Monday, July 21, 2008

More River Fun

I just got these pictures from Linda and Bob. They are fantastic so I'm posting some more. I hope that you enjoy the blog. Make comments when you can, helps to keep in touch. Thanks again for the great trip everyone. It was life changing for me.

River Wins

Here is the rapid that seemed to eat everyone.
Captain Command: ALL FORWARD PADDLE!!!
I'm taken under the boat and don't pop out until the end. Remember to watch for the yellow helmet!

River Clips!

More Wild River Times ! I'm posting three river clips--what an adventure. I'm on the right side of the boat with the yellow helmet
The Captain's command: All Enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Here we are on the Locksa river. We did section 3 at about 6800 cfs water level. At run off the ruver was 18,000 cfs. IT was FAST! It was POWERFUL. We flipped 3 boats and some crew swam over 6 times. I was under the boat 2 times and frozen only once. Mark and Frank offered to have me finish the run with them...but I was too cold and I was afraid if we went out, I wouldn't have the strength to swim out again. Enjoy the pictures.


WOW! We just returned from the big Idaho trip. We ran the Locksa and Payette Rivers for 5 days. We slammed, bammed, rammed, jammed, crammed, and swam ourselves into rafts, rigging, "duckies", and gained new friends along the way--Hi Frank and Mark! We faced death, then we ate, faced death and ate, faced death and we see a pattern here? The water was BIG and it was powerful, but it was great fun.


We decided to wash the car. WOW, what a wet job. Live life in the moment and you'll find life!

More Birthday Fun

Friends: Cuz Samuel, sis Margaret, Cuz Hyrum, Bro Garrett, KELLIS, friend Connor...we had sparklers for the candles.

Birthday Boy

Here is the birthday cake for Kellis! I can't believe that he is 10 years old. We did water balloon, "sharpeeto" attack (a pokemon game), Shave "Pek-a-chu", swim, pizza, sleep-over, and lots of gifts! Here are the photos