Friday, October 30, 2009

Spectrum Halloween

Here is 2009-2010 5th grade Spectrum Class
Skeleton gut lunch!

A few of the Characters

Witches Brew!

WOW!! Happy Halloween for the fifth grade. We had skeleton guts, bones, and witches brew. YUMMY! We also made donut spiders, and braclets, and necklaces. We then did a cupcake walk and a parade. It was a great day! (except for the fact that I was feeling like a truck hit me. Not as fun...but the students had a fun time).

Kellis's first Scout Camp out!

The first camp out... fires, deer, tents...
Kellis focuses on getting the stakes just right.

Friends at scout camp.

Go Kellis GO! His job was set up the tent. He did it! He did it, Oh yah, yah, yah!

Kellis had his first 11 year old scout camp--camp out. He did so great! He set up the tent and he did his best with the stakes. Scott went with him and enjoyed it so much. I tell ya, it is important to have father and son scouting trips. Kellis just loved it. It was, as he said, "just like going to the Priesthood with all the guys." He is growing up and doing great.

Halloween at Spectrum!

Meet the dead wizard, the Ghost, the Ptaranadon, and Leggolas...
I love this picture! Garrett is so funny!

Here is the group of us...

Funny kids

Here we all are for our family Spctrum Picture.

Meet Professor Trualoni, a ghost, a ptranadon, Leggolas, and the dead wizard! Garrett wanted to be the ghost this year, and Maggie was going to be a princess, but then at the last minute she wanted to be a dinosaur...too funny, and then Isaac he just loved the mummy costume--thanks Weeze!

The HAUNTED Porch!

The Couldrin
The dummy

The cool stance!

Isaac had to read evey night in October in order to create the haunted porch! Isaac did a great job. He is very proud of it. I'm very proud of it. It was his idea to spread the webs like that. It is cool!!

Birthday with the Cousins!

There are 5 grandkids born in October! So, Grandma Ann threw a party for all of them. It was great: skeleton hot dogs, mac and cheese, cupcakes, coloring books, masks, goodie bags...WOW! And the bonus, Scott and I got to go to the Temple. It was great. (emotional) but great.

General Conference Road Trip!

WE have a tradition of how to listen to General Conference. We load up a pick nick, head into the hills, and listen to the Prophet's voice. We have a captured Audience, no one can "escape" and like it or not...they are listening. It works for us.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Okay being pregnant is just is. Garrett asked me last Sat if he could have a birthday party. This has never happened. He picked out a party hat, he picked out toys, he picked out everything. Then I asked him, "who do you want to invite?" He looked at me and said, "I have two friends! I will ask Sister Furhman! And I will ask cousin Dallin! They will not tease me. They will be my friends."

Okay, tears, is a little heavy when your nearly 10 year old only thinks that he has two friends in the world. One is the Primary choirister and the other is a 15 year old cousin. Sniff--sigh--blow---you just want to hug everyone in the world and let them know that they are not alone. sniff...sniff.. ok..

Garrett looked at me and saw the tears and said, "why are you crying? Is baby hurting you?"
April: "No, I am just so happy that you want a party."
Garrett: "Calm down, April. It is a good thing, dry your this."

Needless to say I asked sister Furhman and she said yes. I asked cousin Dallin, and he said yes.
So Garrett, you will have your first birthday party! Happy and tears all together!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spectrum Academy Literacy Night

Meeting: Miss Jamie turns the time over to the Davis County Librarian. She has a puppet and is talking and teaching the parents how to involve their children in reading. On and on she goes...good, but Garrett sneaks in and tip toe tip toe behind the Librarian. Now remember, there are about 50 adults in the room listening to the Librarian. Mr Garrett

He sees the table full of books!! He jumps, he gasps, he tip toes right up the table behind her and takes one book, (Garrett thinks that no one is looking so he...), takes another book, another book, another book. The Librarian keeps on talking.

Scott is thinking: do I approach? Will he melt down? Or should I just keep watching....
Garrett...just one more book. Then tip toe, tip toe, he is out of there. the 50 adults, giggle, giggle...
Scott...It's time to get him.

Super cute. He reinforced the idea about how excited he is about reading and books...even more powerful than any guest speaker.

Literacy Night was a success!

The words of Garrett

FHE: We are watching the Living Scripture movie about "The Tree of Life." Throughout the movie it shows how the Prophet Lehi begged and pleaded with people to hold onto the Iron Rod!

Garrett: Isaac, you must listen to me! You need to hold onto the rod. Don't go in the muddy water. I am the Family Prophet. Please listen to me.

Scott: Smile
April: giggle and Smile

Evening prayer: Scott is praying and is interrupted by Garrett: "Scott and say thank you for Garrett the Family you say that ok?"

Giggle--smile. You got to love it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suday Stories

Anything new this week? Well, Kellis had a really bad ear infection. He was having some hullucinations: he went sleep walking, banged into many walls, shook the banaster, and grunted and cried that the tsunami was coming! Poor kid. Fevers, inner ear infections, off balance, and so forth...time to get to the doctor. Anitibotics are the miracle. THANKS DOC!

Margaret Susanna: Mom! I have hot toots! MOM!! Ouch they are hot! What is that smell? AGHHH! Hot toots! Oh NO! Now I have wet hot toots.
Mom--that is just how it goes sometimes....

Garrett: No germs on me! No way, I will wash and wash and wash. No germs on me!!

Isaac: What the...!

Virginia: you all just need to calm down! Look at me, I am the best in the car.

Scott: I don't wanna! NO!

Mom: Hey the baby is kicking. Did anyone hear that? I guess no one loves me...whaaaa.

So that was our week. Anyone want to share theirs?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Zoo

Here is the Family...I swear one day we will have everyone looking forward and happy!

How does Margaret Susanna Measure up? Don't know--see the green flash? That's Isaac...what a tease!

Smile my little actress! One day she will make it big!

WAIT!! Are we all looking forward?? Dang, Sorry, Isaac isn't.

Garrett what are you riding on? Oh this is a bald eagle found in North America, mainly in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. His talons shred the fluffy bunnies. --giggle-- Nice.

I just love Fall. It was a year ago that Scott took us on a family Zoo day. So in the light of tradition, I had the Zoo as a reading goal for 4 of the 5 kids for the month of September. They had to read 20 mins 6 days a week to earn it and Ta-DAHH! They did it an so we get to go back and enjoy the zoo for another year.

Isaac saw some Columbus Monkeys that could grasp the wire fence with all their digits and then just to top it off, they gassed us. Nice. Isaac laughed for about an hour. Next we saw a real African squirrel. This guy was going crazy in the exhibit: running, stop, running, stop, climb, jump, fly, stop...Isaac said, "That guy is just like me!" We all rolled our eyes and agreed.

Highlight? The two babies: a baby Elephant and a baby Giraffe. Super cute and super expressive to all you were there. They stood, played, ate, splashed in mud, and just filled your heart with love.

We enjoyed the day, the Beauties of this world, the animals, the joy that it gives to my little Garrett is what warms my heart. You have to see how high he jumps, how much information he gives at each exhibit, and what smiles he gives to Scott and myself. Our hearts are touched.

**Note: Garrett saw a squirrel at the Zoo in the trees by the Penguins. Isaac to the rescue. We had to invent the Squirrel protection agency. Isaac would run to the trees and shout squirrel. Helpful? Not really! Anyway, this went on through the rest of the zoo time. I'm sure we got several looks, but who cares. I just love my kids.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Long Hair

I know, I know...sometimes it is just a girl thing to have, "" Well, it looked better in real life. Isn't that the truth? So anyway, I just thought that I would share. Love it!