Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tender Mercies of the Lord and Angels among us...

My shepherd will supply my needs...this is a scripture that came true for us last night. We returned home from the temple and looked at a stack of mail on the counter. Scott suggested that we open the mail that read "Giauque Family". We opened it and out fell a gift that made us both speechless. We just looked at each other, hugged each other, and allowed the stunning effect to wash over both of us.

Angels... Elder Holland talked about how many of the Angels in our life are not only from the other side of the veil, but are here on earth walking among us. They are the instruments in the hands of the Lord that allow us to see and feel His goodness, His hands, and His love here on earth.

Our Angel did that for us last night. A gift was bestowed to us that we will help in so many ways. We just want to thank them with all of our hearts. We will pay it forward...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I've been thinking lately...

There are some moments that a mother goes through during a pregnancy that seem well, surreal. I'm fine, but then there are those moments when the baby moves or doesn't move that you wonder if "all is well". There are times that feel fine, funny, even thrilling. Then there are those moments that you just don't seem to connect. Something is off...something feels different.

Lately the baby has been having these tremors and shaking episodes that don't feel right. The shaking lasts too long, and it is soooooo different than hic-ups. I'm not sure what the baby is trying to tell me, so I'm praying and listening. It is a little empty, but then I seem to just get up and keep going despite all my nerves.

There is something rhythmic about the way the baby moves and makes you feel. I feel a connection to the baby. I love to have it so close, my little one all tucked inside. But there are moments when I feel scared and i pray that everything is well. I know that many mothers go through similar feelings, and it is just a way of being.

My feelings for little Joseph or Marianne are real and connecting. I love him or her. I pray that he or she will be fine. All are just a little bit of I'm hoping that all is well. I know that things will be given a chance and things will be fine. Just a little bit of the nerves.

Thanks for your support. Life will hand us what we are in need of. I know that everything has a reason and a purpose. Any that is all that I can really say..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Garrett's Underwater Diorama

The Brontoscopio: the underwater lobster/crab
It is made out of 7 parts. They move and flex and bend in 4 ways. In the background is casplaspis. They are a type of anciet fish.

Garrett is pointing to the claws of the Brontoscorpio.

The fish that is hanging off the arm of Garrett and infront of Isaac is a Caspolasbis. The Brontoscropio hunts Caspolasbis for dinner! YUMMY!

Garrett has been studying about the prehistoric oceans that were upon the earth and so....he has decided to put up a Brontoscropio. It is a crab/lobster creature that swam in the ocean, but also had the ability to walk on the land. This creature moves in 7 sections. He made it with tape, paper, "stuffing" (tissue stuffed in the middle) and for the the tail/stinger he added a small stick.
In the Diorama, the Brontoscropio is chasing its favorite prey, Caspolasbis. YUMMY! Garrett took 5 days and 20 hours of work on this latest creation. And as you can see in the other pictures there are other underwater seacreatures--I wouldn't even try to pronounce--and they are strung up in such a way to catch the heating currents of the prehistoric ocean. One smart boy! I love him!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Isaac Baptism

Happy Baptism!
Isaac and Scott; Scott baptized and Confirmed him. It was very special to hear the blessing.

Mom and her Zickles!
Isaac pulling the funny face. He is a little silly sometimes.

YEAH YEAH I'm eight I'm eight! Isaac decided to be baptized at the end of November. He felt that he was ready and that he wanted to have the Holy Ghost help him. We are so proud of you. We know that your decision to be baptized and have the gift of the Holy Ghost will help you throughout your life. Loves to you!