.
 This Eagle survived a Tornado.  His wing was broken in the process and he will never be able to live in the wild again.  He was just so amazing to see...inspiring.
 Marianne is signing Bird and looking so intensely at all the birds.  It was just a great day.
 Thanks Garrett for always looking at the camera and being ready...the rest of the crew...I'm not so sure about.
SMILE!!  This is Marianne's expression after chasing the Peacock all over the zoo.

Here is the Peacock...he was so funny!  He just had to let a little girl run him ragged.

This is Garrett saying..."did you get my picture?  Did you get it?  Are you sure??  Are  you sure?  Take it now...try it again, take it now!

Arrow of Light

 ARROW of LIGHT!  I'm so proud of Isaac.  He got it by the skin of his teeth, but none-the-less, he is now an 11 year old scout!
 Isaac trying to figure out where to pin the pin.
 My expression is priceless.  It says it all.
 There are many things that I love about Isaac: his laughter, his "rubber ears", his ability to to be kind and helpful...when he wants to...and his happiness for life!
 These are the boys that will all enter into 11 year old scouts.


 Happy Easter!  This year the Bunny was smart!  He divided up the hunts into different areas of the house.  Everyone got something, and everyone was smiling!
I'm a teenager...waking up is tough to do!

 Been a long night...Isaac is showing it all over his face...now Garrett on the other hand is READY for PEEPS!!

 At the top of the stairs...waiting!  Everyone is ready to go!!
 Look!  Look!!  I found it!  I found candy!
 Honestly, can her expression get any bigger?  She found the most candy...not bad for her first real hunt!
 Rhetten is all smiles for the camera...he is my handsome devil!
 We went to the Sanderson Center for the deaf and hard of hearing for our Easter egg hunt. Marianne found lots.
 Virginia is on the hunt!  Her area was in the playground portion of the center.  She scored BIG time!
Ahhhhh!  Sisters who love each other!  Nice to capture it in a picture.
 The Bunny!  Marianne loved following the bunny.  She just thought that this was a great adventure...candy in the morning, candy in the afternoon, and candy eating throughout the day.  It's great to be 2!
Mom and her Garden.  The bulbs came up and the colors brightened up everything.  Just thought I would capture it with my little guy!