Friday, January 30, 2009

Can anyone Take a Picture???

Hey! Is there anyone out there who can take some photos of Scott and I? I have someone set up to do a formal shot, but we want to have just some regular and everyday things done. I know that it is a little bit of a strange request, but hummmm, invitations are needed and we want more photos then just the 2 that we have. Thanks!! Let me know!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family, Teachers, and Friends...the Impact is Lasting

I would like to give a shout out to all the teachers, parents, family and friends who have help my family over the past few years. Here is a BIG thanks to all of you for your dedication, your enthusiasm, your endurance, and your energy with and for my children. Thank you for helping all of them to have success.

I think of the miracle that truly is. I think about how you all love my children so dearly and help to make an impact on them that is beneficial to their lives--not just today but for tomorrow. I thank all the teachers who have ever worked with Kellis. Thank you for your patience, and for your love. He has come such a long way and he has improved because of the foundations that you all laid. Now I get to teach Kellis everyday for his language Arts and I am amazed at what he thank you all!

Thank you teachers for working with Garrett. There are so many through out his life to last a lifetime. Your patience and endurance with him has brought about many miracles. When Garrett was 19 months old I thought to myself that he would never speak, communicate, or be happy. It was a very low time in my mothering life for Garrett. Thank you for all of you that never gave up...that gave me hope.

Thank you teacher, family, and friends for working and loving Isaac. He is my energetic bundle of enthusiasm. I love him so much! When he was little I looked at him with a lot of hope. Some of that hope was dashed as I learn of another Autism diagnosis, but loving family and teachers helped to restore that again. This little boy will be very successful! He already is.

Thank you teachers, family and friends for loving Margaret Susanna. When she came to our family, we were very poor: in funding, energy, and in love. Survival mode and trying to raise a baby is not healthy and she has had to over come so much in her short life. Watching her never crawl, delay the speech, and rock and rock in her crib, just broke my heart. I thought---we are 4 for 4! But it was through the guidance of a loving Heavenly Father which brought the OT and the ST into our lives and helped me to hold, play, and love my Maggie-Sue. Thank you all for who continue to help us.

Last of all, thank you Doctors, family, and teachers who love Miss Virginia Grace. She is her own little person and loves to interact, teach, and guide others. She is easy going with Margaret, she takes a lot of bumps and lumps as being the bookend of 4 older siblings, but she is well loved by all. I love her little raspy voice that shares great expression of love and laughter. Miss Ginny-Grace has graced us with her energy and snugly love! Thanks for all that help her in her little life.

Family, friends, and teachers...thank you for showing love to a family who has needed it. Thank you for sharing your time, gifts, and talents with us. The have rescued and saved us at many times. Thank you all for the support and love. I would not have made it without all of you. Thank you so much. I love you all. Please, please always remember the little Tribe of 5 that has been uplifted, feed, nurtured, and loved by all of you. You imprints are long lasting. Thank you!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Draper Temple

We went to the open house at the Draper Temple!! It was so beautiful. I was thrilled to see murals on the walls. The marble floors, the baptistry, the alderwood, the cut glass, the chandelers, the sage blue and cream is all for the beauty of the Lord's house.

The Spirit was so strong and mild. The children felt the spirit the whole time. Maggie-Sue said, "Can you decorate my room like this?...Today?" She is so happy there.

Virginia loved the patterns in the carpet...she wanted to crawl and crawl on them.

Kellis and Garrett loved the pictrues of Christ all throughout.

Isaac liked the "swimming pool"--I mean font. He loved the idea of helping others who hadn't been baptized.

Garrett would say "hello Jesus" to the pictrues.

The Girls loved to be with Grandma Ann. They just held hands and walk and talked and talked with her. She enjoyed herself...we all did.

The celestial room was my favorite. The beauty the QUIET, the calm, the spirit. I can't wait to be there with my LOVE. To look into eternity with look forward for having an eternal family once is a blessing and an answer to a deep prayer. My Heavenly Father loves me...there is no doubt.

In the sealing room the little worker talked to us about being an eternal family. Maggie-Sue said that we are all getting married here. Garrett said, "Mr., do you know dinosaurs?" The worker replied, "I am a dinosaur." Garrett smiled and said, "so Mr. do you know dinosaurs and Jesus?" They are here at the temple..." My heart smiled, the worker laughed, and the eternities now have dinosaurs...I love my family!!!

We will all be there soon. Prayers are answered, the Savior lives, and families are forever.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Virginia's Comment

I just love little kids! My baby cakes shared a great thing with us today. She was eating cheese and crackers and was making a shape with the cheese. The teacher asked her what shape she was making with the cheese? "This is the Temple!" Mommy and Scotty are getting married in the cheese temple!
Sounds eternally yummy to me! Aren't kids great!?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Princess Belle and Prince Eric

I love days off when I get to play and be a "real mom". The girls used the stair landing for their latest adventure of the "Princess Belle and Prince Eric". It was so tell it all. I got in on the ending scene where they dance and dance and the movie have every day end in a dance is the life of a child.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gratitude for my Family

Sunday Mornings...I feel a connection to something more on Sundays and I love it! The Spirit is so amazing and it brings a family such clarity, He helps to communicate with Heavenly Father and Jesus right to your heart. It is such amazing communication...I feel like I'm in a holy place. I love the time I have to pray, read, and just ponder. I can be sad, or have mixed feelings, or have un-clarity, but after time to write, and listen to music...and have a constant prayer in my heart, the beauty of eternity comes clear. It might sound unbelievable to some, but my heart just thrives off the spirit and that heavenly connection.

As I live my life and dedicated it to my Savior and to my family, the world becomes a different place for me. It becomes a place of learning, and of not just surviving trials, but to understand how they shape and mold me. I often have a thought in my head: "I won't ask the 'why' but how can I get through it?" When I ask the how and not the why, my heart and head are filled with answers. Do you know what the funny thing is? The "why's" are usually answered through the blessing of time. If any of you are asking the why...just give it time...your Heavenly Father loves you and He will hold your soul and show you in His timing the whys.

This is how I "get through things". Bottom Heavenly Father knows the tender mercies of my heart. He knows what I need, what my dreams are, what I long for, and what I hold sacred to me. I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior. I have learned through experience that They have the power to love all sons, daughters, and all children of the Heavenly Family. I have had a glimpse of that power and love.

As I look into the eyes of my children I see Heaven. The trick is to see that as much as possible each time I look at them. My heart is breaking right now as I try to write this... My Kellis, I see potential, love, and obedience. I see a the beginnings of a young man who is smart, talented, and a leader. He suffers in pain daily with a disease that doesn't allow him the "joy of eating". Despite the constant pain in his throat, belly, and bowels...he has joy. Only through the power of the Lord can you have that. I am honored to be his mother.

In my Garrett's eyes I see someone who has seen the Savior and knows Him. He is more connected then I can even tell you. Garrett is an angel who has the opportunity of living with us. To be a mother of such a soul is an honor...and my heart breaks and is touched.

My Zickles...he is filled with enthusiasm and energy! How to teach such a spirit...with love. Some of my most tender moments of being a mother have occurred in helping, holding, and looking at my Isaac. His name means laughter...we do that with him...and his laughter is infectious. As his mother I am so honored to see what innocence and joy are. I love his belly laugh, his care and concern for his brother's and sisters...he and I share the same spirit and sometimes our love of life is overwhelming to others, but to the Lord, we are loved.

My Margaret Susanna is the girl I prayed for. My heart longed for a daughter and I was blessed. I will never forget holding her in the hospital. We were the only two in the room...the snow was falling...and I looked at someone who had just her Heavenly Father to come home with our family. It felt like a story book. Maggie-Sue also has energy and drive for life. She knows what she wants and will work and work for it until she can obtain it. That is a gift, and as her mother I need to help her to shape this drive and desire for things of the Lord. I love her talents, gifts, her giggle, and her girl-i-ness.

My Virginia Grace. She was born during great tribulation and strife. My heart was heavy with an eternal load. My vision was blurred and my days were hour to hour with her--I did not have the strength to balance what I had. I learned how to leaned heavily on the Lord to be healed so that I could care for her. She in turn would look at me while she nursed. She would give me sloppy kisses, and she was/is a snuggler. Her name took on meaning--deep meaning: Virginia for the strength of her ancestors, and the Grace of my Heavenly Father to fill in all the gaps I was missing at that time. Her snuggles and hugs are that of an angel expressing my Heavenly Father's love to me. Those hugs were needed in just the right time. I need to have her know what her love...the grace from the Lord did for me at that time.

Now to my Love: Scott was a direct answer to a prayer that was said during my son's accident. It had a ripple effect throughout the universe...truly. I cried out to the Lord that I could no longer do this alone. I needed not just help, but I needed a team player, a companion. I knew that as soon as I said that I thought: How is that going to happen? I'm going to have to start dating and when would I have the time for that. Luckily for me Heavenly Father is in charge and he provides the way. The tender mercies of my heart where all answered through who Scott is. He loves and adores me. The love of adoration is service and sacrifice--think of the other person's needs above your own. Truly long to be with that person, and serve them. The Christmas carol "Oh Come all Ye Faithful"...Come let us Adore him, Come let us Adore him! I feel that adoration from is a tender mercy that Heavenly Father answered. I love you Scott.

My expressions this morning are from a deep well of gratitude and love for my children and for my Fiancee. My family is my most precious gift I have on earth. My testimony is my anchor in my life. My relationship to Scott is now what is allowing our family to be whole again...the depth and that is eternal. I will be forever grateful. My expression are for being my testimony of the how the Hand of the Lord is in all of our lives...I bare this testimony of love for my family and love for him in His sacred name Jesus Christ Amen.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My sledding Trip

Here is the trip I took with Virginia...her boot came flying off...snow was all in our face, and Isaac comes shooting past us...enjoy the laughter

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We did a lot of sledding over the Christmas break, so I thought that I'd share a few trips down the mountain. It was so much fun. It sends instant giggles! I just love the thrill ride...and the kids do as well.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blessings of Friends

This morning i was reflecting on how amazingly blessed I am to have such great friends. I work in an increadible atmosphere of talent and firendship. I gleen so much from all of them...I know that Lord plants you in ground and expects you to not only grow but to BLOOM! All you friends help me to do that. I feel guidance, strength, and I love to gain your perspective on so many things. Thanks to all of my friends at Spectrum, Chruch, and through family--Sisters and Cousins ROCK!

Most of all thanks to my best friend, Scott. I love you! Thanks for the dancing mopping/clean the floor pictures. We are quite a team.

F= familiar
R= ready to help
I= incredible
E= each other
N= never give up hope, love, or laughter
D= DARCY (that is adoration--the love of service)
S= Silly, simple, sound, sure foundation, and service

Love to all the friends.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spirit of Love

What is love? What is it that we all want?...Love. This type of love is found with people and with the Spirit guiding us. We are all connected because we are all His children; we are all His family. When love is found, it is rich, enthusiasm, humble, penitrating, encircling, and fullfilling.

I love my Heavenly Father. I love my children. I love my Fiancee. I love my parents. I love my brother and my sisters. I love all my family: grammy, aunts, uncles, great aunties, cousins...all of you. I love my friends. I love my students. Love can be expressed in so many ways. I just wanted to is a power from the Atonement. That is why it is so healing, touching, and wonderful.

Hug others, love them, for tomorrow they may get another assignment...share, laugh, and love...that means you are living.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Painting a Room

Isaac in the finished product
Dragons and Dinosaurs

Paint Garrett Paint!

Go Kellis go!

Yes it is true! I needed one more project before the Christmas break was over. I moved the boys into my old room. I painted the room with the inspiration of the boys...we went to Home Depot and picked out two shades of blue. do I combine Dinosaurs and Dragons???? Well like this...enjoy the pictures.

By-the-way The boys painted and moved furniture...they helped for a total of about 5 hours. they were great. Super Proud mom! I love my boys.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New year! Let's all DO our best to make 2009 filled with memories. Life will happen come what may, so let us react and respond to it the way the Savior would have us do: with love and charity for all. Heavenly Father will keep the justice, and the Savior will provide the mercy. Therefore live each day to its fullest. Hug your family everyday, it could be yours our their last. Don't waste time on grudges, or hate. just fill your heart with peace. On the days that are filled with sorrow, cry...forgive others if they have offended you, then make up! Remember this life is fragile, soft, precious. Live it the way that brings your fullest happiness.

Happy New Year!