Sunday, August 26, 2012

Keeping things real

There are times when I am very emotional, very dry, very bland, and feel like a drink of stale lukewarm water.  Some of these bland times pile up and the blandness can become a reminder to sit and reflect on the spicier, healthier, happier, and tougher times.  In those reflections, I begin to compare and contrast.  Through out the reflection my wonderful brain can bring back all of the emotion with it.  This is a talent that can be exhausting. *Side note: I have another talent that through the reflection I was usually listening to music of some sort and I can recall my actions, smells of the room, what I was wearing perfectly when that song comes back on.  **Second side note: I can do it with any movie that I've seen as well.  (Alison and Stefie you two can totally relate to this musical inspirational talent).

During the reflection--complete with the emotions (happy, disappointed, frustration, anger, elation, giddiness and so forth)--I find myself gaining the perspective that helps me to take a look at one thing:  was I, did I, or am I grateful to the Sweet Lord for this?  Am I grateful for the reflections that keep things "real?"  I have to say, yes--but it takes time for me to share the gratitude.  And I will say that I am NOT quick at throwing the praise toward my Heavenly Father--I know one more flaw revealed--but I'm working on it.  

So, in my reflection of keeping things real, yesterday (8/25/12) was a day that I deeply appreciated.  I was with my children yesterday and I heard their stories, I listened to their hearts, and I felt a special moment with each of them.  I was reminded how amazing my children so many have over come a feeling of being abandoned...which is a tear jerker for me.  I can understand how it feels from a wife's point of view, but to have that feeling from a parent, that is so hard for thing I always tell my heart, I can testify to this, is the fact that the Lord NEVER left us...Heavenly Father never left us alone.  I am so grateful for this is a rock base of my Testimony that I know that They know me, they know my heart, they know my flaws, and they still just Love me...they love all of us...

As I look at Marianne and Rhetten, they do not understand that loss, but what they do for my family is show them love...real giggle-y love...kisses, laughter, hugs, playing, and sharing kind of love.  They have healed so many wounds in my children they are a true blessing.  Their love therapy that they have brought to the family has been worth more to me then I can truly express.  I love to watch the girls try out their mothering skills (they are learning...and getting it step by step)  and I love to watch the boys try out their fathering is precious.  

Anyway, these moments keep things real for me...despite my choices.  In one of my favorite books ever there is a character who says, " is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities..."  I would also add to this, "even though our choices will not be perfect in this lifetime, they should show what our hearts are set towards..."  These moments keep it real for me.  Sigh...and blow/honk...sorry just blowing my nose and wiping my eyes. 

Happy Sabbath!  I pray that you enjoy your reflection today...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

LAGOON!! First trip ever!

 Lagoon!  Our first time ever going as a family.  Virginia, Margaret, Garrett, and I teamed up together; Isaac, Kellis and TJ were a team...then Scott joined us with the little ones for a few hours, and as a surprise addition...Grandpa Billy goat.  It was a day unlike any other...BEST DAY EVER!!
 I'm happy...I think!

 YES!!!  I am very happy.  YES!!  This is right.  I am going to be loving this day!

Turn of the Century....GOOD TIMES

 I did a spiny ride....not my favorite but I'm doing it all for the kids!
 Well, Garrett's face tells it all...he just looked at Wicked...yep, it was brutal!
 So...we decided to go on Puff...ahhhh that is more fun!

 Binny-Bears loved it at did Marianne!
 Looking to the left, looking to the right....stand up sit down RIDE, RIDE, RIDE!!!
 Can you hear the giggles????   AHAHHHAHHAHAHAHHAHHHHAHHAHAH

 Bulgy the whale...CLASSIC!!  Isaac was scared to ride it, so we put Marianne on it.  She was tough!
 I'm one tough bunny!

New ride...hold on tight!

 I just walk underneath it...yep that's me!
 My laughter is coming up from my toes!!!  I love Lagoon!

 Garrett: you see, I like Lagoon, but I do not love it.  But, I will smile and trick all of you to say that I do like it...yes...that is my trick of the day!  
Mom: blink!
 Am I having fun yet?  YEP!!  I am dad!

 This is our fear factor face!

 He is so yummy!!!  I love this kid!

 Smiles!!  This was the best day ever.  I just loved how I felt this day!


 Surgery day...Marianne needed to get Tonsils, Adenoids, and tubes...She was really nervous...I don't blame her.

 Her face tells the who story.  Daddy kept saying, "She'll never trust us again."  After this day, I think I believe him...
 He is hiding by the toys....
 Marianne is hiding by closing her eyes...not really working.  Rhetten, he is just ready to rock and roll!
Tag team!

Tag team!

 I'm not doing this!!! I'm not doing this!!
Marianne figured out that shutting her eyes wasn't really "hiding" her, so she went for the stroller!

 The stroller wasn't working she went for hiding under the Bench!

 Recovery!  Happy?  Well, at least he is not crying...
 OUCHY!!!!  This is no fun.  But Daddy is the hero for us today.  Marianne wanted only Daddy.  Ahhh, doesn't that feel great?  Just loving her daddy!

Well, since we are going to be here for a while...what's on FB?