Thursday, July 30, 2009

Magic Stairs

While sitting at the hospital tonight with Kellis, I received a text message: Have the children been around escalators before???

April: Hummm, I wonder what he means....

Two hours later, the story is revealed.

Elevator doors open, Maggie shouts, "the Magic Stairs!" Out bolts Isaac, Next bolts Garrett, and After both of them bolts Scott. Garrett has camped out on the down escalator in his dino-hunched position placing one pretzel at a time on the stairs. WOW, OH, WOW!!! Suddenly doctors, nurses, and others were piling up behind Garrett and trying to move him out of the way. Remember he is in the Dino hunch watching each pretzel have their own individual RIDE down the Magic stairs.

Scott calmly talks to Garrett trying to help him move over to allow the others to come down the magic stairs. Doctor Nervous said, "ah, sir, sir... he really shouldn't be doing that! It is dangerous.
Scott (calmly): Yes, I know, he has Autism.
Dr. Nervous: OHHHH, well then now I understand.
Scott is holding Maggie's hand she is smiling!!! She just loves the Magic stairs 1/4 way down, 1/2 way down......
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screams Virginia!!!!

She is gray, with red streaks and tears screaming for MOMMY!!! Why? She is all the way back at the top of the Magic Stairs. The Magic has disappeared and death eaters...with large metal teeth that are going to suck off her feet are trying to attack her.

DADDY!!!! Cue Music (Indiana Jones...) Back up the down Scott races. With each up step the death stairs have pulled him down two! He fights, he battles....he wins! Step run Save Virginia!! Three more, Two more, One more and....he trips slamming his knee onto the stairs but in the downward motion reaches out to Virginia catches her arms and pulls her into safety!

YES!!!! (Cue Queen--we are the champions)....

Virginia is still crying, Garrett is at the bottom of the stairs watching the pretzels slide to their death on the Magic Stairs, Maggie is Wide eye and nervous, and Isaac, he just says, "can we go already?"

AHHH, Who doesn't love a good old fashion escalator ride?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here is the Spectrum Academy U-tube link! Super happy! hope this one works better. It is just an amazing thing to see ideas, hard work, tears, time away from family as a founding parent to bring to pass a school! The children are getting better and better, the school embraces and helps as many as possible. I feel it an honor to know that I was a founding parent, a new teacher, gaining a Master's degree, to becoming a "seasoned teacher" with more to learn all came from Spectrum. Thanks for everyone's support!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm going back to school...PHD. I need it to get more ideas off the ground, then get paid for them. What a concept. Dream? to be debt free especiall the student loan, cars...then the home, and to help/teach/speaking tour to help others understand ASD and how to enjoy life!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Dad and Isaac! Like Driver, like Driver
This is my slow down smile...

Garrett just loved it!
TOO FAST!! Hey, just smile! It is great!

Ok, this is better, I think I can smile now.

Virginia is "trying" to look through the bi-nocs. Too Funny

Miss Margaret Susanna just loves the water. Later in the day she got right in!

We went out to Rockport Res. and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon. It was so nice, not too many people, and cloudy then sunny, then cloudy. Now, when Scott described this boat to me, I thought that it was just your typical fishing putt, putt, boat. WRONG! It was a fast speedy, (me yelling--SLOW DOWN) type of boat. Isaac and Dad got to drive the boat everywhere. It was a riot. The video is great, super proud of Isaac! He did a great job!

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

We are a happy family
It is sooooo beautiful.

Wait! Look over this way...maybe

HAA, the temple again. We just love to see the temple. It's beauties are overwhelming and stirring to the soul. We love being an eternal family.

Friday, July 10, 2009

River trip!

The Lochsa River...if you want to see some crzy river running look at lochsa river madness 09 on will blow you away.
Say CHEESE!!! This is after the flat tire. What else are you going to do?

The landscape Be-u-tiful!

All smiles! It was so fun to take my love to a place that I love and share how special it is for me.

Heavenly Father's beauty! He loves us all to have a world like this!

The drive up was great. We just thought that talking and learning more about each other was the best. The River was at a great level. We didn't have to fear or to rock dodge. It was perfect. I even went one 27 mile trip on Tuesday. It was wonderful. I even got to pilot through a class 4 rapid...the captain had to do a white water rescue and it was us to Tanya and I to lead us though the rest of it. nothing like a flash of death to appriciate LIFE!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quotes of the Day

It is amazing to have great kids! One of the perks is that we get to hear the funniest things.

Garrett: I have to go bathroom!
Mom: we'll stop by the side of the road.
Isaac: I need to go too!!
Garrett and Isaac get into the position...they are by a pine tree.
Isaac: Garrett, there is a squirrel in that TREE!
Garrett: NO! No! No! That is a mean squirrel--HE Will GET ME!!
Isaac---he is running back to car
Garrett and Isaac have their little tiff...then I ask Garrett why he hates squirrels so badly.
Garrett: I hate squirrels because they think I'm a SNACK!! That I taste like a NUT!!
Scott and Mom: Gafaaa/ giggle/ hold breath! Don't let him see you laugh
Garrett: That is why!

New Setting: The Swimming Pool--July 4, 2009
Garrett is playing with a baby that is floating in ring with the mom right by her. Do you have the setting?
Garrett: you are a cute little baby...thiiikkkkk (the noise that he makes)
Mom: why do you love babies?
Garrett: They are sooooo cute, April
April: Sigh :)
Garrett: they look like a rodant!
April: Shock--Blink!
The mom: (disgust and lifts the baby out of the pool)

Setting: hot tub
Garrett: hey MR.
Mr.: huh
Garrett: why do you have so red a neck?
Mr.: sigh
Garrett: you look like a Turkey!
Mr.: what??
(he soon got out of the pool and put his shirt back on.

Anyone else? By this time we had to leave the pool.

This has been a very productive 4th. We pray you all have had a great one. Pictures to come...we are headed out of town.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Story

I thought I would share a snip-it of what I've written. Please give me feed back. I need a focus. I'm trying to have this finished by July...

A journey begins with one step. It is like any other that you’ve ever taken in your life. It is just placing one foot in front of the other. But where each step leads and into what type of terrain, weather, and length, well, now that forms the journey. I learned while hiking all through the lake district of England and the highlands of Scotland that I with each step I was transcending in a prayer-like state. The freedom of just taking off into the mountains and breathing the fresh air, becoming energized, and with this freedome of cares my intellect would be so clear. With each step I would be lifted from the worries that I had, and soon I would be able to focus and concentrate on prayer. The prayer was mostly about my concerns for the future: the thoughts of being married in the temple, the thought s of having children, working together with a spouse and with the Lord to have heaven on earth.

These thoughts became my basis for my walk and talks with my Heavenly Father. That is what I call them. It is a very personal time to have the world quieted, my feet walking, my mind focused, and my spirit ready to sore. I need to have my body in motion in order to concentrate and to think. I know that I need this time to wiggle, move, and to think. Hiking, walking provide this for me.

This is my mental health time. My mental health is created with steps. Steps lead me into a path. The path is my journey and I go further then I was before I started. These are the steps of life. Life then has many stages, layers, and it has holes. Some of life is adventure. Some of it is heart break, but some of it is just everyday workings—like life, it isn’t very glamorous but it is real.

My tale cannot be told without the Lord’s help. My relationship with the Lord is powerful. I have known He is there for me ever since a young age. I have felt his blessings in my life. I have sought to understand the gifts that he has given me so that I can be an instrument in His hands. One of the gifts that he has blessed me with is that of energy and of enthusiasm. He has also blessed me with Faith, with discernment, and with focus or goal setting

This is just a snip--I think I now have 5 beginnings...I need to figure out which one to pick and go from there.