Thursday, July 29, 2010


The Mirror Lake Highway...look at what we found!
Cute Daddy. Little Marianne was a little under the weather, but she was a trooper!

The trees are sooo cool here. It smelled like Christmas. AHH

Arragon, Legolas, Arowen, and hummm a Hobbit.

Cat cute!

Provo River Falls
The falls


I'm gonna throw this: I'm the BEST!

Ahhh, the rushing of waters.

We are the biggest fan of DAY-CATIONS! They last a day, not overwhelming, and we still got to go somewhere. Check out where we went! Love it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blessings and Desires

July 28, 2010
This morning on my walk, I thought about all the blessings that I have in my life: health, strength, Garrett—his Autism a part of him but not in full control of him (the tantrums and self destructive behaviors), Isaac’s ability to fly through the air and his improved reading, math, and writing skills; Maggie and her ability to reach out and still love others, Virginia for her enthusiasm for school life, and her horse throat laughter, Kellis and for his ability to grow up, lead, and still be guided by his parents and leaders, for our cars, the home we live in, for Grandparents who love all of us—no matter the energy level or demand of attention, for cousins and Aunts and Uncles who never gave up on us, who keeping loving us despite all of our imperfections, for the Gospel, for the Temple—eternal blessings, for the New ward—Foxboro 7, for friends, for patience, for forgiveness, for the atonement, for Marianne’s sweet happiness despite her hearing challenges, for my ability to nurture and nurse her, for our jobs, for the ability to go to school, for an opportunity to teach at a University, of other opportunities to increase our health, for the clothes we were, for the food storage, for clean laundry, for cool air conditioning, for a garden, for a safe yard to play in, for medicine, for little girls who giggle and scream with life, for boys that put all their energy into living, and for a husband: a dad, a friend, a companion who loves me and whom I love with my eternal heart…
Blessings: these are the amazing parts of our lives that fill our daily bread. As I look at them I’m fully aware that I missed a bunch. But I can say that I love to look at them. It is a powerful moment when “counting the blessing and trying to name them one by one”. It is humbling. It is not meant to boast or brag, but to be truly grateful for all that we have.
Desires of my heart:
Along with the counting the blessing, I also felt the need to express the desires of my heart. These desires don’t necessarily have a time frame, but they are what I’m feeling currently. I desire: continued health and strength to do all that is asked of me. I desire to keep producing milk to feed my baby girl. I desire that we will all be able to communicate with Marianne, so that she can share her world with ours. I desire to complete my principal license this year, to be given the intellect to complete all that is asked of me for this program. I desire that I will be able to teach a few classes at U of P to give us immediate increase in our funding. I desire to have the family work well together and do their jobs/chores so that we can learn responsibility, and contribution to a family. I pray that they will fill our love for them during this busy year. I desire that I can take individual children and share some one on one time with them this year. I desire that they will have success in school. I desire that my reading/math/homeroom classes will gel together and improve all their skills. I pray that I will get to know and love them. I desire to complete my calling under the direction of the Lord. I desire the faith that it takes to have another child. I desire that my family will feel love throughout all that has to happen during this up coming year. Most of all, I desire that our home will be a haven: a place to feel safe, love, and protection from the storm that Satan rages outside these walls. So, in these moments of reflection, prayer, and desires I feel a sense of how much there is to do, and how much we can we blessed. Please help us Heavenly Father.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Look What I can Do!

I love to touch my toes! I love to play peek-a-boo with my feet!

Well, she is thirsty!

Look ove here, look over there, look over everywhere!

Notice the "Super" big gulp. She is so dang cute!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Day-cation

Here we are: The Memmotts, Becks, and Giauques. We ate, played, got sunburned (ouchy), swam, threw the ball to Sammy, boated, tubed, laughed, ate, conversation, sleep, threw the ball to Sammy, sun screened, threw the ball to was so great. I just love days that just flow and allow for the fun to happen.
A day at the beach...can she say it any better? We had a combo: family reunion/Vacation--Day-cation. And needless to say, we were all exhausted when we got home. ahhhhh.

Splashing in the water...look at those white legs! So cute. We just ate, swam, splashed, and just had fun!

Here we all are enjoying the water...the Dallin, Sierra, Aunt Weeze, and Little Cole...

The two boats: Uncle Chase's in the foreground, and ours in the background. We actually lifted Sammy into the boat and took him and the girls out on the water. Let's see when we went about 30 I think everyone in Utah could hear the girls scream in terror...well that just eggs on Scott. The mind of man: it more and more! Uncle Shawn agrees. It's a man thing.

Cute Mama, the baby, and the camp. Isaac is in the background eating the "sandy" Doritos. He still couldn't figure out why they were so crunchy...

Splish splash she was taking a bath! She did great. We kept her in the shade, out in the water to stay cool, tons of sunscreen, and nursy-nursy. What a trooper! It was her 4th month of life/day.

Oops, I posted this twice...

Garrett is the Loch-Ness monster in the background, Margaret is digging, and Sammy is saying, "ball, ball, ball, squirrel, ball!!"

Little Virginia was a amazing! She went on the tube with mom and Kellis. We didn't even wipe out...until the end and blop! Into the water we went and the tube went over her head. Scared? Nah...Terrified? YES! But she got over it and went out again later. Such a gal!

Mom and half a baby...just wanting to document that we were there. All loving life. Where is Scott? He is the should see some of the wipe-outs he captured. So fun!

Monday, July 12, 2010

32 and 40

Anne, Alison, April, Robbie, Rachel, Marianne, and Heidi
Say cheese!

Ready, set, BLOW...Make a wish!

Is that not the cutest smile??

32 abd 40...Got to love it!
My sister turned 32 and my cousin turned 40 and we had a party... it was great! Alison is a vampire in her alter-life, so we went to a movie with vampires, and werewolves...strange? Not really. It was actually a great plot. Things are moving up in the world. Love you Ally!!

Heidi had a huge surprise b-day party. She was completly caught off guard. That makes it all great! Happy happy to so many I love!

Kellis is a Deacon

Can you share two emtions: humble and proud? That is what I feel!
Look what a wonderful family. Just love them!

Kellis is a him!

WOW! Kellis is now 12 years old. He was ordained in the the Priesthood of Aaron yesterday by his dad, Scott. It was very tender. It was very special. I was nearly bursting with the Spirit and all I could do was smile and squeak. (That is what happens when I feel the Spirit--my enthusiasm and energy just spills out).

Oh Kellis Heavenly Father is so happy with the choices you have made in your life. You are so strong. You are very fortunate to have what you have. I love you so much. You humble me by how strong you are. I love you son. Love Mama.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Babies are sooo Special!

me and Jess
Yummy Cake!

Friends! Hi Krissanne!

More family and friends

Cute Mama!

Babies are so special! My wonderful friend Miss Jessica is having her 4th baby, I just had to throw her a shower! It's a boy! He is super special to all of us. Why? Because he makes my friend so happy! I'm so happy for her, for Chris, and for the best three kids in the world. Miss Jessica is a friend like no other. She is one who is kind, loving, and very giving of all that she has.

My favorite qualities of Miss Jessica? 1) She is creative! I'm sure all of you who have ever received a homemade gift from her can all agree! 2) She listens...ahh what more can be said about that. 3) She is available--to talk, to laugh with, to just be there while you sniffle and blubber. 4) She has great logic. It helps to snap you back to reality and not to wallow in the drama. 5) She has a solid, strong, and loving testimony of the Gospel. It touches my heart to she how she walks with faith. 6) She is tall. ahhh, one day... 7) She named her sewing machine...that's just cool. 8) She is a wonderful mom and has made huge sacrifices for her children. All children have needs, but some have needs that take a bit more "craftiness" to understand and love. 9) She has a great sense of fashion. True! True! And finally 10) She loves me...selfish but I'm forever grateful.

John 15:13-14: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends...

Happy Baby Shower!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th July Celebration/Tradition

Smile Virginia
King of the Rock!

Isaac and Sammy swam, ran, and played hard together the whole day...


The beaver...sammy :)

I know my Heavenly Father loves me :)

I will lead you!

Garrett and Virginia in the Skunk weed.
Love it! Oh yeah!!

The cool 12 year old...

We went on the Farmington loop. Up the Canyon, up in the mountains, up in the beauty of the Earth. Sammy loved swimming. Some people thought that he was a funny. We played, splashed, threw the stick, ate, drove, gawked over the views of the valley, enjoyed the cool mountain air, hiked and finally just lived it up with the family. Loved the day. Happy 4th everyone :)

Look who is in the Sling

Swim gal...opps on the side...
I just love my sling :)

Just mama and me...

My little Marianne just loves her sling. She is so cute. She just hangs around me all day. I really love to have her close. She just fills our home with love. Love you baby girl!