Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Ring

Here is a close-up of the ring...It is sparkly!

Pictures of Scott's family

After we had Thanksgiving dinner at my house, we left to see Scott's family. He has one brother and he is married to Sharie and they have 3 children: Nathanial, Elise, and Ean. HIs father was not able to be in the picture, so that is who we are missing. I'll send more posts.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Prayer is an amazing thing. When you follow the Spirit then it get's even better. Okay To make a long Summer story short, I was enrolled in a conversation this summer by an amazing friend and she committed me to "the dating world". Long Idaho River story short, I met someone on the river who treated me as a smart, individual, spiritually connected, and strong, 34 year old women and not some sister/daughter/neighbor that's "just April" type.

So, the journey online began. (On line dating is interesting and it has proven for me to be amazing. Let me also qualify that is also has it's down falls: the dirty old man type, the I've forever broken type, it was my wife's fault type, and the "How-u-doin" type). So, I'm on line picking the "dating canidate" for me: scroll through picture, profiles, pictures, profiles...when I come across "ImSwiss2". Interesting..."Click there" (What?? Did I just hear/feel the Spirit tell me to "click there?"). Okay, I click...My first thought is that "there is something familiar about him, I think I'll send him a message." that I'm committed to the message I get a great response. We conitue to write and IM and write and IM (over 6 weeks), then he asks me out on "the first date".

I race to an online dating expert (Thank you Emily!) and we go over the rules: meet in public, go double, have an escape route planned, NEVER show him where you live, and Never go with him after the date. GOT IT! We meet at a restaurant. (I'm parked a row behind him so I can watch all the moves...). He gets out of his Suburban and frantically walks to the passenger side and is looking, looking, looking for something. Well, I get out of the car and he looks at me and we introduce ourselves. He tells me that he forgot his wallet and that he'll be back. I get back to my car and just start laughing. Okay---he is pretty nervous---and he had his shirt inside out. Okay I'm thinking--here is my chance, should I drive away??? No we'll see if he comes back.

Back he comes, in the restaurant we go. (his shirt is still inside out). He asking me what I would like and he suddenly takes a "double take" at his shoulder seam on his shirt! I'm screaming to myself---look at the floor, Look at the Floor! He tells me that he'll be right back and he goes and changes his shirt. (I'm am laughing hysterically to myself thinking...he is so nervous, but I'm so cool!) Back he comes we order our dinner, we talk for 2 hours, and now it is time to leave.

I go to the car...the keys...look and look and look. No keys, empty the keys. (In my head I'm a bit panicked! and I can tell that he is have a few weird thoughts about me...oh great!! now it is my turn! I can't believe this. He goes back in the restaurant to find them--no luck. OH! there they are---locked in the car! Now what???

Well, long and short of it, I broke three major "first date" rules: I got in his truck, he came to the house (great! He knows where I live now...), and I went with him after the date! Hummm....I was checking the Spirit monitor for safety...all is well. Okay, all is well.

I can't beleive how silly I was. There I was laughing (in my head of course) of how nervous he was and how "cool" I was...when I was just as nervous as he was. It is a great first date story, and the dats since then have been fab!

Scott is someone who brings the "Calming Effect/Affect" into my family's lives. The children are calm, they are nicer to each other, they listen to him, they look up to him, they love to ask him 10001 questions, they are interested in him, and they love him. Kellis, Scott and myself will read scriptures together each night after eveyone else has had the reading, scriptures, and prayers. He is watching how Scott treats me and how I treat him. He is feeling the Spirit, and he is having a hole filled in each night the three of us are together.

Scott likes me for me! He just loves me. (Strange but true! The enthusiastic, passionate, energy filled, little stubborn, driven woman he thinks is cute!) He gets up an hour earlier just to come on my "walk-n-talks" at 5am. He is there on time every morning (Mon-Sat) and we are able to just be ourselves, talk about everything, show our passion for things--me with the election--and plan for the future. Can you tell me anyone else who would do that? We are getting to know each other more and more. I can see what he repeats (that helps with consistancey--truth--honesty), what he loves, what we love together and so forth.

Okay, I hope that I've shared a glimsp into the question, "Who is Scott??" Feel free to comment, and please know that we are serious. We are a couple! We are learning about each other, and we are committed to each other.
Any other questions?? Let me know!
Loves to All!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Slide Show

Here it is!! We think after 8-9 hundred tries that we have success!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Garrett's Art work

I'm trying to load the slide show. It is not working yet, but I thought I would tempt you with some of the latest creations. Enjoy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cousin get together

Hey hey Hey! if there are any cousins that want to get together...let's do it. I would love to hear more about everyone.

Sorry that I missed the big b-day party on Sat. I was presenting at the Autism was the curriculum that we wrote this past summer...super fun! I twas worth it had a full house and great questions were asked. Anyway, let's do it. If there is nay thing I can say right now...Scott is GREAT! he took the kids for the whole Sat and took them to a museum--all five of them. It was a ball. I should have pictures for the next post.
LOVES! Keep in contact everyone.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Da Boyz and The Girls!

Here is are my favorite pictures of the whole shoot. They are just beautiful...perfection is not part of the equation...happiness and joy are...

Family Photos

Family Photos! I just wanted to show off my family...they are the best!

Home School

There are perks to teaching at a school with your own children. One of those is when I have the opportunity to teach my own child within my classroom. I teach Kellis during Language Arts and our Reading Explorations unit. Here is what happened:
Captain: who can tell me what past tense is?
Kellis: you have to put a suffix like ed on it.
Captain: good. Who can tell me what present progressive, past progressive, and future progressive tense are?
Class Silence--but Kellis with his hand up
Captain: Kellis can you help us out?
Kellis: Past progressive is was and were with the ing--like She was walking. Present progressive is like it is happening now or something like I am walking, and future progressive is the one that has the little word "will" with it. Like Tomorrow I will be walking...
Captain: (inside her heart popping like a batch of popcorn!!!) Very good. Did anyone wrtie down those free answers? Kellis just finished your worksheet for you...
Student # 2: I did--I hate to think
Captain: (to herself--yep that's right) Well...he just gave you some free-bees. Thanks Kellis for following the first time directions and right along with Captain. It was like the old home school days.
Student # 5: you never homeschooled! That's impossible.
Captain/KEllis: we sooo did.
Kellis: it was the best I got 4 recesses!
whole class: OHHH! No Fair!
Captain: I need listening bodies in 5 - 4- 3- 2- 1. What it past tense...

These are the moments when a mother must have a shout out! Love you Kellis!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An eye opening experience

Yesterday during socail studies I was teaching my 5th graders about the constitution. I was teaching them about the triangle which is the executive branch, the judicial branch and the legislative branch and how they all have checks and balances on each other.

I asked the class who was in charge...they all said the president.
Why??? that is the most important office...
silence...I simply wrote "we the people" inside the triangle.
A gasp...from a parent who was visiting my class.
My heart dropped. He really had been answering the same answers as the kids.
I had to gather my shock and say to the class...
The People are in charge!!!
We elect the congress.
We elect the President
We influence it all...WE are in Charge!

Do you all see what removing the truth out of schools over the past 40+ years has done? There are two generations of ignorant citizens that don't know what power they really have. This is why we are in the mess we are in...entertainment, distractions, no education about history and what the constitution really is a primrose path...then it slips into the slippery slope.
Hang on tight gang!


Last night Garrett said the cutest thing...
Garrett: Scott, let me say make blue choices?
Scott: yes, I am making blue choices.
Garrett: Ahh, let me look like a prophet.
Scott: laughter
Garrett: what's so laugh at me?
Scott: no you said something cute
Garrett: so make blue choice prophet?
Scott: well, I guess.

Out of the mouth of babes...

It seemed fitting despite what is going on in the county.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween! It's Halloween! the moon is full and bright. And we shall see what can't be seen on any other night! Skeletons, Ghost and Ghouls, Flying witches, fight duels. In mask and Gowns we haunt the street, and knock on doors for "trick or treat". To night we are the king and queen for, oh, tonight is Halloween! It's Halloween, It's Halloween, the moon is full and bright! And we shall see what can't be seen on any other night!---Jack Pluetsky

Here is the Haunting crew for 2008! We invited the Forbes to be with us: Tristan= recycled costume, Connor=Nija, Anna=Princess, Jessica=Pumpkin Patch (her very own ti-dye creation. Garrett=Ptranadon (with the ultimate weggie--I need to put a panel in the costume), Kellis=Nija, Margaret Susanna= Barbie Diamond/heart Princess, Virginia=Puppy, Isaac=the Count(HA, HA, HA!) and April= Santa! Scott was with us and a Fisherman, but he was taking the pictures.

Three Halloween Triskters are we!
My sister my brother and me!
We haunt through the streets,
Playing tricks, getting treats...Three Halloween Triksters are we!

Bother wears bones--front to back
Sister's a witch dressed in Black!
I'm a ghost with no an old Pillow case.
Three Halloween Triksters are we!

We frighten each other...
WE even scare mother...
Three Halloween Triksters are we!--Jack Pluetsky