Sunday, August 31, 2008

Timponogus Cave

This was a great outing with the family. I thought it would be a great idea to have one final Summer bash to end the summer in style...Timponogus won the VOTE.
Kellis was the encyclopedia / "What would happen if there was an Earthquake right now?"
Garrett was Mr. Safety "Now, April, you stay here and make a sure that we all together stay."
Isaac was Dash...and ran down the mountain until the Ranger stopped him and out of frustration picked a scab and started bleeding...yucky!
Virginia wanted to rest on each bench.
and Margaret wanted to eat her fruit roll up...she asked 4 times up the trail, 18 times in the cave, and 8 times outside the cave. "can I eat it now? Can I eat it now? How about now?"
Grandpa was the pack horse.
Me? I just lived in the moment and enjoyed it all.

Sandy Time

We love to play in the sand! Dino's R US

Thanks Giving POINT!

This was our chance to show the cusins the famous TP! Garrett was a great tour guide and the tour was fast and furious! WE had a great time!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Little Hey, Little Ho, Live in the Moment!

wow, well no new pictrues this week, just a time to live in the moment. We did our weekly trip to the Library and on the way home, Kellis pipes up and asks if we can go to the park. Instead of saying NO we have to get this, and this, and this done, I said YES. Everyone in the car was on automatic! They all screamed "mom, that's not fair we never get to..." And then they realized what I had said and it turned into "Ye-haw! " That was truly a fun "live in the moment" kind of day. Each time I've been living in the moment, my day runs smoother.

Case in point, Isaac asked me to have a light saber duel with him right when I was in the middle of getting the Sunday dinner on the table. The spirit nudge me forward and I put the pan down and picked up the sword. He was shocked! WE only dueled for 3 minutes and then he was done. I have 30 minutes of time to get everything else madness, and all were fed on time...amazing.

So the moral of this little story, live in the moment...they don't last long...and then the dishes are still done. Take care you all!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh what do you do in the Summer-Time?

Oh what do you do in the summer time when every thing is crazy?
Do you watch olympics?
or write and mix
Or pickle the food your given?

If that's what you do?

So do I!

Thanks jess for the Fridge pickles are the best!

Oh what do you do in the Summer-Time?

Oh what do you do in the summer time when kids are really "board"...

Do you jump on the tramp
Or get up and dance
Or make a cardborad Oven?
If that's what you do?

So do I

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Tent!

The girls needed their a tent was born. Oh Maggie's eyes, you ask? She is convinced that if she holds her eyes this way, she won't blink. I think she's right.

New Haircut

We are gather here together again to announce the mother of the year award! Drum roll please.....Lulu Lettuce! Come on down and get your prize...notice how we didn't say "April T Flitton?" yup...she doesn't watch her kids...especially when there is a pair a scissors involved. The picture will speak a thousand and one words...

more carnival

Here are the last two picture of the fun!

Virginia: I'm having too much fun...blah blah.

The Carnival on 24th of July

One night we were all stuck in traffic...for 2 hours. Hummm what's a mom to do? Well, find the nearest carnival of course! During the long, long drive we saw a carnival at a park and decided that we needed to do that to make up for the long, long wait. They had a ball. We stared it off with swiming--free by the way, and then the kids road their very first power rides!

Watch out Lagoon! HEre we come! Garrett was nearly throwing up, Maragert screamed for her mommy!!! and Virginia wouldn't ride on anything....not even the train--TOO SCARY! Hummm maybe it was a good idea to go to "Dinosaur-land", vs "Disneyland".

The 24th of July! Happy Pioneer Day

WE started the day off with a bang! my friend, Dug and his wife came over with their cannon! KABOOM!!! He loaded the cannon and lit it off. WE set three charges, and Isaac even lit the second charge.