Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

 Merry Christmas 2012!  Ah, Christmas is filled with Tradition: Grandma Ann's house for Christmas Eve, dinner, stocking, presents, drive home, scripture reading, Christmas story, night vitamins, brush teeth, bed....then Santa!  WOW!!  And in the morning, pictures on the stairs, Pictures before running into the front room, then the order of the gifts:  this year oldest to youngest for gift order, then sibling gifts to siblings, mom and dad gifts to the kids, then SANTA gifts!  Ah, tradition!
Virginia barely made it!  She was sick, sick, sick...poor baby!

 Pretty Margaret!  She loves being at Grandma Ann's for Christmas!

Marianne and Garrett!

 The FIRE Masters!  Kellis and Isaac were in charge of the Fire....it helped to keep things nice and toasty!
Mom and dad!  Merry Christmas!

 Kellis jammin at Christmas!

 Garrett loves to pose in front of anything...this pose is a Garrett special.
Isaac is all Smiles!

Margaret posing by the Tree

Mom needs to pose as well...

 Virginia...just hanging on...
 Sisters...just look at those poor eyes on Virginia...so sad.
Marianne is watching Shawn the Sheep and I could not get her to look at the camera!

This is the Life!  Grandma's lap, yummy food, ahhhhh!

See, more food, more yummy food!

Pretty Table

Grandpa carving the Turkey

The cousins!  They just love Grandma

These are the smiles...Scott made funny videos of all of us...we were rolling it was too funny!

Garrett laughing, Grandma Laughing!

More laughter!

 This is Uncle Marc...I honestly haven't seen a smile or laughter on his face in the nearly 5 full years I've known him...
 Nathanial and his laughter.
Scott laughing!

 Kellis is laughing so hard!  He is just laughing so hard.
Rhetten is even smiling...Grandma just can't stop either.

Grandpa Billy-goat is laughing as well...he can't stop either...

 What did Marianne get for Christmas?  She got a vacuum!  Really?  Fun??  YEP!!  She is loving it!

More Gifts!

Christmas Morning!  Waiting at the top of the stairs....

More waiting...

Picture before we head into the living room...

Still Vacuuming...

 Look everyone...I really do brush my teeth!

Beef Jerky!!

 Yummy candy....or hum, I'm not sure about this gift?
Virginia...trying to smile...


Handsome Isaac!


My excitement is contagious!

Love this girl's smile!


A Little Christmas story...This is a gift given by the love of others...This gift is such a blessing in our lives to help Marianne access more communication and communicate to others in her quest to be the best Marianne can be!  Scott and I were overwhelmed with the love that was shown by others to our family.  Thank you for our little elves who made a miracle for our family this Christmas!
The i-PAD!

WE made a few signing videos for her: her name, her name sign, what the tool is for, and that we love her.  She was signing back to us, laughing, and smiling!  It was a beautiful morning!

 This Christmas was one we will never forget.  I'm sure that 2012 has been eventful for most, but for us, many many blessing have come to us and our family is stronger because of them.  In the words of Tiny Tim, "God Bless us, Everyone!