Friday, April 30, 2010

A Birthday Rreflection...

I sit here typing listening to my daughter's sweet coos, my other daughters, soft giggles...and I feel so much love. Truly, in this life it is all about family; serving your family--immediate family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers, all of Heavenly Father's family. I'm learning through my 36 years of life that through serving your fellow man, you really find the secret of life: it is all about love. The ultimate love that Heavenly Father has for all of His children. His love is perfect. His love covers everyone...we are all sinners...we are all His how can we all live in this beautiful earth and not learn how to love others?

I frequently pass a man who walks along the highway. His face shows the damage and wear of life. His countenance is troubled, and his physical appearance is dismal. Margaret said, "where does he live?" I told her I was not sure. She then said, "we should pray that he can find a home." My eyes instantly had tears in them.I looked at Marianne and said to myself, "He had a mother once, a father, a family..a home." My heart tears were falling. I thought, life is hard, but with the Lord all will be made right. We will all find "home". I prayed a little differently that night. I prayed that our little efforts can make a difference--through the Atonement of the Lord.

It is a process. It is not filled with immediate answers; things take time. There is responsibility to actions as well. Some of Heavenly Father's children make choices that hurt others. We will never be perfect. I'm on a journey towards My Savior through the blessing and miracle of the atonement. It is a step at a time journey and sometimes I don't understand some of the directions, but when I allow him to take my hand and lead me I am given peace. I know that I mess up, but He never leaves my side. I feel that He lifts me up and gets us going.

We are commanded to be forgiving, but that doesn't mean that we have to re-embrace that which was killing us. We simply (but painfully sometimes) give it to the Lord to handle and help. On our part, we send out prayers towards those who have hurt, damaged, and destroyed things that are real and wonderful to us. That is our part; it is hard, but it allows us to have justice served, and mercy to heal the other party.

The tender Mercies are real. Time works out everything. As I look at our new baby girl, I'm filled with the love of the Lord. He hears all of our prayers. He is real. He loves everyone of His children...we need to do the same. Just a birthday Reflection...have a great day everyone.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby sitting playing house

I baby sit for a little boy while I'm home with Virginia and Marianne. We thought we'd take a few pictures...Love it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Look who loves her thumb!

The pictures are worth a thousand words...she is so cute!


I came home from my walk in the morning and who did I see? a blanket blob! I'm wondering who is in this blob? Out pop the two cutest kids in the world! Who wouldn't love to come home to these cuties? Love my kids!

Box Cars

The primary had a drive in movie activity. I got the boxes and they went to work. I love how they turned out.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Sometimes in our life we say things that, well, we didn't mean or that we said in anger. What pops out of our mouth? Sometimes silly words like: ahh, peanuts! or sometimes it is the words that hummm, seem to be well...ask any salior, they'll tell you.

Have you ever been so frustrated, hit your head, toe, or thumb that you let something slip? Yesterday my two boys decided that saying words of that nature was acceptable. Really? I don't think so. Seat away was instantly instigated, but that was NOT going to be enough. Hummm, what to do? Call Dad...I needed back up!

Talk, think, hummm. We've got it! The boys will weed the front, side and back gardens. Just like you have to pluck the bad words out of your head, the weeds had to be plucked from the garden. YES! That would work. It did. I have a 6 bags of weeds, two red sunburned necks, and four sore hands to prove it. ahh, sometimes the parenting pays off.

Lesson learned.

Comment of the year--Scott: "So does this mean that I have to pull weeds for every word that I say?" :)

Happy Baby!

Just thought I would show off a little more of our lucky Charm! She is beautiful.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SPRING BREAK Can you say Daweena?

Well, we were hoping to get out and play!! Well, we did that with some modification...snow pants, boots, gloves...29 degrees, 5 inches of snow. Can we say Daweena? (that is from the Ute Indians; it means spring snow). Anyway we are now going to go to library and just take some time to be together.

By the way, I found that Thanksgiving point is calling out for art work. Garrett is super excited. He wants to do soooooo many things that he needs to figure it out. I hope that he can make up his mind. Anyway, just wanted to let you know. He thought that he would make a "loch Ness" monster Snowman. (Truthfully, he is not standing he and telling me from what time zone it came from, the correct name of it and so forth. For me Loch Ness monster works out.)

Love the Spring Daweena!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday...New Visitors for Marianne Ellen!

Happy Easter. We had Uncle Marc, Aunt Sherie, the cousins, and Grandma Ann. It was just wonderful for them to come for Easter dinner and to have time to hold, snuggle, and love Miss Marianne Ellen. Aunt Sherie got to hold her the most. She loved it. I loved to have everyone here. My heart just swells up to have family for holidays. I just have a smile on my face. I think that family is so important. I love Scott's family. I love the cousins, and I love to have them over. Afterall, when it all ends, we will be with our family.

The HUNT!!

Here we are hunting, a hunting, a hunting! Here we are a hunting, a hunting for our Easter Eggs! Virginia started her hunt with throwing her basket and screaming that everyone was taking all of her eggs! DRAMA! Then she discovered that no one was down the long hallway. What did she find? A solid chocolate bunny, 14 eggs, and two toys. Easter was not so bad after that. Too Funny.

Garrett was bumbed out that the Bunny hadn't brought "Santa toys". Scott reminded him to call 1800dumbbunny. Garrett did not appreciate the sarcasm. Soon after the hunt, the trading, the bargaining, and the eating commenced. FUN!

About 1 hour after opening up all the things out the door they flew! Garrett, Isaac, Margaret Susanna, and Virginia took the bubbles, the chalk, and the balls outside. Soon they had the neighbor kids joining in. Soon bubbles and designs were everywhere. after 3 hours, Margaret came in and wanted to know if they could have a picnic lunch. Sure...why not? I made a mean spread of PBJ, apples, chips, bananas, water, and a little cereal (for Isaac). They ate it all!

But they sweetest part of the day....Margaret Susanna announced the picnic, had all the children gather around the blanket and the food, and as two little hands reached for the food, she told them that no one could have any until she said a prayer. She said that we all needed to say thanks for the food (otherwise we could get sick and die--blink! Sigh!). She taught the two neighbor kids how to fold their arms and once she was satisfied with the "quiet" she said the sweetest prayer. Yes, I was crying in the morning sunshine on such a beautiful morning. It is nice to know that your hard work is paying off--in more ways than one. We love Easter!


We love to color Easter Eggs. The kids have improved their skills over the years. This year was so improved that I just sat back and let them problem solve, figure out colors, and what to do with the "magic crayon". I loved having the freedom to just take the pictures and enjoy their faces, the eggs, and the beauty of their creations.

In our house, the Bunny comes on Saturday. Why? Candy, eggs, hunting, finding, fighting(hate to admit it but it can happen....that's my egg! No I found it first!)are not really part of the Easter Message. So we make it a two part holiday. Sat is for the candy the eggs and so forth. Sunday is for the Savior. And this year...a bonus! We had Conference Weekend this Easter weekend. BEAUTIFUL!! I love to hear the prophet speak about the atonement, the ressurection, and the life and light of the Savior. I felt the joy of the Savior through the words of the prophet. That is a great way to feel of the Savior's love for all of us: listen to the prophets voice. Wonderful!

More Birthday Isaac and Grandpa

Here are some more pictures from Isaac's birthday party. We did balloon races, shave the balloon, cup toss, and the pinata. All fun for everyone. Who came? Jackson Banner, Hyrum, Samuel, and the brothers...ok and two sisters. (but Virginia had a melt down and was not able to participate very long...)