Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!

 Happy Easter! The Bunny came! (We slept Scott and I ended up on our back porch chucking the candy all over the back yard while the kids were pounding on our bedroom door asking if they could go downstairs!) Yes...we are amazing parents...or Easter Bunny. Scott actually thought it was a great way to do it. (I think we have new tradition).
Look mom!! Candy!!  Oh I mean, socks...ew!

Find the candy!

More candy

More candy!!

I got Scott a huge yellow egg!  Na, not really, It's just a squash.
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Happy Easter!!
Our Family...We are almost looking forward!
For me, Easter holds the true meaning of life. My words are feeble at trying to describe how my heart understands the love my Savior has for me. The Atonement gives me hope that everyday I make mistakes, I can be forgiven and improve each day, and to know that all who have ever come to this earth will be resurrected gives me hope to be able to see my loved ones who have passed on, the loved ones I am with, and my one love who died very is the most sacred day...I love my Savior.

Isaac Turns 12!

 Isaac turns 12!  It was a low key birthday celebration with the family.  He is going to have a big bash on April 1st, but until was just a quiet night at home.  I am very proud of this young man.  I had the honor to be with him as he was interviewed for the Priesthood.  It was a wonderful night.
Just me and my candles...

Look, mom is here too!

We had candle difficulties...

Dad gave me the cool model and the family gave me Legos...great night!

I'm obsessed!

Marianne turns 3!

 Marianne is now three...she is learning so much language and surprises us all the time...I am so thankful for the blessing she is in our lives!
I love her smile!

 Mommy and her Marianne!
 Garrett approves the candle blowing...we all did as well.  This is the first year that she really caught on to the meaning of the day for her.
She can melt his heart!

The family is always an attempt....Poor Virginia...her face is covered!

Open us all the gifts!

We love my presents!

I love my presents!!

I love my jammies!

I love my Cat in the Hat!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Talented Garrett: Red Claw I took pictures of the building/creating process...but Garrett deleted them because he said, "what??  It was not finished!!  No pictures until it is finished!!"  Sigh.... you need to understand the construction/creation process to really appreciate it:
1) Garrett draws on paper a 2 dimensional creation
2) Garrett takes foam core board and proceed to cut out a skeletal structure and build a 3-D model with hot glue. (my mind was blown away with just trying to draw it)
3) Then, Garrett takes masking tape and wraps the skeletal structure with the it, but at the same time he creates the muscle structure with crumpled bit of tape to "bulk it up"---he calls this process "skinning it" (blink?  I totally get it, but...)
 4) Garrett  then takes clay and builds a skull: eye sockets, pink tongue, each tooth individually constructed and placed in the socket, eyes made or hot glue and then colored for the pupil, then tape is added to help "skin it"
5) Then the painting begins...layers and layers...then textures and layers and so forth.
6) Final touch...the "cheek pouches"....
7) total time to create from start to finish 28 hours per Dinosaur....patience and patience...Wonderful!

All I can say is that he created this process from his own mind because his sweet, loving, supportive mother has no artistic talent to help him.
Garrett blows my mind.  He says that he wants to work at the Dinosaur park in the "creative fun" department.  I agree...he can do anything.

His plan: 1) to have a mobile camper as a home.
2) move it to the Dinosaur park neighborhood so that he can live there with his wife and his children (four children--or "I don't know" said Garrett).
3) the camper is so that he can be safe in case the Yellowstone Volcano erupts....he has the plan!

I pray that this talent that his Heavenly Father gave him can really help him to support him, and his family.  I just love him!