Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More of Rose

 More of April Rose...mom and babe.  Just taking the time to bond and love each other.
 Sleeping Beauty....
April Rose with her first dolly.  Ah, how sweet!

 Grandpa Billy-Goat singing to Rosie...and she is singing back. Looks like it they are connected with music.
 Looking at that cute little nose. I'm just giggling with pride.  I just love this little one.  I'm happy the end is here.  I'm happy that we can move on with our new chapters...
 Happy squeals!  Just having some fun.  Life is fun.  Life is joyous.  Life is wonderful.  It is Spiritual, joyous, and incredible.  Happy for everyone.  I feel like I no longer have to put things off or feel like I'm waiting for the end to come.  I feel like I can just keep moving forward and enjoying each moment and remembering that life is fragile and to just take pictures, smile, say I love you, tickle, laugh, cry, validate feelings, and then move forward.
 Look at my big hand...LARGE!  it just makes me laugh...minus the hand and just look at those similar smiles.  Love you Rosie!
This is a Howie--Wowie!
 Last night, Scott showed the family all the pictures.  The kids were watching, but Marianne has been looking for me since Sunday.  She is trying to find where I went and what I am doing.  They kept signing to her that "mommy had a baby."  And she would start crying and sign and point to Rhetten, "Rhetten is the baby..."  Oh boy.  I'm going to have a lot to tell them when I get home today.

I love how she is sneaking a sweet smile...

 She is just so sweet.  I can't wait to bring her home today and show the how family.  They will love to see her.  I can't wait to hear what Garrett will say when he sees her.  When we were at Lowe's buying his Spackle, I started having contractions.  Garrett said, "what if you have the baby on your birthday???"  WOW April that would be so amazing."  He was right (so was Scott)...I was on a different planet but was with enough to push.  Two weeks early....but yeah!  We love her.
ah, look at that...April Rose is sleeping.  What an incredible blessing.

Monday, April 29, 2013

April Rose...April 28th

Wow.  Emotional day.  Looks like baby girl wants to come on my birthday.
 Here are the tears...it was just something that just threw me for a loop.  I really thought that she would come on Mother's Day, so I was really taken by surprise.  Drip, Drip....it was emotional.
 Here is my attempt at trying to be brave.
Pushing...thinking...pushing...and Scott Praying!~~

 More emotion...it is the real thing.  My heart is full, my heart is overwhelmed, and she is here.  It is a very spiritual experience for me.  It is the closest thing to heaven that there is.  It is a powerful testimony that I have a Heavenly Father and that he knows me, and knows the children who he sends to me.  I feel so blessed to have this experience to been granted to me 8 of 9 times.
Tired, but happy that she is here.  I had to push and push and PUSH!

 Cleaning time!  She was pretty white and her eyes were goopy.  But once she was checked out, we just held and held her.
This is a quick capture of the birthing story:  Sleepy, a little sore, but good. Long labor, 6 hours at home, then 12 hours at the hospital. At one time she started to change her mind: we went from a 5 back to a 3+. Ouchy. After the doctor broke my water we progressed back to. 5...then we stalled again. More pit was added. I had to be on an I've drip for 6 hours for strep b...a lot of burning...ouchy on the arm. Everyone said that I would fly through it....yeah, not so much. Anyway, after a better contraction monitor where we could see the strength of each contraction, then we knew what to do next. Another 2 hours, and finally, I was ready to push.
We really had to push! She was sunny side up and couldn't get passed the public bone, so with the help of. Little suctioning, out she popped! Literally! She smiled at the dr, the nurses, and finally me. Long night....went into a little shock episode: I needed o2, fluid push, warm blankets, and some epi to boost my blood pressure. I was at 54/22, but pulled through with the help of a Great team. They think the cause was: long labor, low blood sugar, loss of a lot of fluids all in a short time....so I want to say thank you to all of you for your prayers. I couldn't have made it with out you.
April Rose is very sweet. She is being watched for her sugars, her bruise on her head, belly-rubins that are climbing, and for signs of strep B infection. We will be here till Tuesday evening if all goes well. Thanks again for your prayers.
Ah, all clean!

Sharing the news with everyone.  10:35pm, 6lbs 5oz, 19 1/2 inches long.  Blue eyes, light brown hair, and beautiful hands.

Happy dad!!

We are all here.  FINALLY!!!

Mom and me talking....


And....talking!  I'm telling her how much I love her.  She is loving it!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zoo for Spring Break

 Zoo time for Spring Break.  When we go to the Zoo I have a camera and then Garrett has a Camera.  Mine is filled with pictures of my "animals" and his is filled with the "true animals"  either way.  It is a great time at the zoo!
Pretty Margaret

A Lynx

My Bears!

 Marianne loves this display:  it shows the ocean waves and how the movement of the ocean helps the plants, the animals and everything.  A huge big splash happens and for 10 minutes we stayed there and watched, and watched it, and watched it.

Virginia and Marianne

Marianne in the tree.

Rhetten loved it too!

waiting for our turn

Rhetten loved it...until it started moving!

Personality Plus!~

I think I'm going to die picture!