Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Rhetten

 Happy Birthday to you!!  Ok, so we are one day early, but heck, if the whole family can get together on a Sunday, then by gosh by golly, you do it!
 I love to eat the candle...the cake...the anything!
 I am the HAPPY BOY!!!

 Mommy and her is hard to believe that he is now one years old.
 What a little toad!
 I got a train, a hammer set, another hammer, clothes (boring for me but happy for mom), socks (can you believe that??), and kisses from mom and dad!
 and the paper tasted the best!
 Oh yeah, the car tasted yummy too!
Moomy loves this!

 Play time with all my gifts!  I let Marianne play, ok, she basically took them out of my hands but heck, that how we share around here!
Having some tumbling fun in the front yard!

I actually like this TRUE picture of me...wrinkles and all. I think is shows my wisdom.... (no comments please!)

ahhhhh YOUTH!!

 Are these kids cute are what???  I just love when the two of them get together and laugh out loud!  They are the best!
The GIAUQUES!  All of us together.  These pictures are so important to me.  This is what life is about...just life!  Not a game, not how much money or things you can obtain, it is about family and how the Lord loves us All!

More fun with family...I have to say, one of the best days of my life.  Relaxed, celebration, happiness, no stress, and great memories.  Thanks Rhetten for getting the whole family together for your day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


 Spending time with the Becks and the Tribes.  We all had a great BBQ, conversations, and prayers for Gwen (in ICU...prayers are with her).  The bird was the biggest hit for the younger crew!
 This is Tulio.  Virginia loved holding it!
 Virginia is enjoying feeding the bird.  Little man behind her, cousin Conrad!
 All SMILES!!!  She played with the bird, but when Tulio was "finished", we would sign to Marianne that the bird was tired and needed to go to sleep.  She would sign finished, and walk out of the room.  A little later on, Uncle Shawn asked how to sign "wake-up".  I showed them and Marianne got SOOOO excited!  She wanted to play with Tulio again, and she just kept signing, "wake-up, wake-up!"
 Yummy bird!
 More of the...bird!
 Daphne...the newest Tribe addition.  She is about 8 months old: just starting to crawl, rock and roll, roll, roll, and squeal.  What a cutie!
 This is Juliet.  She loved the bird as well.  Margaret and Juliet just love hanging out together and enjoying the day!
 Dinner...yummy!  Hamburgers, fix'ns, salads, chips, and homemade ice cream.
 This is Conrad!  The Tribe is alive!
 Ah, Garrett!  He loves to flip around the kids and enjoys doing a whole bunch of tricks with all the kids.
 Look at my Binny-Bear's eyes...sooo Blue!
 Braids for this eyes and all...
 Here is baby Daphne again... cream!
 She loved this moving lady bug...loved it so much, that well, she broke it...oops!
 More of Tulio
Kellis having a Whipping good time!

Aunt Weeze loving up the nieces and nephews.  She was a wonderful host.  Loved every minute of it!

Last of Summer Fun!

 Extra fun for end of Summer 2012!
Looking for lizards!

The Pirate Captain!

The three cousins....they loved, loved, boating!

She loved throwing rocking into the lake, over, and over, and over again!

My pretty bear!

Cousin Cole!