Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Food Nanny 911

Food: something with calories, nutrition, energy, so that when consumed, it will help to sustain life.

Family: food allergies, texture issues, smells, mixing, and diabetes...

Cook: one, me, hi everyone!
Family 7-10 people to satisfy

Mission: to plan meals (dinners) for the crew so that 5 times a week we will have a sit down meal complete with children at the table, napkins, plates, food, and then topics of conversation.

Mission Statement: Family is the heart of the nation...our little nation of 10 needs to eat what is being served, have table manners, and communicate with one another. Benefits: Children who are less likely to be in bad places, make wrong choices, and so forth.

Challenge: to plan meals that will have the majority of the children/adults eating them and yet still satisfy all the health demands of the family, in a more timely, money saving, and efficient fashion. Example: Garrett wants to crack into the cereal anytime that he is hungry. Isaac shoots to the fridge for a gallon of milk, the girls want whatever...but RIGHT NOW...Kellis is trying to convince himself to eat...and Scott needs protein, a veggie and no real carbs.

Why the Food Nanny? I saw her program and thought, that is what I need to force myself to do. I have a general idea of things, but I feel that if my family could depend on one more stability in their life then the nights would go a lot smoother. So she recommends that you should start with themes for each night in order to come up with a menu and then with a shopping list. So...after much thought here are our themes:
Monday: Fish/Meatless
Tuesday: Pizza Night (tradition for 3 years, and once a month we get Little Ceaser's!)
Wednesday: Mexican
Thursday: Italian Night
Friday: Breakfast/Leftovers/Open night
Saturday: Hot off the Grill
Sunday: Traditional

Where do we have success? Sundays are the success. We have traditional food (pork/beef roast, Lazy Chicken, potatoes, etc) and I always serve a homemade pizza for everyone else. Where do we need to work on? all the other days of the week.

How to get this accomplished: 1) stick with the theme. 2) have the theme meal (like salmon patties--for 4 of them--and serve grilled fish and a veggie for Scott and Garrett). 3) buy for two weeks for the dinner and lunch meals and then just once a week go to the store for fresh food: produce, milk, and eggs. (on these weeks I should be able to buy the weeks worth of fresh food for $50).

I'm searching for yummy diabetic/low carb recopies for Scott that can fit the theme.

Here is the plan for April 5-12

Monday: (fish/meatless) Salmon patties, fries, corn, real salmon, broccoli.
Tuesday: (Pizza) Bread Pizza, bread sticks, salad, chicken in the crock-pot for Scott
Wednesday: (Mexican) chicken Fajitas and beef tacos, hot dog (Garrett) Isaac--cereal
Thursday: (Italian) Scratch spaghetti, salad, grilled chops with spices and veggie
Friday: (open night) leftovers, from scratch chicken nuggets, chicken and mushrooms
Saturday: (grill) burgers, hot dogs, steak on the grill and a veggie.
Sunday: (traditional) pork roast, potatoes, salad, rolls, and pizza.

Food planning and the Giauques: It is a challenge, but I think (like everything else) we can rise up to the challenge with a great plan! Wish me luck!

(My brain is laughing at me): Isn't this what usually happens?
April: yes, but now I am in charge of making it happen this way.
Brain: true, so, does that make you feel better?
April: yes, I think this helps me to figure out that we have a plan, a better way to track our food expenses for the month, and it is on paper so basically I get the satisfaction of checking it off on the "to do" list. ahhhh
Brain: okay...let's play.

Food: a way to give energy to the body, help make traditions, and save the family! What power!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Isaac...Big 9

I love you my little Zickles! You bring such a smile to my face. Dad and I think you are the best tumbler in the world. You are so helpful, funny, kind to your new sister--even though she teases you (sorry about the poop). We love you! Happy number 9!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pictures of love!

I just wanna share all the pictures I can. Here is the family in all of our glory.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Marianne Ellen's Baby Story

This is a long story but one that is filled with learning curves. I would just like to share.

About a week ago, I was awakened at 3am by a feeling of nervousness. A feeling of not knowing what was going to happen, what I was feeling, or anything. I felt lost, maybe a little unsure and basically, I just needed direction.

I asked Scott if he would give me a blessing. He did. In the blessing Heavenly Father told me that I needed to "prepare for this baby, that delivery would be a difficult one, and that I needed to trust Him, and exercise faith."

I thought about that. I really still didn't understand what it meant for me. I thought, "I've gotten the bed, the shelves, the clothes, the diapers, and so on and so on. What else do I need to get prepared for?" I needed some help. So I asked Scott to just talk to me. He did. He told me what his impressions were. He said that I needed to (basically) Stop...and Be still...and know that He is in charge.

Humble pill...I got the message. I began to understand that my family would still be there. I have prepared for them. My job would still be there and that all would go well there--again we were prepared, and to just let things go...I began to understand.

So Tuesday Scott looks over at me and announces that WE are not going to work but that we are going to get prepared for the baby. We did. He helped me though the labor pains (this was the 5th day of at least 4+ hours of steady contractions and then...stop), he rubbed my back, we talked, it was wonderful. That night he said that we need to be home tomorrow too. We got the kids fed, to bed, read, and then prayed...Little Margaret said, "and please bless that the baby sister will be born on St. Patrick's day. She is our lucky baby." It was so sweet!

Scott and I went to the temple MArch 17, 2010. We just listened, we prayed, we were "still". Following the temple we went to the dr appointment. There at the appointment we learned that the induction date was set for March 18th at 7am. I did great at the exam. Then the doctor said that if we got into a steady contraction pattern to just come in and they would keep us.

YES!! Scott and I went on a drive. We looked at life from the different perspectives that we had both experienced. We talked, we laughed, we just were relaxed. I knew that all would be well at home and it was. The children were taken care of (Thanks Christine!) and we just needed to hang around Ogden a little bit more. Well in our driving we ended up passing the hospital and suddenly...I begin some contractions! YEAH! (we had to turn around in some pretty HEAVY traffic from an oil spill that happened on the freeway that was wall to wall cars) Anyway, we did it. We were in steady labor. We arrived at the hospital and the contractions were great! Steady! We were staying!! (now there is a funny part that happened in the birthing room...Scott will have to tell has to deal with soda pop and sticky floors...)

We got checked in at 7pm and WHAM! the Labor was on! Then it started to SLLLOOOOWWW down. sigh! The nurse came in and said that we were going to use a little pitocin to keep things steady...YEAH! WOW!! Steady and improving! Soon it became a little tough...OUCH! Epidural please! (now in the past, this is a very scary time for me...I have lost conscienceness, low blood pressure, and so forth!) But I knew that we would be safe. I knew that it would work out. I knew it because Scott knew it. He held my hand, looked into my eyes, checked on my progress, and was always there for me. BLESSED!

Sooooo, with the Epidural in place I told myself to calm down, focus, and OPEN! in 20 min the nurse checked...we were at a 5. in 10 more 8+ and in 5 minutes I suddenly felt PRESSURE! WOW! I was ready to push. WHAT?? this had only been 3 hours? WHAT? WOW! The blessings of the Lord...the luck of the Irish...the prayers from was all here.

Lucky?? BLessed? How about this, Scott was in position (two cameras in tow)at the head of the bed. I'm set up (just use your imagination for that) and now...we start pushing! Lucky 7? No WAY! YEP!! It only took 7 pushes. I can't belive it! Scott couldn't believe it! and! It's's a...a...GIRL! Marianne Ellen was placed on my tummy. tears! Sobs! Gasps...

Scott is red..tears...I'm so happy..he is so happy. She is here! Our lucky Charm. 7 pounds 9 oz, 19inches long, March 17, 2010, blond hair, blue eyes, perfect! Your mommy and daddy love you. You are a blessing to the family. Thank you Heavenly Father. Thank you for not giving up on Scott, me, and our family. Marianne Ellen is our Lucky Charm!

Its a Girl!!

Its a girl! Happy St. Patrick's Day! We had our bundle of Joy on MArch 17, 2010 at 11:10pm. She weighed 7lbs 9 oz and is 19 inches long. She has blond curly hair, bluish eyes, and chubby round cheeks. She is perfect and one we have been waiting for. Heaven smiled down on us...

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Patience

Well, I have two bags packed, the car ready with gas, baby room ready, car seat installed, my wonderful friend ready to come over to the house for the 3 am labor call, my other friend is working tonight at the hospital, I've been in contractions for about 3 days off and on, off and on, my appointment moved up from Friday to St. Patrick's day, the camera charged, new batteries, family where are you little one?

I was given a blessing a few days ago and I felt comfort, but I was also told that this would be difficult for me...I think I know what is so difficult...the wait. I just want to see all of you, love all of you, hug all of you and share you with the world.

My hubby wants to see you too. Let's go with the luck of the Irish! How about Shamas O'Brian Giauque or Shannan Rose Giauque? Well that is just for fun.

My friend told me to pray that baby does not come...use a little reverse psychology on the little gal/guy and see what happens. ahh, the wait. It is killing a lot of us here. But we will all see you soon enough. Loves!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Phone calls and Perspective training...We all learned that night!

For Family Home Evening we thought that it would be a good idea to teach the children how to use the phone: how to answer it, how to get people on the phone, and how to say that someone is busy. Part one worked out GREAT! Part two was about dialing out: how to push all the numbers so that you can make a phone call. There is no 911 stories with this...but there is a story...
(I'm in a tub relaxing Scott is helping to get Kellis to Scouts and comes in a checks on me)
Isaac (he dials grandpa's number): "Hello?"
Grandpa: "Hello, hello?"
Isaac (he holds the phone out to all the other kids and they start screaming)
Grandpa: "What's wrong? Hello?"
Isaac: CLICK! (hangs up on Grandpa)
***No repeat this story 8 times.

Ring Ring (This time it is Grandpa to Scott)
Grandpa: "hello? what's going on at home? Isaac keeps calling me....)
Scott: (long conversation laughter and clarification) "We will talk to Isaac. It looks like the FHE was a hit."

Scott is off to scouts with Kellis.
Scott calls home....
Virginia: "hello?"
Scott (imagine a southern accent): Hello, who is this?
Virginia: "Virginia"
Scott:"can I talk to Maggie?"
Virgina passes it to Maggie.
Maggie: "hello?"
Scott: "Hi there. can I talk to Isaac?"
Maggie passes it to Isaac.
Isaac: "Hello?"
Scott: "hi there. This is Sam T Pickett. I'm from the phone company."
Isaac (swallows hard): "yes?"
Scott: "I understand you've been making a lot of phone calls.
Isaac: "yes?"
Scott: "well I have a phone bill here for $3672.87"
Isaac (whimpers and chocked voice...even some tears...) "uh hu"
Scott: "well how are you gonna pay for that?"\
Isaac (more whimpers and tears): "I don't have that money."
Scott (he can tell that this has gone too far and so now he is trying to back peddle and figure out how to work this out. He thought that when Isaac was crying that he was "joking". Scott is learning how literal the kids are and when they cross the line...: "uh...well, we just wanted to talk to you and let you know that we will take care of the bill. Don't worry, just try not to make so many calls...k?"
Isaac: "ok (will sobs and whimpers)
Scott: "it will be okay. we will forgive ya. Don't worry about it. K? We'll see you later."
Isaac: "ok...bye..."

Mom is now out of the tub and I'm looking at Isaac and he looks like he has been to a funeral...
Mom: "what's wrong?"
Isaac (in his most stoic voice) "well I made some calls and the phone company said I had to pay $3000 but then they said that it would be forgiven." (lets out a big breath...)
I look right over to Scott and he is beat red and gives me the look like I'll tell you later...
I give him the look like, "you better be able to fix this..."

Turns out that Isaac learned how to dial all the family numbers (that's good).
Isaac also learned that playing on the phone is not the best past time (that's bad).
Scott learned where the LITERAL line is with the kids (that's good).
Kellis got to listen to the whole conversation (he was in the truck going to scouts) and he understood the joke (that's good).
Mom can't believe it and yet is laughing too (that's bad)

Moral: Autism Spectrum Disorders and Literal language can create a joke that no one ever thought of...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kellis the Tender foot and Diorama man

These are a few picture of Kellis getting his tenderfoot, and of his latest Diorama. My kids can get a job anywhere with setting up dioramas for museums. I love them all so much.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dr. Suess Week

It is that time of year when we all say thank you to a man who took a dare from a friend and use less than 60 words and wrote the famous Green Eggs and Ham.

This is the week that we celebrate it. So in tribute to Dr. Suess, I thought that I would show off the hair of the week picture...enjoy!


YEAH, YEAH!! Shout Hoorah! Isaac got his Wolf Today!

YEAH, YEAH!! Shout out the soot! Kellis got his Tenderfoot!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Baby...we are going to see you soon. So help your mama get a grip on her emotions. It is a battle. I just want to do so much...but I'm not in charge. I know again a little battle with patience.