Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snow FUN 2009

Sam is my best friend. I love him. He is my frozen ice and snow friend. That is all. You can turn the camera off now.
This is Sam. Sam the Snowman. Sam comes and goes depending on the snow...and right now he is here to stay. Garrett: "you stay right there Sam. No melting! You understand?"

TEARS...I want to use the Blower!

Isaac pushing the snow. Not as fun as the blower...

Isaac using the blower.

This is the beginning of Sam the Snowman. Say hello April.
Push that blower! Push that Blower! Push that Blower!!
Smiles? I think that is what she is doing.

We got a great storm on December 29, 2009--about 8 inches in the end. We were home all day, so we shoveled, built snowman, and helped out a few neighbors. Just enjoy! It was Snow much fun!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 more

Opps, I forgot Garrett...sorry.

School Pictures 2009

FINALLY!! I did it! My goal was to have the school pictures taken BEFORE 2010. We did it...thanks to a great friend. Thanks JOAN!! We did the photo shoot on December 29, 2009. Here they are! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Virginia made this plate for me. She is so talented! I love her!

Look at cool Isaac! He got all that he asked for!

Good Job Santa! You brought the right ones!
Look! Something Shiny on my finger!!
Fun charms! I love my Students.

Busy Ginny. She didn't look up once during the 5 minutes. She was focused.

Look! I got all the star wars and a toothbrush! YEAH!
I am overwhelmed! YES! YES! YES!
START your engines!!

Cute and Controlled Virginia! Go baby go!

Down the Stairs! Down the Stairs! Must go Down the Stairs!
All Smiles!! Isaac is not only so patient, he helped and worked, and did everything, to ensure his best behavior ever. I just love this kid!
The two Grandpa's! All singing, one playing, one in shock...all these kids? :) It was wonderful.
Uncle Marc: I got ya! I got ya!

Mommy and Margaret Susanna! I love my 6 year old! She is the singing, acting, dancing, most talented girl in the world!

We had a wonderful first Christmas all together. It was so wonderful to start our new family traditions: going to Grandma Ann's spending Christmas eve sledding, eating, singing, talking about the Christ Child, and of course opening up gifts.

Then comes the long awaited night....tick, tick, tick of the clock...all that waiting for Santa to come...all that thinking and praying, and wondering if they'll get what they want. ???
Morning....start your engines! All wait the long drop and descend from the stairs into the living room. Go! Go! Go!
Grand record for opening gifts: 5minutes and 57seconds. It is total free-for-all! I love it. Then they calm down and enjoy what everyone got....even mom and dad. We love it! Scott gave me slippers, hospital jammies, and the softest bathrobe ever. I love you! The kids gave me HARRY POTTER!! MEGA Thanks! Scott got a temple tie from the kids, new shoes from me, and something shiny for his finger! It is the most handsome ring ever! It just shines!!
Then we have Christmas Omelets, bacon, and English muffins with homemade jelly. YUMMY! (well okay Garrett got pancake puffs, Isaac had fried ham, Kellis had a bagel with bacon--we all can't enjoy the same things yet...but we are closer!) Following breakfast, the kids play and play and build and build and shout for joy! It is wonderful.
Following a few hours of play, Scott and I went and cleaned Grandma's house...Merry Christmas from your big and little elves!
Finally we take the left overs and other goodies to Aunt Weeze's. FUN!! Cousins take the boys, girls play and play with Uncle Shawn, I get to talk and talk and talk with mom and Weeze. Scott and Shawn talk some music...hey with all this musical talent we need to form a band, PRACTICE, and play together. It is just a day to relive the wonders of Christmas, the feelings, the blessings, the traditions, the food, the smells, and the most wonderful time of the year! I just love it! Merry Christmas everyone from our house to yours. We love you all.
The Giauques

Monday, December 21, 2009


Virginia brings me my bra...and asks, "how do you wear these?"
Mom: blink!
Virginia: "hummm"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas Letter 2009

Here is the Christmas letter....Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! I wish to share our feelings for the past year. To begin with, as 2009 rolled into the play book with great adventure awaiting us all: Scott and I were able to be sealed together in the Bountiful Temple on April 2, 2009. This is a miracle that is eternally blessing the lives of all the Giauque Family. In January, we began the process and by March 27th the process of permission of having an eternal family was complete. The deal was SEALED on April 2, 2009. It was the faith of Stake President Manwaring, the faith of both Scott and myself, and the faith of the Prophet of the Lord President Monson. This was the first miracle of 2009.

At the end of March right before the wedding another miracle: our bedroom addition was complete and ready for us to move our things into. We now had a place of our own. The construction (THANKS DAD!) went smoothly, beautifully, and it is strong! We just love to have our alone time, think time, our movie time, and especially for Scott his music time there. It is another blessing!

In April another Miracle happened: we had a family vacation! Our trip to Southern California was all a blessing and a gift. The family was given time to bond and to connect. Our favorite time was playing games in the hotel room, laughing, and laughing! Kellis shared his humor with us all, Garrett shared his cute “voices” with us, Isaac giggled and giggled, Margaret Susanna was mesmerized by the ocean—if she could have become a mermaid that minute she would have. And Virginia filled our hearts with love because of her many, many hugs! She is her daddy’s girl!

In July we were able to enjoy birthdays, th 4th of July, a wonderful RIVER trip, and later in the month finding out that we were expecting our 6th baby. What a joyful blessing! The girls immediately wanted a girl, and Isaac immediately hoped it was a boy. Garrett just wanted the baby to not hurt me and Kellis was very logical about the whole announcement: “You know, I’ll be almost 12 when the baby comes.” We also enjoyed scout camp, going out on Grandpa Dale’s boat with the cousins, and swim, swim, swimming! We even braved a drive in movie! We are going to make that a tradition.

Aug and September met us with going back to school, teaching, and getting through the morning sickness…blah. The days were cooler (YEAH for Scott!), and we were able to enjoy the evenings playing baseball. We even found out the Garrett enjoys football. “get em! Did you see that, Scott? He just squished a big guy…whooaa.”

October met us with the H1N1, two birthdays, pneumonia, sinus infections, trips to the Insta-care, and the ER, and whatever else the old swine bug could throw at us. We washed and triple washed, wore masks, and stayed away from everyone as best we could. All hugs were foot hugs…and talking through the doors. Blah…not one to repeat!

November was enjoyed by great weather, improved health, and a wonderful birthday party for Great Grammy Annis. I felt such a moving Spirit to have the whole family there, to take pictures, and to say how much we loved her. But towards the end of the month, we lost a wonderful member of our family: Grammy Annis. She was 98. She pasted after Thanksgiving and was reunited with her hubby and dancing partner Grandpa Howard. Her legacy was celebrated by all the family, family ties were healed, and family connections were forged. It was the best Christmas gift that grammy could have ever given to all us. We love you!

Now as December descends upon us, we are filled with the love of the Savior. As a family we have been blessed to see the lights on temple square, enjoy going out to eat, watching all the children help out with every task possible (we all know who is making their naughty and nice list), and Scott and I getting very creative with our shopping and planning. We delivered the annual neighbors gifts with a Christmas Carol, and yummy treats. Scott and I have had time to go on a date or two, and we as a family have been preparing for the celebration of the Savior. Ahhh, Christmas. There is no other time like it on Earth. We pray that from our family to all of yours that you feel the blessing of peace, joy, and of giving. After all, Heavenly Father gave us his Son, Jesus Christ, to help us, heal us, and to bless us. From the Giauque’s to all of you, Merry Christmas! Let us all receive our King!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas on Temple Square

WE are freezing, but we are all here. Love the Family!
The Family Temple Picture

Me and Hubby! We are cute, warm, and well, I'm very PINK!

Me and little Isaac. I think he is so cute!

Hello, Scott. Did you see me? I am right over here...

Isaac, Garrett, Virginia, Margaret, Me, and Kellis

It is time for the annual trip to Temple Square! Wonderful lights, music, crowds, dipping hands in the ice water and wondering why our mittens are soaked through...ahhh...Christmas.

The family outing is traditional and we really do love it. It is facinating to see so many lights, so many manger scenes, and so many families enjoying the very thing that we enjoy.

Dinner afterwards was great! We took the family to the Training Table. It was a great time for everyone. I think the best part was the fact that another couple that had just been to the lights noticed that we were there and they kept looking at us and smiling and looking and smiling...It was great. I was so very proud of everyone.

This Christmas Season has really felt like Christmas and we are enjoying every little thing. We just love it! Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spectrum Groundbreaking!

Lisa Andersen and myself. Go TEAM GIRAFFES!
Layout of the High school!

Garrett digging with the founding Parents!

Miss Jaime...the Principal.

Think it, dream it, and then you can touch it. This is Spectrum High! I went to a parent board meeting a while back and asked the pres what they were doing to see that this became a reality. He told me that he wished it would just go away...

He then asked me if I could look logically at this for a minute. He asked if I could really see how all the A, B, C's of this were really going to happen. (We as little Spectrum were barely making it). He then asked me if I could emotionally detach myself from this. NO! I could not. So I said, when is it going to happen and what can we do to do this? Well, with the right dream, and the right team...HERE it IS!!!! Founding parent power! Never underestimate it!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Morning Prayer

Garrett's morning prayer: HF please let it snow, let it snow, let it snow because I need to make my snowman friend Sam. He died from that last snow and that was not ok, so you need to bring him back...I only have a little snow ice in the freezer from my friend and that makes me cry... I just love this boy!! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I will Miss you Grammy

I was awakened this morning early by Isaac. He needed my help and so off I went to help...then suddenly my parents were home...4:20am...


I settle Isaac, and mom comes out and tells me that Grandma is passing away...she says that grandpa and a little girl are there to be with her until she goes.

My heart aches and is sad. I cry...I go back into bed and snuggle against Scott.

Scott: "what's up?"
Me: "My grammy is passing away...grandpa is there.
Scott: "oh sweetie." hug, silence, more tears fall...hug.
Me: "Do you know, I think the most amazing thing is about Heavenly Father is? That He allows the veil to thin, and to have our loved ones come and to take us we won't be alone."--more hot wet tears...
Scott: hug, and silence.
Me: "I'm glad to have grandpa and the little girl come to take her home...sniff...more tears...
Scott: hug...
Me: "I will miss my grammy...I pray for the tender mercies of the Lord to allow her time to be calm and to think when she gets home...and I pray that she will remember...I want to be with her again."

I just wanted to share my heart this morning. I pray for anyone who has lost a loved one. It is difficult, but they are in a place of love...and they won't be in pain or hurt anymore. I know this is true. I felt that grammy said goodbye to all of us at her birthday party. Her sisters were there, her three children, and many of her grand and great grandchildren were there. I will be forever grateful that we went. That I hugged her, that I talked to her, that she saw all 5 of the children, and that I got to say goodbye. I have her energy, some of her personality, her drive, her stories about the farm, about life, and I have her recipes and her love. It was such a good tomorrow November 25th is her real birthday. Happy 98th...I will miss you grammy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great! Grandma's Birthday!!

New Family picture! I'll take it! Everyone is looking forward and kinda smiling!!
Little Virginia and grammy!

Grandma and her sisters: Shirley, Afton, Millie, and Annis

The was right side up when I took the picture...

Grandma is so surprised that we all came! She was just bursting with tears!

Dad and the band. He was in his element!

Grammy and me!

WOW!! I hope I get the GREAT genes that allow me to see and live a full life! My grandma Annis (the kid's great grandma--although the family saying is "great, great, great--that's enough greats--grandma) turns 98 on November 25, 2009. My dad (grandma's oldest child) threw the party and it was fantastic. I wanted my kids to have a wonderful memory of grandma and so we packed them all up. We talked about how badly we wanted a family picture with great grandma and so...THEY DELIVERED!! YEAH!

I love my grammy so much. She has taught me so much about family history, stories about the farm, hard work, saying her baby sister from after she fell in a hornet's nest, being asked by her dad to do extra chores because she was sooo fast at them, great recipes, great cooking tips, great gardening tips (I'm still working on that), and on and on. I just feel so blessed to have so much of her as part of my life. I was so thrilled to be there for her 98 birthday. She just lit up when she saw all the kids! She just was thrilled with the girls and Kellis talked and talked to her. Garrett of course said, "wow your skin is soooo old and wrinkled. It is like a baggie elephant." And Isaac said, "mom, can we come her for Thanksgiving? (me---Blink!!), I love to play Pool! " (There is always a different motive).
Dad played and played for the residence and they just enjoyed themselves. I think dad was in his element and enjoyed himself as well. And I have the best memory of that day...watching my grandma with her three sisters, Afton 105, Millie 92, and Shirley 87 all talking about their memories and their lives together as sisters. Family!! They are amazing!

Happy Happy Birthday Grandma! We love you!