Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Rocket Boys!

 ROCKETS!  The term: A cylindrical projectile that can be propelled to a great height or distance by the combustion of its contents.
 The term for the Giauque's: Fun, Fun, and more fun!  They built the rockets from scratch, painted, sanded, painted, glued, re-glued, loaded engines and ta-da!  You have created fun!
 What is a piece of bubble gum doing in here?  ISAAC!!!!!
 Scott captured this one right before it launched off.  It was flew the highest that day...AWESOME!
 And there is goes!!!!  Up, up and away!  Look towards heaven boys; the right way to go!
 This went up a few times that day, but by the end, the boys weren't able to catch it and it was bent...but we cut off the bent part and ta-da!  It was ready to fly again.
 Grandpa thought that this was great, so he had to do a launch.  It wasn't as loud as his cannon, but just as fun!
The Rocket Master...Scott has been building rockets like these for a long time.  His dad taught him, and now he is teaching the boys.  ahhhh!  Traditions!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

 Merry Christmas!  Christmas Eve and the girls are showing off their new Christmas dresses/vests that Grandma made!
 Marianne had the same, but she had a red skirt instead of a green one.
 Surprise!  Good Evening Mr. Rhetten!
 "The Girls"  Lovely!
 Happy Babies!  Mama loves her kids and look all smiles for Christmas Eve!
 Grandma Ann never says never...she goes all out...way out!  What would we do without her?  She knows how to stretch the dollar and make it like the "Annis" days of old.
 Garrett and his cousin Ean.  They are the two wise men...we ran out of wisdom.
 They are thinking that this will be the best Christmas ever!  Isaac is sure that he is getting the Lego set of the world...Kellis is sure of it too!
 Grandma and Grandpa...they huddled on the couch and had a wonderful time.  I think that this is a great picture of them.
 Grandma Ann!  She worked so hard to make this night so lovely for all of us.  I hope she knows how much we all appreciate it. 
 Cousin Nathanial.  He is the "eldest" on the Giauque side of the family and he is a great example for Kellis.  Good times!

 WOW!!  I swear it is the eyes.  Virginia has a light about her this night...Margaret has such a happiness about her it made the night wonderful!
 The Girls and Grandpa Dale.  Best smile of the night!
 Garrett and Grandpa Dale.  He really loves his Grandpa.  It just gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling.
 Best game of the night: watch Marianne chase and try to capture the laser.
 I got it!  I got it!!  I don't got it :(
 The Madre and the was just a wonderful night. 
 My First Christmas!!  YES!  If all the rest of them are like this one, well, bring it on!
 Grandma Ann gave Marianne a turtle that "lights up".  The shell has star shapes and lights up the room with stars shapes everywhere.  IT is cool!
 Do I have to say anything?? Or does the picture capture it all?
 Big time DITTO!
 My first Christmas...
 Why did we even bother buying anything? is true!  They only want to play in the box.
 My stash from everyone.  I feel so blessed: my family was all together, we had peace, we had comfort, and most of all, there was just such love this night!
 I love my Santa Apron.  Sometimes cooking in a fun apron makes it all worth while!
 Christmas morning....
 Grandpa capturing the mayhem....

 Marianne all smiles for daddy...
 Let the games.....BEGIN!

 This is the first step to her stopping cart.  Right now she is playing chariot race.

 In a family of 11, you just need to have a robe.

 After Christmas, we went to see the lights.  Ahhhhh, Beautiful!

 This picture is one of my favorites...I love how Scott captured the full reflection of the tree and the nativity scene. 

 All the family minus Rhetten, he kept Grandma company at home.

Eternal reflections...I love that by the birth of a little baby, so much love was brought to the world.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.