Sunday, October 27, 2013

Birthday Party!! Look who is 10!

The girls:  Cassie, Shelby, Cami, Virginia, Casie, Margaret, Camille, Savannah, Chloe, Sophia, and Breanna

 MArgaret's birthday party.  WE had a great time with just getting all 10 of them together for a "sparkle walk", freeze dance, and musical chairs.  Well, then we also had an impromptu game of "chase Isaac all other the neighborhood".  What are you going to do with a bunch of girls??  Chips, pie, soda, a backyard, a trampoline, and gifts.  Just a lot of fun!
Musical chairs.

Jumping beans

Jumping beans

And more jumping beans.

signing Happy birthday

Birthday pie

Cutest 10 year old on the planet!

My signing face.......:)

More signing expression face!


Such a cutie-pie!

yummy chips!