Sunday, May 24, 2009

Water Fall Canyon

Super Cute! Who wants to hike? ME!
Magaret Susanna after winning a gummy worm..mile 1 1/2

Dallin, Hyrum, Kellis, and Samuel at the bottom of the falls

Another pictrue of the falls.

Random...hey there is a rock! Let's climb it!

Stopping point along the trail. Beautiful!

Which way do we go?

the cool dudes!

Isaac and his pal, Sammy! WE loved him on the hike.

Smile? Tired? Wait, I think he took the

It isn't every day that you get to go back into the old neighborhood and bring your family with you. Well Sat was a day that we decided to hike Waterfall Canyon. It is up in Ogden right off the east side of 29th street. The weather couldn't have been better. mid 70's overcast sky, and the cutest families hiking up the trail (along with 200 others--what can I say many people have the same great taste--and idea).

Sammy the stick stealing dog came was so great. He just loved run up to anyone holding a stick, chomp down on the sticks, and run away. I think his total was up to 4 sticks. 3 came from kids under the age of 10.
Scott had to head up the trail quickly...sammy was just headed east and nothing was going to stop him. So the kids started to group up and head up the trail. I held Maggie's hand and Aunt Weeze held Virginia's. Hummm, Virginia? She made sure she walked on every boulder--not the trail--just every boulder. Weeze tried and tried to redirect her, but she just was magnitized to every rock on that trail. Don't worry Seirra was close on her tail as well.
Maggie-Sue would start to whine a little, and I woudl give her a pompt...use you words...and then she would tell me her complaints: my feet hurt, my legs, hurt, can I have a gummy worm...we just went step by step and then if it was a little tough suddenly a gummy worm would come out of my pocket and dangle in front of her. Her compliants would fade away and instantly she would be running up that trail. I knew that she would do anything for the candy so yeah! We got her up that mountain.
Isaac was pulled up the first 1/3 by Sammy. He had him on the leash and was getting a free ride!
Kellis and Hyrum just chattered the whole way up and the whole way back.
Samuel...he just floated betweeen most of the groups.
Garrett and Dallin held hands and made it up all the way. My dad was the middle man and just made sure that every one got to where they needed to be.

Fun hike! (We made it back and had a great BBQ--complete with homemade ice cream--thanks mom!) Last of all we went swimming at the club house. Fun was held by all. WE loved it. What a great kick off to summer!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friends...Long Lasting!

Scott in all protective gear! "I wonder what it feels like to get hit with a paintball?"
My Hero!

Garrett loved painting the bird house with the paintball gun.

Kellis on the hike! He was very proud to be with me.

Virgina strikes a pose and Isaac brings it back to reality.

Here is a portion of the gang: Doug, Brad, Kent, Brad, Scott. Missing Gordan and Krissy, Liese, and Beverly (and a few kids)

Hiking! AHHH!!!

Kellis shooting the arrow. Note: the Anxious Isaac beagging for more turns

Veiw from the hike!

Dinner at the Falls! This was the kids playground.
Yesterday we went to Park City to meet up with all of Scott's life time friends. WE meet spouses, children, and enjoyed reconecting. Brad and Krissy were such gracious hosts. The food was wonderful: cookies were a big hit, gilling salmon burgers...another hit, all the pies, chips and different kinds of salsa and dip...and the best strawberry and mixed green salad I ever ate! Delicious.
Kids climed up and down the waterfall or the "adventure" as they all called it. Finally the two boys pulled with chairs up to the top of it and ate their dinner. Then out came the archery sets! the kids got to shoot arrows, and practice hitting the target. They also got to practice hitting targets with a paintball gun. They had a blast. The "hunting" session lasted for about 2 hours. Not a bad way to keep 15 kids entertained. Some of us even got to shoot....too fun. Dead eye Giauque (that's me) hit 5 for 5 cans off the box. Best comment of the evening: "you'll know twice not to cross your wife...she's a dead-eye". Thank you very much. See dad all those trips to the west desert hunting rabbits and pheasant paid off.
Funniest moment: Scott getting all the gear on and having Brad shoot the paintball gun at him. "I just want to know how it feels". Hysterical! Tough? yes, Painful? Yes. Do it again? NO! Too funny...just check out the picture.
Best Hike: I haven't been hiking in two years. This is a deep passion of mine, but I don't talk about it much becuase I haven't done it enough that it hurts my heart...sigh! So last night towards the end of the party, Krissy announces a hike right up the back yard and into the hills. My heart lept at the chance to be in the mountains. (Some of you know that I spent 5 weeks in England, Scotland, and Wales, hiking all up and down the high county, lake district, and on every mountain and hilllside we could get our feet on. The journey was transendental, the feeling, spiritual, and I brought back from those mountains understandings of my Heavenly Father that I never knew I could know...this is why it is such a spiritual thing for me.) The hike was lovely!
Best Dad move: "I'll stay here and watch the girls." Thanks! I really needed to head up that mountain."
Friend Connection: Liese waited for me to go up the hike! Thanks so much for that. WE really need to get Aaron and Kellis together so that they can have the boy time together. Beverly was so wonderful to talk to about what she does, her children and eating yummy cookies! Go oat and whole wheat flour. YUM! Krissy, what a great host. In desperation of trying to find a dinosaur book she allowed me into the "real life" (looking through all the bedrooms) of her life..thanks! I can't wait to do it again. Let's go camping.
A day and an evening to remember: This is one of those weekends that is a pivot point. It was something that helped us to connect, recommit, and pursue the interests that bring the true joy of life into perspective. Great times were held by all.
Clarification: After talking, thinking, praying, I have been inspired with a way to keep all of the new friendships, old friendships, school friend ships, church friendships, and so forth into my thoughts and commitments: 4 weekend a month; 1) family oriented (do something with the immediate family), 2) Friendship oriented (do an activity with a couple or a group of couples), 3)Projects--these are the weekends when life just has to take place: clean out the garage, fix cars, home improvements etc., and 4) a free weekend: could be with more family, a date night, a friendship weekend, or another project. This simple understanding can help me to be a better friend, and a better person becuase others will be in my thoughts before me being in my thoughts.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Finished Picture: love his signature on the side!
Garrett looking at his spot and maping out where he is going to go with it...

He started with just the teeth. Can you see the random black line in front of him? That is part of another tail from another dinosaur.

The long triangular lines (at the front of the dino) was his first line, then the jaws of the T-rex then the hands of the dino who is being attacked. Then he went back and filled it is amazing

This is him adding the color. The whole time I have to take these pictures without him knowing. He only wants a picture of when he is finished.
Couldn't get rid of this extra picture...sorry.

Garrett was invited by Bountiful's featured artist, Lester Lee, to join him in creating a sidewalk chalk picture. We received the invitation yesterday from Jill Lee (she used to be my aide at Spectrum Academy). Immediately I told Garrett (we happened to be at recess at the time) and he was very excited! As soon as school was over, I picked up the girls, called Scott, drove to the Bountiful post office to meet Lester (that is where the featured artist has his sidewalk plots to create something). As soon as we got there Garrett raced up to him and held his hand. This took Lester by surprise but he was happy to hold his hand. We all (all 7 of us) walked a few blocks to where they had his bag of goodies.
Garrett got to meet Jan Joy (Joy foundation--who sponsors and runs this project). Jan was nice and handed Garrett his bag of goodies: chalks, a t-shirt, a new hat, candy, and some gum. THRILLED!! We walked back to the place and Lester helped him to select a section of sidewalk for himself. Lester had to leave to teach an art class, but he said that Garrett could start.

Garrett pulled on the t-shirt, the new hat, and tore into the chalk. Suddenly there was a random tail....then on the opposite side of the plot there where arms....then at the bottom of the plot there were legs...I'm thinking, how is this all going to come together? As soon as I think this, Jan Joy from the foundation appears. She said that she was a little worried about how he was going to do with him being so close to the featured artist. (Basically, we had not paid an entrance fee, Lester had just informed her of what we were doing, and now there were random marks on the sidewalk....a worry!)
A few minutes later (more of the connecting pieces had been drawn) and Jan returned. She made the comment that he was creating something...(she was still a little bewildered) and she promised to return again. A few more random lines...shapes...and suddenly there were 3 major dinosaurs with three minor ones all placed out. (This took about 20 minutes--because of all the jumping and clicking noises that Garrett was making.)
Jan returns again and said, "he is a little artist". Now the colors start to emerge...flashes of green, blood red (sorry Iguanadon), yellow, purple, orange, and tan...all the dinos have color. Two sisters pop over **side note (Scott took the boys to Scouts, and I have the girls with me--we've been here for 1 hour and they need something from the car so I leave and I'm watching Garrett now talk to two girls). The two sisters are just gushing over the picture. They thought that I drew it and let him fill in the color...hum...that would be a no. Shock and disbelief start to go over their faces. Jan returns...

She now stops and with here breath taken away, she explains to me that there is a place in the Gateway called Art Access. They give children like Garrett scholarships, art lessons, can see where this is going. Amazing...and all from a simple invitation.

Artist form three different squares now come over to see what the fuss is all about...they have all been there for over 4 hours. Garrett is done with his, and its been about 1 hour and 22 min. They can't believe it. Ok, my heart is bursting with pride! I'm totally excited for Garrett to have this opportunity. The judging happen on Sat...we will see what happens, and so, Please enjoy! (sorry I posted an extra picture...don't know how to remove it yet...still novice with blogging).

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day...and a Father's Blessing

Mother's Day... a day when children and husbands love and adore their wife and mothers. For me, this mother's day was different. It started on Saturday. Scott told the kids that they were going to go and pick out a mother's day gift. Scott asked me to come along so that I would be able to select just what I wanted. I was so touched. He was thinking of me...thinking of actually getting me something. (To be thought of by your husband on such a day was a little new for me).

We bought flats of flowers, veggies, and then a truck full of mulch. Then the children, Hubby, grandma Sue, and I set to work on getting the garden ready. So fun to see how everyone helped. Maggie-Sue first picked any tulip that was left in the garden...she sent about making bouquets for both she and her sister. Kellis helped to unearth the bulbs, weed his tree garden (after a few tears), and get the mulch with dad. Garrett helped by picking out the flowers and dodging bees, "April, they are after me!" Isaac played on the trampoline and kept Virginia happy, and Virginia followed me towards the end of the day with a little spade in her hand tilling in the cute!

Sat...check off that the Mother's day garden was in...and let the growing begin!
Sunday...wake up, fix breakfast, prep for dinner, and then go enjoy church. (I was so realized at church that I actually fell asleep...oops! But I was very happy.) Before we left for Church, Isaac and Garrett gave me their present, "Mom, me and Garrett are not going to fight--that's you present!" That was so sweet... Next the girls came downstairs all dressed in their church dresses...another gift. Kellis promised that he was going to keep watch over all. Great kids, great gifts.

After church and a little later in the evening we all enjoyed a BBQ. Scott is "Master of the Flame!" and so he was cooking for dinner. All cooked, all guest arrived, and so let's dig in. Great conversation, love shared by all, and enjoyed by everyone. Hours pass and so many must depart.

Scott and I went to attend a viewing. Scott's nephew passed away due to complications of brittle bone syndrome...tears...sadness, yet joy to know that he is out of pain and now is surrounded by the love of his Heavenly Father in Celestial glory. The baby lay there, still, an empty shell, but the room was filled with so many who loved him that peace was the feeling and love was hugging that little family. Family, always record each day with at least one hug, kiss, and an I love you...we never know when they will be called home.

Back at home, sad feelings, but filled with love and peace from the night. Children still need tucking in. Garrett asks what is wrong, and I share the story. He cries instantly, "the poor little baby. April you make me sad when you say it" I am about to reply, when Kellis takes the teaching moment and says, "Garrett, the baby is with Jesus and Heavenly Father. Don't cry. I have a theory, the baby will know the fullness of the gospel because he died before the age of 8. So, don't cry, it is okay." I was filled with peace that Kellis knew so much and testified to his two brothers.

Ten minutes later after scriptures were read, and kids all in jammies, little Margaret enters. "I can't sleep." (As a side note: Margaret had a rough Sunday. She hurt her sister several times throughout the morning and finally after the third seat away, I took her into the bathroom and she said, "My brain hurts! I have two sides of it. I hear two things." My heart skipped, I told her to always pick the Jesus side. She looked at me with longing eyes. I told her that I would help her).

Back to 8pm Sunday night: I asked Margaret Susanna if she would like to have a blessing. She said that she would. Scott came in and gave her a father's blessing. As he placed his hands on her head the love that was felt earlier in the night was felt again. She sat so still, and was so quiet...Heavenly Father told her that He was very aware of her, to not be afraid, and to call upon Jesus to help her when she was sad and angry. I felt so honored and blessed to hear such words. Maggie then said, "thanks, dad." My heart was bursting...I laid her down again, and told her to sleep, just sleep. She settled in, closed her eyes, and was drifting into sleep with in minutes (if anyone knows our sleeping patterns--this is the miracle).

It was the most fitting way to end a Mother's Day. I witnessed so many levels of peace and love. I was given an opportunity to love my children, help one who was struggling, grieve for a little baby yet feel peace in knowing that he is in a better place, hear my son bare his testimony, and witness the priesthood help a little girl who was scared to find peace and rest for the night. No comparisons. This will always be a Mother's Day that I forever remember.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We have another Winner!

This is his dinosaur picture that took first at Spectrum, first at Region, and Second in State. He had to compete against grades 3-5. We are so proud!
Garrett dinosaur walked all the way up there. He held the audience captive...never knew what he was going to do next...

I'm handing him the award. He did not want to put down the tinfoil dino he had made...hummm small story: some one had created a 3-d sculpture and it had tinfoil on it. He got away from me and ripped off the tinfoil off the art! NO! anyway, that's Autism at an awards ceremony.

YEAH, YEAH!! Let's shout hurray! Garrett Won SECOND in STATE Today! (ok, it was actually on Friday--but go with the rhyme). WE are so proud of you! First you won the school competition, and then the Regional, and now took second in the State. Watch out world here he comes!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Friends; a Convestion, so help..I'm learning...

Friends, something that I am learning to have, to keep, to invest in. I’m used to not keeping track of very many. I’m used to just losing them. I think that I'm too much of a burden to them and so I leave rather than invest in their time. I’m used to coming in as a flash of light, a survivor, learn what I can and then leave…the risk is then not made on my end. I have not truly invested.

What kind of a friend is that? A great friend came to me on Friday and impacted me with a conversation. The words she spoke where all true. She had told me that if I didn’t start investing more in the friendship, she was going to have to put her energies somewhere else. She also explained that she is not as efficient in letting her needs known to people and so she explained that I might not have known what her needs are. I listened as the Spirit confirmed the truth of her words. She was speaking in the moment and was overwhelmed, embarrassed, and hurt but my NON-actions. (Within myself I had the intent to go and to talk to her about her trip, but didn’t know if she had the time to explain it, or how to honestly approach her without coming over as rude or “out of the blue” if you understand what I mean).

When I got to her room to say hello, I just thought of myself and asked her to help me coach my way to a better place in Spectrum. Not good. I thought that my having a conversation with her about anything I was keeping the friendship. Not true. By having a one sided conversation I spent more of her investments, banked them in my account and came away feeling uplifted, but I had deflated her...again another DUH moment. Working on it!

I knew that I had been in the wrong. I knew that I lost myself in myself…the wedding, dating, my life, me, me…do we see a trend? I couldn’t see what guards I had put up and rude things (out of ignorance and shallowness) l had done, but I have to say this, I felt them even if I couldn’t accurately identify what I had done wrong.

I have two friends that I have qualified and allowed into my inner circle. It takes a lot for me to do that. But when I get together with either of them, all I talk about is myself, my issues, me. I can feel the prompting of the Holy Ghost telling me that I need to go and talk to them, and then I’m there trying to say hello, and then I just start to fumble. All I feel is an awkwardness of nothing to talk about—so it just feels like I get to have a start up conversation and then nothing.

It has become apparent that my Memory files of these two friends are very shallow. I have categorized them into the “weather talk” section. This is not okay. We’ve known about each other for over 2 years and this is as much as I know about them? That is not acceptable to me. Why am I afraid to invest? Risk of hurt…well that is not an acceptable excuse anymore. If I want to live this beautiful life that Heavenly Father has given me, then I need to take the risk, feel the pain, feel the joy, feel the everyday of it, and then look at the richness that they have contributed to my life…Risk April! It is worth it.

What is most unpleasant and difficult to swallow is knowing that they feel and know it too, but are just too nice to say anything (except for the one friend…she finally told me). So now I have a choice to make: start investing without my second friend knowing that I am doing this directly, or say it directly and still invest. Since my first friend has already told me that I need to invest…she already knows the drill, so I’ll invest with my second friend and see the changes despite the knowledge. This will be an interesting experiment. One I hope to have deeper memory files and experience with. I love my I have to risk and invest in that love.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A few pictures of the reception

My cousin Kelly...the Kelser-welsers!
What can I say? Super Weeze to save the Day!

Monica and Me! Super Cute!

More Friends...Hi Lewis's

WE love all the Friends...Young and Old...

Thanks to all those who helped with everything with last week's reception (April 25, 2009). It was so wonderful and we had a great time. Thanks to everyone's support, love, generosity, and friendship. WE Love you All!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Trash Race!

This morning was the GREAT TRASH RACE!! My sister calls it "Garbage Round up". For any of you who have forgotten the TRASH and suddenly the drumming noise of that all to familiar truck comes bounding down the street and to your horror...You forgot the TRASH...well, I'm sure that you can all understand.

I'm walking, I hear the trash man, I sing praises to Kellis because he did his job last night. I turn onto our block AHHHH--all cans are out but ours. NO!!!

Suddenly Kellis (is the pj's and all) races the CAN out to the street. My heart sinks. It is too is hopeless. That will make for a GRUMPY GRANDPA.

Suddenly--"go flag down the Garbage Man!" comes to my head. I instantly run back to the back block and flag him down. He smiles and agrees to go back to the block he just left to pick up our trash. What a nice man!

I'm sure that it helped that I was dressed for the day and hummm...I'm glad I did my hair.
YEAH--no Grumpy Grandpa, Happy DAD, and sigh of relief for Kellis--he by the way was praying for a miracle. He was a little upset with himself that he forgot to take it out and was issuing a few tears. Tears plus prayer...look what he got! The Trash it out.

All prayers are way or another.