Friday, June 25, 2010

Say Cheese!

She loves to play with her wrist rattles.

hey, look up! Cheese!

I'm gonnagrab the camera mom, get back here!


Dosen't Marianne look so cute? I love to see her smile, light up a room, and make others happy. She really giggles, squeals, squeaks, and just loves to be with her family. We love you Marianne. Happy 3 months of life Marianne Ellen. Mama and Dada love you!. :)

The Star!

Watch out world! Here comes Miss Maggie-Sue! First grader extraordinaire.

Maggie dressed herself up as a cow-girl. She just looked so dang cute I had to share!

Isaac! Who ate you? Come on out!
Struggle! Push yourself out!

Kids and dirt...a boys dream!

His Awesome scout troop

Cub Scouts. Isaac had a ball! See for yourself

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thoughts and Treats for Me

Let's look back on the year 2010...hum...what have I learned? WEll, I'm thinking that life will continue to repeat itself until I figure it out. I'm sure that smiles, hugs, tears, fears, and so forth will continue, but what am I learning from it? I have to pause and listen. Sometimes it is more fun to go for the drama of life and not stay calm. But really what is the drama of my life? When my kids stub their toes, trip and fall, scream in frustration because a lego toy fell apart? If that is my drama, then I'm good with it.

Life, I think I'm learning. But sometimes, certain lessons have to be repeated. Like learning how to budget, save, spend wisely. To tag onto that thought, I empowered myself with a few lessons from good friends in the neighborhood because just when I think a system is working, I have to redue the finacial system. That's fine, we are making it work/stretch for all 8 of us. 8...what a number, but what if the number stretches again? I have a feeling about 2 more...we'll see. Random thought: last Monday at FHE I was looking at all of us and I still felt that we all weren't here yet. I saw two empty spots and I just wanted them filled. Hey, I might get lucky and have a two for one...Twins anyone? That would stop the madness. It is a Giauque trait...hum, what would Grandpa Billy-goat say to that? He will just keep driving I'm sure.

What else have I learned so far in 2010? Pregnancy can stretch your belly, having a child at 35/36 is very different than in my 20's (my body is taking longer to bounce back...sigh). I think about just have the other two really quick to "get it over with" and then work my butt off. (Ok really, it is not my butt but my gut and boobs. I know that nursing is awesome, but gravity is winning with the girls. I feel like they are down around my hips, sigh). Having 6 is really no sweat right now. The family just flows together and she is so dang cute! I'm loving her. Oh my darling Marianne. What a sweetie :). are my three worldly treats to think about:
1) I want to have a professional organizer come to my house and help me squeeze every ounce of space that we have into a working miracle for 8 kids, a mom and dad, and a grandpa and grandma. I know that it can be done, I would just like to have them come with about $15,000 to redesign the three bedrooms and organize me. IKEA anyone?
2) I want to have a personal trainer/nutritionist take me and Scott away for three months and whip our butts into shape--this is after the last baby is born. I would love to have that training and work with care. This is my treat time so I'm living it up. **note...must comment after...
3) After my three month shape up I would like to then be on Stacy and Clinton's "What not to Wear". I know! Totally crazy! Anyone reading this...please nominate me! I would love to have the clothes that fit and make me look like me: that taylored fitted, classy style. I'm conservative, but I like a splash a bling and can I say this? A little sexy...but NOT TRASHY. I love my legs. They are strong muscular and just hum, hot! (ok they are alittle pasty white right now, but they are sweet!)

Okay that was fun! Now my brain is thinking and thinking..................I want to set a plan into action to do this. You know me, thoughts, prayers, plan and action! WOW it gets done.
Ok so, what about this? I have two sisters who are fabulous and many of these things! I'll just have to glean their secrets from them. Weeze can help me with more of the finacial peace/organizing side. Alison can help me with the clothing department, and she can help direct me into the cute side of getting the kids organized in their rooms. Let's be honest: Alison and Alissa should host a "biggest looser" show. They would kick my butt! but remember, I need my gut to be kicked into shape.

So maybe I should plan on how to accomplish this. Oh Honey (Scott), don't roll your eyes. It's just me playing...but we both know that it will happen. I'm going to get to it. (Maybe I should do this once a week, I'm learning a lot!)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day Scott! You've waited a long time for this...your baby girl loves you! Your handsome boys love you, and your big girls love you...I love you too. Thanks for teaching us all about humor, telling jokes, thinking of others, getting the job done, laughing, dinners, and working so hard for all of us. You are my Joseph...always remember that. Thanks again honey for loving and embracing all the kids! You are daddy to all of us! Loves!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hoogle ZOO

Mom and Marianne
Sweet Maggie with Sisters

More Friends: Alex, Max, Kellis, Ryan, Makayla, Miss Christne, Marianne, Maggie, Viginia

James and Jason

James, Carlee, Kierra, TJ, Taylor

Friends at he Zoo: Virginia, Maggie, Miss Christine, and Max Alex, Kellis, and Makayla

Sleepy Tiger...

Ride the Rhino

The I'm too cool dude!

Virgina: the Shy Tiger

Margaret Susanna: The Cute Tiger

The Gang

The Tiny Tiger

Look At THAT!!!

Russian Sea Eagle: the Largest (by weight) Flight Bird

Garrett: Great Horned Owl! You did it April Way to go!

American Bald Eagle

Garrett: "Look April! They are your favorite! Why?" April: "Because they are quiet!"

Go Ogden Tigers!!

Garrett: This is the Amer Siberian Tiger!

It's here! The Zoo finally came for the Giauques! Spectrum K-6th grade went to the Zoo. Garrett was soooooooooooo happy! He would say: "Are you happy? Need to smile, this :)" Needless to say, Dallin wins the best Nephew award becuase he RAN around the Zoo with Garrett and Isaac. They say everything about 3 times. I think Dallin said that Garrett took over 1500 pictures and filled up a 2 gb picture card. He had the best day of his life! Happy Zoo! Enjoy the Pictures!