Saturday, July 6, 2013

Baptism, Blessing, Ordination, and Birthday!

Baptism day!   Grandpa Billy-goat performed the Baptism, Scott blessed and gave Virginia the gift of the Holy Ghost, Scott ordained Garrett to the Priesthood, and then blessed April Rose.  Power Spiritual day!
Daddy, Mama, and Baby Rose

Three generations....Happy Grandmas and Happy mom!
Baptism girl, blessing girl, and grandmas!

Add caption cute!

we needed a close up...too far away.

here is the clan....

Miss Cami, Marianne's teacher, came and supported Marianne's ASL needs for the day.  She was amazing :)

Mama and April :)

I'm feeling so blessed....

the big 1    5 !

Friends, Libby, Destiny, Cade, Samo, Isaac, and Hyrum

I have the power!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

I wanted shade when I watched the parade, so I climbed a tree:)

 This is how I was during the firetrucks, sirens, police motor patrol, and the cannon.  No reaction, flinching, or startling to the sounds....just resting.  Hum....are you thinking what I am thinking??  yep hearing test at the end of July!  sigh...I'm not surprised, but we will figure it out.
I am climbing this tree and by the way, I hate this parade!!

Kellis is marching in the CAP.  He is in the very last row back left.

All in step...except for.......sigh.

Can you see him?  he is the cadet in the back with the glasses on.  Yeah!!!

July 4th starts off really on July 3rd at 10:00 pm with the Eaglewood Fireworks (4th of July Eve according to Garrett).  Then parade with Kellis, down time at home out of the heat, BBQ with "real" meat for Scott and Kellis (Costco Steaks--$30!), then sound system, music blasting, fireworks!!
I love my freedom.  I love those who fought and fight for it today! I love the freedom I have to worship and believe as I will.  I love my family....4th of July is special for all Americans!  I'm proud to be an American!! :)

look what we do in the summer time

Our little "brave"...she loves the movie and loves to watch Isaac at archery.

Ready, aim, Fire!!

getting closer

Monkey boy.

Swinging, swinging, swinging all the day...

Happy at the park.



ah! dirt!

end of the day of play...dirty piggies...:)