Monday, February 27, 2012


Moments in time teach us different things: how to laugh, why we cry, and what to do about it.  Sometimes, we are reflective about family, about our problems and how we over came them, and sometimes, we just think about the simple things.  My simple reflection this night is how lovely my family is.  I love being a mom.  I love teaching Isaac how to be a better reader.  I love teaching Marianne how to express herself through sign.  I love teaching Margaret about Jesus...helping her to understand her baptism.  I love teaching Virginia how to cook.  I love talking with Kellis and listening to his understanding about the world around him.  I love watching Garrett is mind blowing!  I love holding Rhetten and have his big blue eyes just shine...then watch a big drip of drool cover his is just so real.  I love watching Scott melt when he holds his babies.  And most of all, I love the knowing that we are an eternal family.  Reflections...they make you grateful!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rhetten 5 months old

 Rhetten is now 5 months old.  He is soooo expressive, just thought I'd share some cute pictures.
 Mama loving on her boy.
 WOW!  This is my "Ahhhhhhhhh" expression.
 Lean forward and get ready to drool expression.
 Look at those eyes!  He is a visual learner.  As we teach Marianne sign, he just watches and hand babbles along with us.
 Ahhhhhh, soooooo sweet!
 He is all eyes for daddy in this picture.  This is how he looks at him almost all the time.  Wonderful!  That's connection...That is love!
 Hi mommy....
 I'm signing to him and he is babbling right back.
 Handsome!  'nuf said.
 Look at my sister!  Are you getting this down?  Help!
She is signing to Rhetten.  what a good big sister.  I have a nickname for him....Red. 


 Talents...My Garrett has them in abundance.  After listening to Temple Grandin, he said, "I can make things with tape and poster-board ..."  And here's what he came up with...
 He worked on these for about a month.  Each one is labeled and scientifically categorized,
 I am in brain has no idea how he is able to do this.
 I love the mammals.  He just looks awesome.  I wish that I could capture what the look like in person.
 The "brontoscropion" is the one that freaks out Marianne.  She signs "scary!" each time she sees it.  (he also drew the porpoises in the background.
 If you are bored, count up all the teeth.  Margaret got up to 126...
 Still counting...
Garrett entered the entire collection in our art competition.  He took 2nd.  He still was able to go to district where he place 2nd again.  Not bad.  Happy he did as well as he did.