Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Dressed up!

Maggie-Sue's new dress up! Happy Birthday (in 3 days) Baby Boo # 5 years old.

Happy Birthday to Margaret and Garrett

It was just easier to have the two birthdays celebrated on the Sunday verses on the Thursday and then on the Halloween Friday...I wanted them to feel special, so I invited the cousins, Aunt Weeze, and of course Scott. The kids made their own b-day cakes! Garrett was the full master control of his, and Maggie-Sue guided everyone else on what she wanted on her flower cake. That is the best part of the b-day...looking through the cake book to figure out what kind of cake you want!

I put food coloring and a paint brush out for garrett, and away he went. He is truly amazing. I need to take some pictures of his work and post it...some of it you would just not believe how detailed he can get.

Garrett is turning Tiny-Nine (he won't b-say cake because he is convinced that that is what makes you grow up. He is going to stay 8 forever because he--and I quote--"doesn't want to grow up becuase it makes you have nasty hair on your ____ and under your arms.") Hence we wispered the b-day song and then he blew out the candels. He got playdough, a dinosaur book, and a cool glow in the dinosaur puzzle. It is pretty great!

Margaret Susanna was just thrilled to have her own cake! Then she opened what Aunt Weese and Sierra gave her...a tea set, and ribbon on a stick, and a jewled necklace and bracelet! Again...Aunt weeze is queen. Grandma was a close second with the new Barbie movie, and I'm last with the dress up...too funny.

Good Times by all! Happy Birthday my October 30--Garrett and my Boo baby October 31--Margaret Susanna

Hey BRO!

My brother came into town, and so we spent FHE with his cute little family at the park. I just love seeing his little family. Enjoy the pictures of Juliette, Conrad, and the Beck cousins. They got to meet Scott. I got a thumbs up from Aaron.

Just to inform everyone about what Garrett calls Uncle Aaron, "Mr. Bald headed Ugly Mr. Incredible with the nasty breath." Oh to gain such a title for yourself is to meet Garrett in person.

His teacher is "Step-Teacher", and nearly everyone else is "Mrs. or Mrs. Nasty Breath"

Scott is lucky...he has never said that he is "Mr. Nasty Breath"....that is encouraging.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Train

Here we all are on the Train...this was a needed break...we walked around the zoo for over 3 hours. It was relaxing, calming, fun, and just some time to enjoy the beautiful life that the Lord has blessed us all to have.


WE went on the train and the carousal...it was the first carousal ride they had ever take...it was a treat for us all...expensive but great on the memory factors!

Do you Measure up?

We always have to see how close we are to the gorilla's in our lives...how do you measure up?

More from the Crew at the Zoo

Here are the animals that we saw...they put on quite the show

ZOO for the ZOO

To go to the zoo with my crew--
is something oh something you all must do.

We jump with joy, we run and we leap!
We definitely do not let the animals sleep!

The Zoo feels like home
It's where we all roam.

Form the Lemar to the leapord
From the Giraffe to the snakes

This crew is impressed.....
and that is all that it takes

Thursday, October 9, 2008

WE love Family night on a Thursday

We decided to go for FHE on Thursday...because we had a free ticket and so we took advantage. It was really fun to just enjoy the night, hear the laughter and we now have a new saying..."Chicken Nuggets?" You'll have to ask Isaac all about it. Two ghouls were teasing us and he kept saying that he wasn't scared! I snuck up behind him and spooked him pretty good! The ghouls saw him jump and said that they wanted to eat some "chicken Nuggets!" It got him pretty good!

Corn Mania

Here are some more pictures of the sunset, the two corn fields

Corn Harvest Maze!

We have never been in a harvest maze until tonight. I couldn't wait to post it! Enjoy the maze...we sure did.

Family Pictures!

We did our family pictures. I thought that you might like to take a look at them If you want the pass word, just write to me and you can see all of them. The kids did such a great job that Tiff (the photographer) put them on the website...you'll get to see a glimpse.


Monday, October 6, 2008

New Friend

I'd like to announce that I have a new friend, Scott Giauque (like Juke...as in Juke box). We met on line and things are going great so far. He is friend and we all had a great time this weekend. Mom and I went over to his parent's house and picked grapes (for juice!) and then we spend all of Sunday together. We were able to have a great conference drive, lunch, and dinner. The kids were so comfortable with him. That was great. Any more updates...and I'll update.

Conference Weekend Tradition

We love Conference! Time for the fall tradition....we travel into the mountains as we listen to conference....play and have a picnic during the break...and then enjoy the 2 hour drive back, again listening to conference. This year was just a tiny bit different. WE brought along a friend, Scott. The kids loved having him push them and swing them. They all enjoyed themselves...we even got the girls to take a nap. AWESOME! it was just a wonderful day...