Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar Eclipse!

This is the safe and cheap way to see a solar eclipse!

 Virginia was VERY worried that we were all going to go blind!  She cried for a half hour prior to even going outside.  She was convinced that Rhetten was going to be blind and now she was going to have to learn braille to him him read!  I should have given her her little white pill for was CRAZY!  I finally convinced her that we were all going to live...after 40 minutes, she believed us and finally looked at it. 
 Here is grandpa trying to convince her that it was going to be safe and you can see, she was still covering her eyes.
 Grandma has the best spot.  She could laugh and see all of us enjoying it.  Too bad she had a headache...ouchy!
 Look at all those "box-heads".  We all look goofy, but we all got to see it! 
 Ahhhh, a sister moment.  I love it when she finally calms down and enjoys it all.
 Me and dad.  I just love being with him during all the cool stuff.  It was a memory night.  Good times for a daddy daughter moment.
 Here is Virginia finally laughing and really enjoying the moment.  I was very worried that we were never going to get to this part, but we finally did.
 Here is how Marianne enjoyed the eclipse.  She thinks that the neighbors dog is better then walking around with a box on your head.  She thinks that we are all very strange, or interesting...nope, the dog is better. :)
 Ahhhh, the Family!  Dad counts, even when he is the camera guy...we are enjoying the moment!
YES!  This is how the box worked.  You cut a square out of the box then cover it with tinfoil...then you poke a pin hole in the tin foil and cut a hole on the other side and put a piece of paper on the inside to see the reflection.  It was so cool to see it.  One in a million!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Garden Investments

 Well, it was time to go to boxes.  Out here in the Foxboro, we have a hug battle on our hand: KLAY soil, no nutrition, and BUGS, BUGS, BUGS!  I have a better appreciation for our for-fathers...
 Rhetten and mom checking out our plants.  Yes, I buy the plants and never plant by seeds.  hum, why? is not one of my gardening virtues, but we are trying.
 Scott and mom came up with the design: 6' by 5'' by 5/8 thick fencing planks, 2X2 pickets, weed barrier, pea gravel, bug killer, screws, 36 bags of raised bed soil, and a lot of hard work.  Scott was the main cut-guy, but Kellis and Isaac also took their turn at it.  Then Scott created the jig, and Kellis went to town!  He assembled 6 boxes, hauled bags of soil, laid weed barrier, and but down pea gravel.  It was beautiful!

Isaac helped cut the grass...he need a bit more tutoring than last year, the girls helped plant my flowers, and Marianne supervised all of us.  Rhetten was kept busy by Garrett (who also helped stack and haul lumber), and Margaret kept us all entertained...she sang as we worked.  Ah...what a long Saturday, but it all turned out great in the end.  Just see for yourself.

Tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds...oh my!

Flowers in the front.  I love to welcome the neighbors with pots of flowers.  Here is to a happy growing season!!
 What do you do in the summer time??  Grass, hills, sisters, and gravity! We love to roll down the hills...
 Giggles, smiles, and laughter...I love my life!
 Smiles, and smiles, and more smiles....
 Mommy and Rhetten...smiles!


 The Wind-up!  Kellis is throwing the discus and is getting pretty good at it.  This is his first year running track and throwing.  He is great!
 Deep into the throw...don't scratch!
 YEAH!!!  Throw that puppy!
 The follow through...They call him the "little big-man".  He got some tips from the high school coach and he went from throwing 30 feet to over 70 feet...WOW!!  The advice helped.