Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We have a Winner

Congrats Garrett!!! He has won the reflections contest for grades 3-5 out of 30 Charter schools (the Region) and goes on to compete in State! WOW!! We are so proud of him. He is so talented. He won a medal, a certificate, and a trip to the Clark Planetarium to see the 3-d Dino movie. WOW is he excited. He will be going with Grandma on April 4. Super fun for him. Super proud of him. Can't show the picture yet...it is still at the State competition.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Isaac

Here are the Birthday Guest: Kellis (with the gum), Cousin Hyrum, Cousin Samuel, Friedn Kolby, Virginia, Garrett, Zickles, and friend Julian! Happy Lego Birthday.
Isaac wanted a lego Birthday party. So we made lego brick cake, lego mini fig pinata, and well, we popped a lot of balloons. They had a great time.

Look at what he hauled in! Again, the Lego theme seemed to Rule! I was super happy for him. He is super happy as well.

WOW! Isaac is 8 years old. He is still preparing for his Baptism. He feels that he will be ready at the end of the summer. Both Scott and I agree. He is our Zickles man. He has the best rubber ears to tweek. He makes us all laugh. He can flip off of anything...the trampoline is his best tool for this. He has jumped up in his reading! He is at grade level and excellorating. He is almost in 3 grade a math! I love this little second grader! Isaac is the energy of the family! He also has the best belly laugh in the world! He love to have Scott tuck him in, close the closet doors, and wrap him like a taco. He sometimes talks in his sleep...I'm the King! (that is what he said one night--it made me laugh so hard I had to leave the bedroom). WE love you Isaac! Daddy Scott, Mom, Kellis, Garrett, Margaret Susanna, and Virginia Grace! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pine-Wood Derby!

This is it! This is the night that everyone has been waiting for! Kellis and Scott cut, sanded, painted, worked, painted, got subway, painted, played guitar, painted and finally on the night of the derby, painted flames, added weights, and TA DA!! It was ready: the Kellis 2009. This model was sure to bring in at least a few wins...and thankfully it did. We have never even won a heat race in the three years of Pinewood derby attempts, so this one we were praying for at least one win. We got more than that, he won 3 out of the 4 enough to advance to the next heat but then got beat in the 5 run. Let's just say that that car was a "daddy's original" vs a "scouting original. (the Kellis 2009 is the car with the wieghts on the top of the car in the first column second to the bottom on the striped towel).

Well the cars were set in the track for run number 5 and Kellis was down the hill first but the straight-away slowed the car down just a bit...and the other scout pulled off the victory. I watched with pride as my son just picked up his car and took some deep breaths. I stood near him, then gave him the side hug with a "way to go" and another squeeze.

We have never even won a heat race in the three years of Pinewood derby attempts, so this one we were praying for at least one win. We got more than that, he won 3 out of the 4 enough to advance to the next heat but then got beat in the 5 run. Let's just say that that car was a "daddy's original" vs a "scouting original.

Off he was back at the track to be the official eye for the photo finishes. It was great fun! Kellis pulled himself together and before you knew it, it was over. The winners were announced, the refreshments were passed out, and it was open track for all to race. Amazing! Kellis pulled off 4 victories---beating the one car that had beaten him out of the heat advancement. Complete with a graphite tear stained face, his Kellis 2009, and Scott, the Pinewood derby came to an end. Great times!

Kellis holding the Kellis 2009 at the end of winning 3 out of the 4 races. So close! But good times were held by all. Mostly I was just so proud that Kellis and Scott did such a great job togther. It was great for Kellis to run the band saw, sand, and just have some great male bonding time. Very Proud!! Love you Kellis

Friday, March 20, 2009

Joseph...hand picked to be a father of Heaven's greatest Spirits.

This is it! We have rounded the corner and the countdown is flashing. It seems so real that it is REAL!! Let's just think about the deep connection and meaning of all this marriage and wedding for a minute.

Five children and one Single woman. Five children needing LOVE and SUPPORT. A Single woman who is doing all that a woman can...still will never be both Father and Mother in a Family. Her efforts can be guided by the Spirit, and supported by amazing Home Teachers. Her efforts can even have extended family give all the time that they have even at the end of their long days, but really, no one can ever replace the father of the family, the Daddy.

Let's think and feel about that for a moment. Families are team players with everyone having a critical role to play. Heavenly Father understood the role of a complete family and hand selected Joseph for Jesus. The deep significance of such a humble man to be the earthly father of the Son of God catches my breath in awe and wonder for such a person.

Joseph held one of the greatest positions in the world, that of a father...a father to the Son of God. The prayers that must have been said to Heavenly Father from Joseph to know how to best raise Jesus are much like many of our own prayers in behalf of our own children. This is a very reverent and yet under-respected man in my opinion. To be asked and hand picked to be the earthly father of the Son of God must have been an experience that no one else has shared to that degree, however, I feel that during a particular amazingly difficult time in my families lives I prayed to my Heavenly Father for help that was answered in a way that now will change our lives forever.

Scott is the direct answer to a prayer that was offered February 13, 2008. I have never prayed with such a need before in my life. Heavenly Father is the only one who knew the depth of that need. He was the only one I could lean on. My Heavenly Father knew our needs, through the endless prayers, and pleading for guidance and help. He answered them with Scott.

No one will ever fully understand how dark and lonely MY world was, except for Heavenly Father, and so in Him I placed my full trust to know how to better help my family. Some of these prayers where prayed at the bedside of sick children who lay in Hospitals, or in their beds at the Apartment complex. Some of these prayers were in driving the long drive to Huntsville, and some were offered as I would collapse into bed at the end of a 19-20 hour day.

With out a partner to talk to, laugh with, cry with, make decisions with, go to Church with...I was not being able to talk to anyone about the children and have them fully understand. I had no outlet to just talk things over with. I needed a husband. I needed a Joseph for me. I can only imagine what Joseph and Mary talked about as a married couple: children, the gospel, relationships, finances, outings with the family, work, providing, taxes, stresses, pain, and happiness. I would share this with my Heavenly Father, but I still needed a partner...a husband.

No one will ever know the complexities of this family better than Heavenly Father. He knew the challenge of having children with multiple issues and has given me strength--strength drawn from the Redeemer--the Atonement! But, even with this, the family still needed another. Heavenly Father answered my prayer in a way that I will always be grateful for. Here's to all those Joseph's of the World. Thank you Scott for following the Spirit. Thank you Scott for being our Joseph, my Joseph.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cousin Whatever

Hi!! I'd like you to all meet cousin "Whatever". (So titled by Isaac). Anyway, Shannan, Weeze, Scott and myself spent Sunday evening "getting to know you". It was so fun to reconnect with old times--love the MC (Middle Class), and we talked about memories of Grandma's house, the Fillmore White house, and all the fun stuff growing up.

We also agreed to help each other get the garden going. Veggie season here we come! I can't wait to hear all about it. We'll all blog a little and share a lot. Hummm, I need to remember my camera and keep things up to day.

Finally, we talked family, wedding, Scott, Scott, and Scott--hum I love him!! So happy that my best cousin got to meet him. YEAH!!

Love you Shannan! So much fun to get together. Next time we need to do the kid thing: Weeze will have the mummy cousins come and I'll bring the hummm dinosaur eating, noise clicking, princess dressing, Lego building, and trampoline flying cousins. Can wait to see what they will all do together.

Blogs are us! Keep in touch and love you all!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Last Suess Day: All mixed up day

WEll, I love the book k-nuffle bunny, so I thought that I would put two nuffle/k-nuffle bunnies in my hair and see what happens...instantly they started fighting. Imagion that? Well, I hope they will calm down enough to let me teach school. Loves!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dr. Suess Continues...

Well, today is crazy Hat day. I made Garrett and Isaac a Pizza Hat, Kellis did a Lego hat, and I was a pumpkin head...not bad for 3 minute toss together day...Enjoy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dr. Suess

It is Dr. Suess week at Spectrum Academy. Today is backwards day, but I thought that I'd combine backwards day with crazy hairdo day. I we won't be at school tomorrow...so I didn't want to miss out. Enjoy the pictures


YEAH! Kellis is a Weeblo and he is doing great. He also got his art award and his citizenship award this night. Pizza was yummy awards were great and pictures...well they were not so great. Anyway, it was fun.

Jazz Game

WOW! Kellis and Scott went to a Jazz game. They loved it!