Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fixed Widget

I fixed the Widget. Yeah for me. Trying to post video...struggling...but I will get it with Scott's help.
April I'll post ASAP
It is the Dinosaur Migration....this was a 7 hour migration...let me tell you...this distration involved two children and I was able to get a lot finished...then I filmed the great migration...it was awesome.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


If there are any tech-ie people out there who can help me with my widget...I'm off on my days...please help.

Family Date and "Hey Big Guy"

Last night we decided to try something out. We took the family out on a date. (I knew that we are going to need to practice befroe California--so I thought it would be a great way to start it out). Anyway, We got everyone loaded in Surbie and took off for Ogden. We were headed to Tony's! YUMMY!! So in the car we talked aobut what green behavior would be in a resturaunt and how we were going to act. We talked about the different kind of Pizza that would be there..."No little Cesears???????" (he did survive). And then we talked about what we woudl do afterwards (Go to Farr's Ice Cream and go to Santa's Village).

At Tony's??? We did great! It took a little while for the Pizza to come out so I got Garrett distracted with talking about the Dinosaurs...that worked out. There was a family sitting next to us and the dad was joking with his daughter and said that he was going to "kick her out of her chair". Garrett grabs the knife and curls up into a ball and tells him that "he cannot kick her...I will cut you." (We need to review mean and friendly teasing). That was pretty funny.

Everyone Stuffed themselves: garrett 5 slices...Maggie 2, Isaac 3, Kellis 2 plus 5 slices of garlic bread, Virginia one slice and 2 slices of garlic bread. Scott and I held our own...YUMMY!

Now it is off to the Ice cream shop. 2 Chocolates, one lime ricky, one vanilla, and one raspberry cheesecake on a sugar cone, and two whistle pops...one chocolate mustasch, one vanilla melting mess, and one potty trip to the gutter and we were off to Santa's Village....cold, cold, cold!!

Hummm...potty??? yes! EVERYONE---but where???? Wow! We found one at the village, and the boys went one way the girls went the other way. So, Scott is in the middle, Kellis is on one side and Isaac on the other. Everyone is doing their business when from behind Scott he hears, "Hey Big Guy!"

Garrett didn't realize the "Big Guy" was Scott. Isaac says, "That not a Big Guy, that's Scott! Garrett didn't care who it was Big Guy or Scott, he was in the way of the stall that Garrett wanted to use. Leave it to Garrett for the stories.

All said, Family Date night was a success. Everyone was on green behavior, we did three activities, and we all made it home safe...Big Guy and all.

The one who started it all

Christmas at Grammy's! She had here place all decorated. Nutcrackers, birds on the tree, it was all there for us to see. I spy...Miss Piggy! Me and Grammy. It was a pleasure to see you. I love you Grammy.

Grammy and my dad. (he has to be a ham in every picture). Look!!

I love you Grammy! I am so happy that I was able to visit you on Christmas day. It was great to watch the video of Christmas morning (all the wrapping paper flying and chilren sqealling with delight) through the video and without all the kids acutally wearing everyone out. I happy that you ate a Christmas plate of goodies. Yummy!

Merry Christmas 2008: Part 3 Gifts, Grammy, the Rest

Virginia and Grandma Sue showing off the gifts from Grandma Ann. She just loves them!

Garrett and the Dinosaur bike! It has a basket on the back of it so that all his dinosaur friends can come along for the ride. He loves it!

Margaret Susanna holding her stocking from Grandma Ann. She just loves it! She is also holding the blanket that Aunt Sherie made (Sherie made a blanket for each of the kids...they Love them!)

Grandma and Grandpa Billy-goat. They had a nice time. We all seemed to just get along so well with everyone that it was a relaxed and very happy Christmas. All smiles here!

Isaac was trying to stand on the tallest thing so that he could do the yo-yo. Grandpa Dale had to fix it twice for him. But he kept on trying it.

Merry Christmas 2008: part two Cousins

Margaret is with Elise (one year younger---but definately the same Princess and ice cream age).

Kellis with Grandpa Dale

Grandma Ann (her stockings where a hit!) Margaret-Susanna with Grandma Ann,

Kellis is with Nathanial (about the same age and they hit it off great

With gaining a new side of the family through Scott, I thought that we should post who our new cousins are: Kellis is with Nathanial (about the same age and they hit it off great). Margaret is with Elise (one year younger---but definately the same Princess and ice cream age). The family on the couch (brother and sister in law). Grandma Ann (her stockings where a hit!) Margaret-Susanna with Grandma Ann, Kellis with Grandpa Dale, Kids with kids...Super fun! Everyone came over for the Christmas Eve dinner. The traditional feast was prepared (minus the smoked oysters...I have to draw the line somewhere). Thank you Grandma Annis for all the yummy recipies and for the time cooking...the tradition lives on. We ate, the kids laughed and played with cousins, and we opened stockings! It was a great Christmas Eve 2008.

Merry Christmas 2008: part one Cookies

Merry Christmas 2008! We had a lot to celebrate. Meeting new cousins, trimming the tree, and making cookies as you can see. We open up gifts and discovered a trip...Thank you, oh Thank you, old St. Nick. So enjoy the pictures with all of our heart. Enjoy! Merry Christmas! It comes from the heart. ps There are three parts: Part one Cookies

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family: It leads me to a familiar place

Family! When I think of family I think of my children, my mom and dad, my home...but eventually I wind up in a place that is familiar to many in the Tribe / Jackson / Hazen family...Grandma Annis and Grandpa Howard's home on Pierce Avenue. This home has great memories, smells, and an incredible garden that we all got to dance around in at least a few times during a summer barbecue.
I love my Grammy! I love how she taught me how to clean while I cooked, make the Christmas wan-tons, chicken wings, the Carmel popcorn, and how she would talk to me about the old farm. She would tell me about the quilt that was drawn up in the attic that split the boys side from the girls side. She would tell me of the super cold mornings that the water in the dishpans would freeze solid and the fire in the kitchen would be were everyone wanted to be...but the journey out of a warm bed to get there was enough to do one in.
She would tell me how she was picked to do many of the chores around the farm with dad. He told her that she was the fastest and could "lick a chore faster than all her siblings combined". It was grandma who helped to kill the chickens and it was grandma who learned how to whip up a pie of a cake within nothing flat from her mother. Grandma told me of times when her mom would be working in the kitchen and she's see someone coming down the lane and before Annis could announce it to her mom, her mom was making cake, or a pie to throw in the oven for their guest.
She talked about pickling in the summer kitchen and putting up bushels of cherries, beans, and peaches. Sometimes when the boys would come in off the fields that's all there be to eat bread and peaches. Grandma Annis would share how they would make 20 loaves of bread on Monday and how at the end of the week they'd all be gone. She learned to sweat through baking day, and endure the heat of the summer kitchen, and do the chores up right and fast so that she could do the sewing and mending.
Grandma shared stories about he dad hitching up the teams to work on the North Ogden pass. He was a teamster and would travel to the base of the road (the pass) and how it was he who was trusted to drive the heaviest loads down the passes because of his "great skill at handling the team." She shared these stories with me with a tremble in her throat. She loves her dad and loved the time she got to spend with him. She was the worker and because of how fast she could work she was chosen to help support her brother on a mission, her sister Millie who served a mission and other family members as they attended school. She would work at the cannery, and she worked as a seamstress to add the extra income they needed to support the family.
She talked about the little carved box her dad had made that helped the families combs. She has it in her bathroom, and I remember as a child looking at this carved box with the combs. It wasn't fancy but it was from home. That impacted me. "it wasn't fancy, but it was from home." I thought about how home and family really are the heart of what Grandma was trying to teach me. Having the big Christmas party, Thanksgiving, Easters, barbeque's and so forth was to have the family home around you. As long as there was food, the family would gather. Food was the glue and it helped when your were stuffed to lay around the couches and talk with cousins, aunts and grandma.
Grandma would share stories about the humble Christmases they would have at the farm. She loved to tell about how her dad would light the pudding as the highlight of the night. As a child this brought an interesting picture to my head, but eventually I began to understand. She talked about those Christmases as some of the best of her life...yet they didn't receive much. She talked about how she was determined to bring more into her our family's Christmas. Grandma always had something special for us at Christmas...but for me, it was enjoying the smells, the sights, the sounds, the laughter, the decorations (we knew which decoration we were searching for on the tree).
I know that this is a long rambling but I feel impressed to talk about it. Grandma Annis is sick and I just want everyone to know how much she means to me. I have had the privilege of driving grandpa to his appointments and then having long conversations with Grandma while we waited. I have the privilege of talking with Grandma each Holiday as I helped her prepare meals. I had the privilege to learn how to work hard, fast, and efficient in order to keep the family running. I learned that Grandma also loved to write. She wrote a few creative works for me while I was out on my mission that I treasure.
I had the privilege to helping Grandma move from her treasured home on Peirce avenue to her home in South Ogden. I was blessed to be there and help her move out and down to the Wentworth. I remember how emotional I was as I was helping. I just felt overwhelmed with love. I was mixed with sadness of the golden years and now into the twilight moments. I just remembered that I want to leave a legacy of love for my family as Grandma has for me. Everyone has their own perspective about family, but for me my perspective about Grandma is one of love. I love you Grammy! I will carry on the traditions! I love you!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas! I pray for all families everywhere that they can have a happy and safe
Christmas. Please hold your family close, take pictures, read the Christmas story, sing Silent Night, and have peace in your home.

Merry Christmas to one and all with the warmest of holiday wishes to each and everyone of you cool blog/email people. And thank you for letting us electronically send greetings this year...ya know...the budget cuts and all are a good reason to be thrifty. Just gather the family around the glow of the computer to catchup with the Flittons-soon-to be-Giauques (Jukes).

Where to begin, and what to share???? With some inspiration from some Christmas letters, I think I'll take my thoughts from them.

What book or story do you like to read right now?
Kellis-Captain "Underpants"
Garrett--any dinosaur book'
Isaac--any Lochness monster book
Maggie--Fancy Nancy
Virginia--Boodil my dog

What was you favorite movie this year?
Scott--seen a bunch and can't decide...what that Barbie Dimond Castle movie was pretty great
April---will be the newest Harry Potter....Prince Caspian....(Any "bonnet" show is great too)
Garrett--George Eceles Dinosaur park film
Isaac--Ice Age
Maggie--Barbie Dimond Castle

What is your favorite candy?
Scott--All and everything Chocolate
April--gum, sour patch kids (on rare occations)
Kellis--Milky way--all chocolate
Margaret--where?? Where is the candy??? Humm I think she'll eat it all.
Virginia--skittles and grandma's gum!

What is something that really makes you laugh?
Scott--Things the kids say
April--Things the kids say
Kellis--things Virginia says
Garrett--Anything slap stick humor
Isaac--Gas, toots, the toliet functions in gereal
Margaret--Slap stick stuff
Virginia--the sloth on Ice Age

What you you like to be when you grow up?
Scott--Run the death star in Star in StarWars
April--that awesome mom, and a great teacher
Garrett--a dinosaur
Isaac--a stunt double
Magaret Susanna--Mommy and a princess
Virginia Grace--a Mommy and a princess

What is the most fun thing you did with your family this year?
Scott--with my new family: the Zoo!
April--going on our trip to "dinosaur land"
Kellis--Date with Scott and Mom
Garrett--Trip to Dinosaur land
Isaac--Trip to the Zoo
Margaret--All the places
Virginia--the museums

What will be the most exciting thing that will happen next year?
Scott--Marriage..."marrwiage is what has brought us togefer today"
April--Getting married
Kellis--a new dad
Garrett--Scott can sleep over
Isaac--someone else to tease
Margaret--a new daddy
Virginia--scott--the daddy

What will be the best thing about Christmas?
April--The Savior and being with my Love
Kellis--3 gifts plus one from Grandma Ann
Garrett--Jesus to make diosaurs alive again (one day Garrett), and my three dinosaur presents
Isaac--The three presents
Maggie-Sue--my potty doll, my barbie book, Candy!!
Virigina--My potty doll, my barbie book, candy

Merry Christmas eveyone. I love the savior! I love remembering Him in all that we do. Please hold your family close around you, and tell them you love them. The days are upon us when all we will be left with is our family. You'll want your relationships with them to be the strongest. Heavenly Father and His Son are hear for all of us. We are his children. We are his brother. We are all the God's children...let us all love each other. Merry Christmas everyone! Email and put your new addresses in your letters so we all can stay up to date...isn't that why we all do Christmas letters really? Love you all!

Surgery a Success

For many months (about a year) I've had pain on my right side. The pain was even there after the appendix surgery. I have had a tought time explainning this to anyone (so I just kind-of delt with it)--a little tylonal and a little heating pad. Well I thought that it was time for a check up to see what was going on with everything. I also wanted to check on my tubaligation surgery. I found a doctor and off I went to see him. I asked him about possiblities of haveing a reversal because I know that there are more children (That is a whole other blog initself).

After looking at my charts and having an ultra sound we found that there was a little something more to what we were looking at. There was what looked like to be some masses on the left and right tubes--hopefully scare tissue and nothing else. We scheduled for surgery and yesterday (12/18/08) it was done.

During the surgery, Dr.Johnson was able to remove the lumps and the clips. The right side overy was a bit more tricky...hence all the pain on my right side. Dr. Johnson removed the lump and the clip---it was scar tissue and nothing more. WHEWW!! The left overay was very successfully reconnected--the flush test went well. The right however was only about 75% as open as the other tube. It was because of the other damage done to the tube. All in all, Dr. Johnson said that I was extremely healthy, extrememly fit, and I did the right thing comming in when I did so that nothing in the future of the right ovary would rupture. WHEWW!!

Yeah for doctors! Yeah for prayers! Yeah for my kids, And Yeah for Scott!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A taste of Fatherhood

There are moments in life that teach us a great many things. The teaching moments are better than any formal lesson plan with all the study guides and testing in the world could do. Those moments come at home...while preparing to being a father.

Scott came over to tend the kids last night. I had to take Kellis to the hospital for his dosing session. Hey--it's Pizza night and all the homework is done. This should be easy. I gave the kids only one real direction, "there is one movie tonight! But you all have to have your PJ's on." Kellis and I left and the night commenced.

Scott hears water runnning upstairs, but isn't too worried about it until Garrett comes downstairs and tells him that there is water in the toy room. Oh Boy! Instantly the four children have a sense of "it is time to all fall apart--let the witching hour commence!" Virginia suddenly screams out in frustration (she is stuck in a blanket and she can't unwrap herself). Scott races over there to help and she screams "NO!!" Okay I got to get back to the water! Upstairs Garrett or Isaac (this is still to be determined) has poured water into one of their toy boxes. Not just a littel but 7 inches worth and now the toey box is leaking. Scott (the superman that he is) gets the box out of the room and dumps it into the tub.

Remember Virginia--she is still screaming because she is stuck in the blanket. Scott races back to her and he catches Margaret RED HANDED in the candy jar. He asks her if she took any gum drops and she looks at him and says, "no?" while she holds liek 14 in her hand. He takes those away (except for 2) and then Isaac is starting to freak out because Virginia is screaming. Suddenly on the Ice Age movie the "noise" during Mattie's dream echos out of the speakers! Garrett is in full panic attack, Virginia can't get out of the blanket, Maggie is crying because she can't have the candy and Isaac is telling everyone to be quiet!!

Scott reported that he has never had all four of their heads spin around at the same time before. He's been able to put out little fires, but this was a whole buring inferno! Suddenly as quickily as it came...it left. They all suddenly started watching the movie and were quiet! NIGHT VITAMIN TIME!!!! Scott looks at the clock 7pm? Yep it is time for the night vitamin. After about 15 minutes Virginia and Maggie annouce that they are tired. YEHAW! Two children asleep. Isaac follows up and finally Garrett. All asleep by 7:45. Scott asleep by 7:46. April and Kellis home by 8pm.

Scott, welcome to fatherhood. I knew that you could do it. It's intense sometimes, but there are great giggles to be put in your pocket. Thanks for sticking it out.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Date night with the Kids

Here is the Date night with the family! Scott and I are starting a tradition with each one of the kids. Last night it was Kellis's turn. I wrote about the experience on the family blog...so I'm just going to post the pictures here.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Lights at Temple Square

AHHH! The lights at Temple square. We left and went on the Front Runner to Trax to the square. It was a great ride down...long story of what happened on the ride back. Just thought I would post how everyone did...

Ride back, All is Well! Until at the woods cross stop the door won't open for me, or the kids and away the train rolls....AHHHHHHH--that is Garrett. Fear and anxiety fill the train. He is in tears...we will never get home. "The train will take us to stupid Ogden! I will never see Pearl (the van) again! Never, Never, Never!"(So when do you all think we will get back on a train?? Hum, that will be a long shot...)

Calls to Grandma and Grandpa to get Pearl and pick us up in Farmington. (The next train from Framington to Woodscross would be at 9:50pm it was quarter to 9). Now come the adventure of Mom and Dad trying to find the WoodsCross station...Pretty funny! I'm talking about streets they've never driven on or paid attention to. New = scarey= must not try...well, I shook them out of their comfort zone. I talked and talked them to the WC station...then was the hazard of finding the Farmington station. I coached them through that. And after a few more games of duck, duck, goose they arrived.

Garrett, Isaac, and Scott curled up on a bench (remember--Garrett has pants issues--so he is in shorts). Scott took care of them kept them warm and helped to calm them (The other three just ran around the station--while I coached mom and dad to the station).

Peep, Peep! YEAH! They came. Garrett said "You saved us! You saved us! Now let us pray...Heavenly Father...we have a rescued been...we need more, more, more snow...I will have my dinosaurs from Margaret...and finally amen"

All and all the adventure went well...until next time!

Friday, December 5, 2008


What am I thankful for? After the # 3 they are all tied for fourth place...but they have to have an order:
1. My testimony of the living Savior, my elder brother, my friend
2. My children: with all the bumps and bruises, laughter and tears, sticky fingers, and sweet kisses
3. My Love... Scott...now we can make the family whole again. Bountiful Temple here we come!
4. My home...SAFE, WARM, NOT MOVING AGAIN...EVER! (Until we get the call for Missouri)
5. My Health
6. My energy
7. My Family...brother + sisters (and all the hand me downs--it is what keeps this gal clothed), Mom and Dad, Grandmas and Grandpas...cousins...second cousins...new in-laws...
8. Friends Hi you all! I love your inspirational moments, giggles in my pockets, shoulders to cry on, and service to others!
9. My Job...I owe...Hi ho...it is off to work I go!
10. Spectrum Academy! The school is a community that literally saved this family (food, job, shelter, education for my children, life lesson learned..and so on)! Thanks Shelly for listening to the Spirit! It has forever changed our lives!

There are more and more things like, watching my children dance in the sweet music of the moment...sure joy! Listening to my children wake up in the morning...giggles, and shrieks of delight for life--My Margaret Susanna is the happiest one of all. he morning for her is a whole new start! She just loves it.
I love to write/brag about my children...I love Garrett's Dinosaur voice...I love Kellis' inquisitive mind and his helpfulness...he also can catch some air on the trampoline! I love Zickles--Zip-Zip and go, giggle, jokes, and one liners! I love Virginia's deep scratchy voice! and her plea for "I want chocolate milk in a sip-ity cup."

I love the colors of fall, my home, my children (clean colors to dirty colors) and my bedroom.
I am thankful for my BED! It has been officially child-free since I got the bed back from Jessica--Thanks! Full 5 hour nights!!!

I am thankful for the times I got to spend cooking, gardening, and listening to Grandma Annis. I learned a lot from her.
I am thankful for my Grammy-Erma. She got me hooked on salads, I take after her height, and she always said, Oh Lover! It was her special way of telling us she loved us. (She also taught me how to squirel away money!)

I am thankful for my mom and dad and their sacrafice to help raise another set of 5...they are great for a bonnet show, a project, and for talking things out with. LOVE you!

I am thankful for my Love...Scott. He just called tonight and said, "I just called to say I love you"...if you are all signing a tune right now...way -to- go!

I know that my Thank-ti-mony is almost over, but truly I want to have one more shout out..I am thankful that I live in America. I am thankful for the freedom that I have. I am thankful for what this county has aloud me to do...be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, start a school for my children, have a job, and enjoy the traditions of have a family.

May all of you take some time and just list what you are thankful for. It really gets you thinking about others...and leads us right to Christmas.
Until the nest hour, day or week I decide to post...I love to hear what you are thankful for.