Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How do you break a tie?

How do you break a tie of three to three?  Just add one more!  YEP!!!  It's a BOY!  That makes the boys team the winner!  Go girls!  Cheer them on!  It all works out in the end.  The Boys win.  Scott is over the moon! (Thanks Cousin).  "Jr" has all of his parts, strong heart, mind, big tummy, shoulders, and chest (ouch!), great blood flow in the cord, kidneys, heart, brain...bladder full (and so was mine sheesh!), long legs, long arms, chubby tummy (or wait, did I already say that?), daddy's nose, Giauque lips (quack, quack), and is there anything from me?  Well, we will just have to wait and see. 

(I'm convinced that after having 6 children...I'm simply the host.  It seems like I don't pass on very many physical traits to my kids...except for one thing...My SMILE!!!!  And that is what captured Scott's heart...maybe that's why he loves us all.  ahhhhhhh!

Here's to the 16th of September!  Happy pushing!  Go lucky # 7...prayers for continued health (for Jr and mom), hopefully not a scorcher summer, and to finding a football that he can through at age...3 hours?  (I think that is what Scott said.)  Happy NEWS!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Haircut Adventures

Kids:  Can we go to the Park??
Mom: (I'm dead tired but I'm going to go...) Sure.
Drive to the park with the new digging toys that the bunny left them...

Kids: Let's GO!
Mom: Ok, I'm just going to rest my eyes...I need 5 minutes

Play, dig, play and build and dig, and play and ahhhhh, quiet!  Sleep....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Door comes open..all kids pile in...and we buckle in Marianne.  Hum...Something is on her shirt.  It's like fur?  Were they by a cat?  Upon closer inspection...AHHHHHH!  It is  :(

It took a year to grow her hair...and now it is cut to the scalp in 7 places, so I had to ahem, "fix" it.  DEPRESSING!  Great...Happy Easter...I know just who did it.  So when I ask her, she looks at me and with the "deer in the headlights" look--and I know the truth.

Seat-away for 20 minutes so that I can think of what to do and to not start shouting or losing it.  And in the mean time I need to cut, ahem, fix the new hair due, call Scott and give him the news (he took the boys and his dad shooting) so that he has an hour to cool down, and well, try to figure out what to do with Virginia.

I tell her that she has dishes for a week and that she will have to talk to dad about what happen...TEARS!  but it has to be done.  Haircut adventures....sigh!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Splish-Splash at Church!

Marianne's thoughts: Hum, Mommy is teaching.  So I get to be with Daddy.  Give daddy big hugs, love him...YES!  he put me down on the ground.  Now I get to run and waddle around the big gym.  La, la, la, la, la...Fun.  Look!  He is chasing me!  Fun YEAH!!  Oh man!  Daddy picked me up.  Well, I'll point to here, and look at that...walk in the,de,da,de,da....WOW A big door!  It has a picture of a daddy figure on it.  hum...I wonder that that means?  Oh well, la, de, da...

This is a bright is shiny!  It smells like soap over there.... but over here it smells like...hum...wait!  NO!  Don't put me down daddy!  I'm going to cry...whaaaaa--wait, look at that it is a white sinky-thingy-on the wally---thingy.  What is that?  waddle, waddle, toddle toddle....

WOW! there is a sink at my level--and it's on the wall! I wanna splashy-splashy!  Her the water is cold!  YEAH! Splishy, splashy! La, da, de, la, da!  This is so much fun! Cold splashy water...and in my Sunday dress, with my daddy, at church in a room with lots and lots of splashy sinks! So fun--I wonder what it tastes like? humm... Hey wait!  What are you doing DADDY?  That was my sinky you just took me away from!

Dad's thoughts: NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Groooossss! STOP!!!!! EEEEWWW! Where is the SOAP?!  Okay, don't panic...okay washy washy, oh gross!  Ok I can handle is okay, wait don't put your hand in your mouth!  STOP! Wait till I wash them up!  STOP!  Okay, rinse...rinse....UGGGG! 

Marianne's thoughts: hummm...we are leaving the "shiny sinky room" da la la...oh wow!  we are back in the big gym!  There's mommy!  Walky-walky to mommy oops! Trip on the chord.  cry a little....  AHHH!  Mommy picked me up! Mommy picked me up!  YEAH!  I'll give her a big wet huggy!

Mommy's thoughts: Teach, teach, hold baby...why is she so wet?  Teach, hubby's face is bright wet, hubby red...teach teach...Say amen, sit down...I bet I'm going to hear about this story....

Love you Marianne!  Love you Hubby!  And I can report, she is alive and well after her first splishy splashy at the Church Urinal...all survived...all is well.  Smile!  This one made me!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ok...what is wrong with me and blog update?  I'm too cheep to buy (for 5$) 5 more GB of photo space on my blog.  Why?  I don't really think that it is real--I don't trust it?  It's like, "we now have something else to charge you...mmmmuuuuuuhaaaaaa."  Am I a little untrusting?  yep.  Anyway, I'll cough it up...because I love to update with PICTURES, and so I just need to do it.  Sorry for being an untrusting boob about it, but there it is.  That is why I have NOT updated the blog. 

sigh....I just need to pay for it and put, 1) Isaac's party, 2) trip to the Zoo, 3) room change, 4) Family stress...that is a long one...get ready for reading glasses on that one, 5) spring up dates, 6) Marianne splashing in the urinal...good times, 7) tattle-telling (he's breathing my AIR!), 8) My sister is coming to UTAH to show off her Missionary son!  You go girl!  First Grandson Missionary :), 9) Conference learning, and 10) need to get the story published.  I know that it is a lot...but I'm going to get it done.  By the weekend at least half of these posts should be up.  I have a plan...See you all soon!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thoughts on Conference

General is a time that I look forward to twice a year.  Why?  Because it is a time of year that I am taught by Prophets of God.  I am chastened (ouch and time for some repenting), I reflect on how things are going, I enjoy the beautiful music, and I am personally touched by a message.  It is as if all the prayers, writing, pondering, preparing, and more prayers that the speakers offer up connect to what I've been worried about, or what I've been trying to find an answer to. 

It is a simple testimony that I know that my Heavenly Father is listening to what my worries are, what my needs are, and ways that I can grow and improve because he inspires a speaker to say just what they did...and it penetrated my heart.  I can number off some of the quick items that I remember and that touched me, but it goes beyond that. 

In about 2-3 days I will download the entire conference sessions and listen to them while I go on my "Walk and Talks" early morning walk for the next 6 months.  I will feel stirred, moved, and reminded of what I need to "be" (character development) and do (sometimes a check off list).  There are moments where there will be one talk that will ring true for me for weeks and months and then suddenly I'll hit the random button and there will be a talk that will feel like I've never heard of it before and I will be shocked, stunned, and amazed to learn more than I thought I was already learning.  When these moments happen, I'm always surprised by how "proud" my heart had become and how instantly humbled I am.  I think after going over and over the talks that I think, "oh yeah that is the one about such and such so I don't really need that" (A little prideful).  Then  I'll suddenly really listen to it...feel it (be humbled by it) and start to learn what I need again and again.

I think I can liken this process to reading the scriptures...I know 1st Nephi really, ahem, really well, but no matter, I need to read it again as I go through my study.  Who am I to say "been there done that" when it comes to reading scriptures, or hearing a lesson about tithing or what ever I think I might feel "that I know it all...ahem"  Dumb right?  Because you and I all know that as soon as you say that, you are given an opportunity to learn the lesson again, but this time with a different perspective.  When I really think about it, it is or they are, the "Tender Mercies of the Lord" giving me answers, thoughts, and things to ponder about so that I can continue on that path towards the Savior.

I think the talk that spoke to me the most right today was that of "to Be not just to Do".  Character development, perfecting, and rewriting is painful, fun, and scary all rolled up into one and the speaker is right.  "It is not on a check off list".  It is important to keep improving that for that is what we are allowed to take with us as we part from this life.  It gives me hope...there is always a new day that has no mistakes in it and based on my choices can become a day filled with learning and growth.  Sometimes that growth is painful and scary, but when you pass through that part you realize how far you have come through the gift and power and grace of God...I just love and am soooooo grateful for the Atonement.  I know that when I partake of its power that my life is better for it.  Again, many of these things are simple...not easy...but in the end character is improved and that is the "be" that I'm searching for.

WEll, anyway, that is my conference recap on things.  I can't wait to five into the talks over and over for the next 6 months.  Let the learning is exciting.  Happy Conference everyone.  :)