Saturday, August 27, 2011 has a strong perspective.

Sometimes leaving this life for the next is a difficult thing. My heart is heavy with this idea right now, so reading stories about the subject, pondering, and having a feeling that just won't leave has been difficult,
But I guess it reminds me that we are all human and that we all entered this life and we will all have to exit...even with faith, leaving loved ones behind physically, emotionally, or mentally leaves a hole. I pray to stay strong, cry often, express it in my writing and I pray that the atonement will carry me through this strange time. I just can't shake the idea that I'll lose one of my family members soon. What does that mean? Guess it means to say more prayers, read more, and remember what is really important.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Summer of 2011

It is sad but true...our summer is slowly coming to an end.  I started work on Aug 8 and so the kids have been trying to pack in as much of summer as they can in the last two weeks that we have of it.  Here is the short of what has gone on lately:
Indiana Ean...this is a quick view of the cabins that we stayed at on our quick Giauque reunion trip to Martin's Cove Wy.
All the crew...capture the love!
This would have been a nice idea for our little trip, but who had the time?

We started the Monday with a a quick run up Independence Rock: name for Pioneers that scaled the rock on Independence day.  Great view, easy climb, but one rattle snake, and too many RED flying ANTS at the top.  We didn't stay too long.  11:00am and it was 94 degrees.

Sing it with me now: Pioneer children sang as we..... I swear I'm going for my own one room school house.  Kudos to Kellis for scaling the rock with Baby-girl.

Uncle Marc trying to keep a close on Mr. Indiana Ean.  He wanted to run and "fly off the rock".  Might have been a nice touch to the day.

Garrett going up, up, up the "stupid hot rock."  Scott's words exactly.

You can see the Orange pumpkin...I was hoping for more Halloween weather with the outfit, but it was not to happen.

Giauque's at the bottom.  Smile!  oh wait, yep we are missing Miss Happy.  Virginia decided to throw a fit at the end.  Too bad.  No candy treat for her.

This monument is in rememberance of the Martin Company who had to cross the river and then hike another 5 miles into Martin's Cove to seek shelter. My g-g-g-grandma was carried across by one of the 3 young men from the rescue party.  She was 5 years old.

Devil's Gate:  For some this was a sign that the end was near, for others it was a sign of possible death.  So many lost their lives after cross through this split in the rock and then the river.

Some HOT kids.  Temp: pushin 98.

Some cool kids.

We need to rest! is still better then -5.  It gave you a perspective of the length of the trip from crossing the river until you could get into the cove.

After the one mile hike, we are now ready to hike up into the cove.  Any happy faces here?  YEp!!  Mine!  opps on the other side of the camera.

"Oh April!!!  It is a Prong horn Mother and it's juvinile!"  WHAAAAhoo!  This is like our own Zoo!"  Needless to say, Garrett was motivated to go the last 3 miles after seeing these two on the trail.  Margaret's comment: "WOW, it is truely a Miracle."  Isaac's comment: "he looks like he is gonna die."  Ahhh I just love all the perspectives of the kids.

First mini cove.  Some of the company had to stay here when the Martin's cove was full. 

Margaret, my miracle walker.  Why was she so happy?  Because she was with her cousin the whole time.  She smiled, laughed, helped, and just was wonderful.  Maybe 98 degrees is her type of happiness.

Virginia Grace.  She was GREAT.  No crying, boo-hooing, or anything.  She followed directions and was just perfect.

Well son, if you turn out to have my type of energy, you will know why.  Mama hiked with you while 7+ months pregnant.  He loved the sweet ride.

Happy Garrett!  Why?  because he got to ride out of the cove on the back of the "life-saving machine."  Nice!

This is a true blue smile.  She had the best time!

Monument to the three boys who helped to carry across so many of the Martin Company.

same monument

The three young men had the strength to do what the company could not do for themselves.  They carried people for over 5 hours back and forth.

Well, what can I say?  This pumpkin was pooped out.  Happy, but pooped. 

This is my, "Isaac, you can stop taking pictures" smile.

And one more, "Isaac, you can really, really stop taking pictures now" smile.
Cousin Cole tearing it up.  We all got together to celebrate Scott and Alissa's birthday days on July 31.  Great night, music, , drumming, pictures, playing, wonderful food, and even a little service project with all the RAIN that came crashing down.

Boys will be boys.

Marianne: she LOVED the pinwheel.  She stayed on the pourch for over an hour with Dallin and the counsins just play, and laughing because of the wind.

She was just eating it up!

Garrett and Dallin.  Buddies till the end.

This picture captures the relationship that Dallin and Garrett have.  It is the sweetest thing in the world.

Moooooooooore pinwheel!

She is screaming right now.
My two pyro-techs going lighting it up!

Stay here baby.  Look can't touch!


Got anymore?

Enjoying our own little show...complete with neighbors.

ahhhhh, smoke.  Fun times.

now, should we do this one?  Or this one? 

My favorite is when Isaac lights the firework and Scott sneaks up behind him and shouts, "BOOM!" Get's him everytime.

Go pyros go!