Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bridal Shower

WOW! What a haul! Thanks for Jenn for hosting such a wonderful shower. The guest came and the gifts were opened. Such a great day. We ate yummy crepes, berries and orange sauce...YUMMMMYYY. Then we just talked and enjoyed the afternoon. I'll share the gifts; and Thanks to all!!

Jessica F: she made me an is so beautiful, warm, and wonderful. Scott and I tried it out last night...he, he!

Sisters and mom: $$ for garments, and a beautiful frame. My family the practical ones. Thanks--I really am grateful!

Jenn: movie tickets, candy, and yummy popcorn!

Chantelle and Audery: Sparkling Cider, glasses, and Applebees.

Jill and Jessica: Tickets to the theater and yummy candy.

Ann--my mother in law: Something borrowed: a book and some money. Something new: a new cook book. Somthing blue: a garter...he he. Something old: a candle holders from her mother-in law. It was very surprising and thoughtful. Sorry that Sherie couldn't make it...hope she is feeling better.

Lynda: yummy Cafe Rio, and beautiful Prim Roses. They are so colorful. Thanks!

Lola: love coupons, idea dating books, and fun other love books...we are loving it.

Debbie: Thanks for the Movie tickets.

Thanks to everyone. It was a lovely shower and a great day. We feel so blessed! Thanks again to everyone

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


WOW!! I just wanted to brag about the flowers that Scott gave to me on Valentines day. They are blooming, beautiful, and brilliant. They fill the room with romance, love, and happiness. Wow! Who would have thought that flowers could do so much? I simply love them. I bringing them to work today. I need something bright and cheery to look at. Hummm...they are the next best thing to taking Scott to work. YEp I'm a is great. We are a quest to make sure that our love for each other forever blooms. And as the Lord as our guide, we feel that this quest will have a happy ending. Loves to you Scott!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines day!
I know that we are one day early, but the school parties, the baking, the lunch, the items are all ready for Today. I fix my students a lunch on Valentines day. This year the vote came down to bacon and Waffles, and Spag. Hummm...not sure how to combine the too, so I'll just have both and they can pick which one they want to eat. I teach them about conversation hearts and the history about it. We write one to one another, and then we pass out our valentine to each other. We then watch a movie, and enjoy the afternoon.

I love my students! I love teaching! I love my Family! I love my Love! Wow! Love is in the air.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Teaching Blog...
Yesterday during our Language lesson we were talking about what is a hero? Good ideas where shared throughout the classroom. Many of them were about super heros and video game heros. WEll I thought, we've got a lot of work to do. This is someone you actually look up to and want to become. A hero not only saves you, but then inspires you to live better than you do. Now, the age range that I have in my classroom is large. I have a 2nd grader up to a 7th grader with 4 and 5th grade peppered in between. I have the opportutnity to have many ideas and maturity levels. I also have the opportunity to teach social strengths and how to interact with people.
Well, after calling on a few more students I had one student say that "My dad is my hero." When I asked him why he said, "because he loves me." He didn't clarify my old dad or my new dad, my step dad, or anything like that. He simply said. My Dad.
That was powerful. I know this student's family. I know the personal situation that has happened in this young man's life--with his biofather. I know that his mother is getting remarried. He without hesitation said that it is his dad (meaning his new dad). My paraprofessional and I just winked at each other. I thought to myself this is a kid that understands what love is. This is a young man who will now have someone to look up to and be that hero. It was a day that I'll never forget.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Morning

Good Morning all! I love to listen and reflect in the quiet of the morning. I feel the closest to my Savior and it renews my spirit. Happy Sabboth to everyone! Life is good.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Second Picture

This is the picture I like the best...there are about 6 others...but I'm struggling to get them posted this morning. Anyway, I love my super happy smile in this one...there is no hiding the emotion!! I love him


Here is the first one we like. Scott is smiling, I'm looking happy. What do you think?
not sure why there is a problem. I'm going to do it one at a time...see if this helps.


I'm going to attempt to get the pictures posted one more time. Here are the ones we like the best.

Viva Las Vegas!!

WOW! What a weekend! We went on a whirlwind trip to Vegas very last minute! I heard that Alison was a little low because the people who had planned to come to Vegas for the baby blessing had last minute changes to their plans. I called to comfort her on Friday...she was pretty weepy. My heart broke! I wanted to be there for her so that she knew that I love her and that she has family who cares.

I knew that that would just not be possible! We had to get the brakes done, get the engagment pictures, get the all can fill in the rest. Well, the brakes got done, the pictures were snapped, and Scott suggests (with a great big kiss by-the-way) that we should pack up and go to Las Vegas. I kissed him right back and said, "I love you!" Oh, are we Eloping??" HA!

So we get in the car and I announce to the kids, "Who wants to go to McDonalds for dinner?" YEAH!!!! is the overall vote...I just didn't tell them that it would be in Cedar City...

Home to pack have one hour to throw this together...we grab our junk and go. WOW! we are off to Vegas and it is 3:00pm. I think we can make it there in 6 hours...yep! it worked out.

Fun trip, great surprise for Aunt Alison. Fun to see Chase, fun to see Cole, great to see the new Tate-r-tot!! He is super cute! My girls were smitten! Isaac loved his toes and Garrett loved to touch his hands.

Scott and I had the best getting to know you conversations in the was magical. We were able to just enjoy the company, feel a part of a family, and practice the bigger road trip to Legoland in the spring with the family. The family was so calm and happy with Scott, it was a blessing.

He allows me to do all that I thought I couldn't for so long. I'm learning and growing...Thanks Scott! Anyway, When I get the pictures...lost my camera in Vegas...OUCH! I'm waiting for Alison to post them for me so that I can send them all to you.

WE had thoughts of going to the wedding chapel and getting a few photos for FB and for the engagements...complete with baby TATE...we just picked him up at the drive in. Ha.

Seriously we want all of you to be there for the wedding so we are waitng...we want to have family all around us and enjoy the love from all of you. WE are under 2 months to go until the wedding. It will be a great day and then a year from that date to be sealed...will be a huge blessing in all of our lives.

If I can say anything it is this: take the opportunities to be with family when ever you can. Love them as if it was the last day of their lives, kiss and hug, say 'I love you', and laugh...out loud and hard. This is the Joy that Nephi talks about, "Men are that they might have joy..." I love my life despite all the heartache. That heartache gives me focus and helps me to truly be grateful.

Happy day everyone!