Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kellis is the Timberwolf!

Kellis is the school Mascot...the Timberwolf.  I'm posting pictures...get ready to smile!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Fear.  What is it?  What causes it?  Why do we suffer with it?  Fear happens when a lack of Faith occurs.  Picture in your mind's eye an incredible amount of water /some type of lake: heavy, full of pressure, deep, and dark.  Now picture a wall that dams the water, hold back the water, and a wall that stops the heavy, pressure, deep and dark water from spilling onto the town below.

What is the wall made of?  It is made of the strongest material possible.  The wall is fortified with steel, concrete, re bar and so forth.  The wall holds back all the pressure, the deep, and dark water.  Together the water pushes on the wall and the wall pushes back on the water.  Everything holds, and the town remains safe.
However like all things in life, there is a weakness.  If the water in the story represents the dark, deep doubt and despair that can sometimes penetrate our thoughts and hearts and fill us with negativity, then the wall in the story that is fortified with steel, concrete, and re bar is our faith.  Faith is the strength that instantly holds back the doubt, but we however must trust that the wall will hold.  WE need to exercise the faith to see the wall dam the doubt and help us to stay safe.  We need to be strong.  We need to feel it and trust that the wall will hold.
If I have bad things that happen in any aspects in my life, I first feel the immediate EMOTION of the moment--whether it is an emotion of anger, fear, stupidity, or sadness.  I allow myself the emotional roller coaster to happen (although the emotional wave may not happen until after the immediate crisis, I allow it time to happen so that I can stay sane...after all I am a woman--we are kind of built like this).  Second, I then look at the parts of what caused this: was it sin, was it distraction (being so busy that I didn't see it coming), was it in my control, or was it out of my control?  Following these questions and looking into my heart and getting the honest answer then I do my best to proceed forward with the answers.  Some answers hurt, some are easy, some are financially costly, and some take time...because they are dependent on the mercy of another to forgive you.

I personally feel that when we have to wait on the merits and mercy, and forgiveness of another, it is the time that Satan fills my heart with doubt and misery the most.  It is tough to not get sucked in  and drown in the dark, deep, water of doubt.  It is very difficult to cling to faith when you have to wait.  I have discovered through these moments that I am not able to pull myself out of the water.  It usually takes someone else to throw me that life line of faith and help me to rebuild the powerfull wall of faith in order to hold back the waves of doubt. 

I've been pondering on these things for a while and this morning they came clear.  Nothing earth shattering, but very clarifying.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Swimming Fun Goodbye 2010

Swimming Beauties!
 2010---We said goodbye to the year by going swimming, having a bbq, lighting fireworks, and watching a movie.
2010: it has been a year of miracles...we have a list of the top ten or 14:
1.  Isaac's Baptism
2.  Grandpa Dale surviving his stroke
3.  Marianne's birth
4.  Our 1st year you babe!
5.  Finding an amazing you Jenna.
6.  Going swimming, playing, laughing, doing our chores...just living the everyday life....
7.  Going on two day-cations: Uintas, and Boating
8.  Setting our house in order: financially paying off some debt, spring cleaning, and preparing for the future.  9.  Going to Moab, Arches, 4 corners, and deadhorse point. 10.  Garrett's Baptism. 
11. Finding out the diagnosis for Marianne and learning ASL. 12.  Thanksgiving: I got to see the funny side of the Giauques...It is a moment in time for me.  13.  Finding Justice.  and 14.  Finding the love...

I love da water!!  She kept signing and babbling...just so dang cute!

Weeeeeeee!  Slide the slide!

WE have some goals for 2011. 

1. Help Margaret for the baptism and for her life

2. Buy 3 bikes and a trailer so that we can go biking as a family

3. Fix Surbie so that we can go on more family vacations

4. Help Kellis get his Star and work on his Life

5. Help Isaac get his Bear and his Weblos

6. Help Garrett to understand what will happen when he turns 12

7. Get Virginia, Isaac, and Margaret into piano; Kellis into Guitar

8. Go to Mt. Rushmore

9. Help Kellis attend the Temple Quarterly

10. Go Monthly to the Temple

I'm coming to get you!

My girls, My my life!
There are many more goals...some fro just Scott and I, some for just me...and some that I'm sure we haven't thought of yet.  But, I know that if we have direction then we have a place to go, aim for, and so forth...I love life!