Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trip to Vernal UTAH

We love Venal! We had a blast at the KOA: swimming, ridding the coolest bikes, mini-golf (complete with it's own frustrations--clubs being thrown, balls being bitten--I've got enough giggles in my pocket of those images to last me for a year). We also had a pinata, card nights, porch swinging, short drives through history, long hikes through beautiful canyons, big swinging, finished the Spiderwick series, saw 2 different Dino museums, the Flaming Gorge Dam, fed trout at the bottom of the dam that were over 14 pounds, tried to go horse back ridding--got blown off with 60 mile per hour gusts, and finally made it back home. I would recommend it to anyone--especially the mini-golf. Garrett's Dino-island adventure was something to whole family enjoyed

Petrogliphs and Pictrogliphs

This was the last day of the adventure. We went on a hike about, one mile, to see if we could see the petrogliphs, but no luck...were were one the wrong trail. Do-Over! Ah, now we found the right spot. It was amazing to see all of the history carved into the rock...right in front of your eyes. These are estimated to be 8-9,ooo years old. SO COOL!

Hike to Dinosaur Footprints

We (Kellis, Garrett, Isaac, Margaret, Mom, G-pa, and Virginia), started our hike at the trail head and ventured into the Vernal/Morrison wilderness with one goal...to find the dinosaur footprints.

The tail was a winding twisting treasure hunt (you had to find little pink footprints to make sure you were on the trail) filled with lizards, ant hills, and snakes...or so the boys kept telling me. The trail was about a 3 mile round trip. Margaret walked without any complaint...unit the last 1/2 of mile.

We found one! Yep, one. The other 10 were buried underneath the lake...the water table had risen pretty high.
No worries! The Flitton's tossed 100 rocks into the lake to make up for it.
It was a great adventure!

Allosaurus was here!

Here we are at the first of many "Dino-Island" spots. This is the newest museum in Vernal. Can you say Dino-Island 5 times fast?

In the picture you'll notice Garrett busily drawing the many images of the museum. We wore the matching hats nearly everywhere we went...needed to find us quickly.

Upon entering the site, the Flitton crew shouts out...I'm home! It was a 3 hour adventure, and we are top crew.

We arrived on Friday and the kids just took to the place. There was a small fight over who got the top bunk, but after the bitting settled down there were okay with the executive decision of Captain Flitton.

Here is the group playing "crazy eights"--the top card game of the trip. Runner's up: slap jack, and "gold fish"--which I'm sure to all of you is Go Fish.

This is our trip to Vernal UT! We had a blast. Let me just say that the "there's no place like KOA; there's no place like KOA; there's no place like KOA."

We stayed in a cabin/cottage--bunk beds, queen bed, futon, kitchen, bath...fun fun fun! My kids think that the cabin is their second home. Ahh the illusion of childhood.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yesterday we spend the whole day planting the gardens: both the flower garden and the veggie garden. The five trees (one for each of my kids) are blooming and growing at a rapid pace. AHH, green is everywhere and the color's in the flowers are such a welcome splash of color to the old and drab. Kellis planted potatoes, pumpkins, rhubarb, radishes, 10 tomato plants, 5 cucumbers, 9 zucchini, 4 yellow bell peppers, and 6 green peppers. Can't wait to harvest the fruits of his (and mine--I helped a little) labors.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day at my household is very special-crazy. I love my kids, they love me, we are just have very goofy non-traditional way of showing it: angry faces, shyness of the camera, silly goofy faces. AHH, the joys of my motherhood are shown with every following green rules, no bit anyone today, Garrett's dinosaur prancing feet and hands across the upstairs hall, Kellis's explanations of his latest 60 pokemon cards, Isaac's latest flip off the stair landing, Margaret's freshly picked flowers (from the flower-bed I just planted, and Virginia's bear hugs. We are a bit non traditional, but is love for me.